Memory, waterproof, sound quality, full flagship, South card bone conduction headset Runner Pro 2 to play

In daily consumption, smartphones and headphones are essential companionship. Because social, payment, transportation requires smartphones to help, and music, private and spirit need to rely on headphones to assist. A good headphones can not only give you a quiet life in a busy life, but also make you enjoy life, music.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

However, although the Bluetooth wireless headset is more common, the popularity is just because he is more portable and low cost. In some ways, there are still some uncomfortable places such as wearing long ears infection. It is easy to lose sensitive to environmental noise in the ear, and it is easy to drop in motion. The new form of bone guide headset has become a new choice for people to pursue high quality headphones. South Carbone Passage Runner Pro 2 is such a product.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

From the front of the packaging, the style of the South Ka bone conduction headphones Runner Pro 2 is very strong, and the skateboard teenager’s rendering diagram plus the advantages of the blast boy in the performance of the headphones.

Disassemble the package, South Card Runner Pro2 is directly embedded in specially designed toiletries, the packaging is very strong, do not worry about the transport process, it also reserved larger buffering space around it.

The headphones use double-layer packaging. After opening, you can see the South Ka Bone Passage Headphones in the specially customized pad, ensuring that the headset is safe during transportation. At the bottom of the pad, it is a special accessory box, all accessories are included.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

Take all accessories and inventions, we can see the following products: South Car Runner Pro 2 bone passage headset, sponge noise earplugs, charging lines and paper instructions.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

Because the characteristics of the bone conductor headphones, the South Ka bone conduction earphone Runner Pro 2 is also more flexible, so it is more flexible. South Card is aimed at the dynamic changes of sports scenes and wearing environmental conditions, using more variable memory titanium metal, plus a comprehensive optimized body structure and integrated no-leakage design, allowing Runner Pro 2 to be more suitable for use The group also has IPX8 waterproof performance.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

On the function key of the headphones, the South Card has three physical buttons, which can achieve different functions through long press, short press and combo. On the inside of the headset, we can also see the basic information of the charging contacts and products.

The two of the front ends of the earphones are high-increasing speaker units with bone conduction modules. It can also see the microphone with pickups in front of the speaker; so the headphones are functional as the Bluetooth wireless headset. Realize listening and vocal exchange.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

On the connection of the headphones, the Nanka conduction headset Runner Pro 2 is upgraded, there are two ways to connect. The first is a conventional Bluetooth connection method, and the second is an NFC connection. The Bluetooth connection method is the same as the method of Bluetooth wireless headphones, and the output and input devices are adjusted to the Bluetooth pairing mode and complete the device binding.

The second method is used, more technological sense and convenience, as long as your audio playback device, such as a smartphone is an Android system and supports NFC function, pops up the dialog box when the phone is close to the headset, and automatically pair.

In terms of sound quality, the Nanka conduction headset Runner Pro 2 is matched with large-sized bone conduction vibrators, with microseisman structure and South Card full shock pointing technology and the artificial adjustment of Grami listening to the teacher for 2 years, thereby achieving The full upgrade of the sound quality.

From the experience of listening to songs, the Nankacus conduction headset Runner Pro 2 is lifted on the sound quality. The first is that the overall feelings of the three frequencies are more balanced, and the vocals are also more prominent; secondly, the music of the bone conductor headphones is changed, and the final is to match the Shanghai Mian earphones will greatly reduce the impact of environmental noise. You can enjoy the surrounding stereo effect that is not lost to the ear Bluetooth headset; in addition to the active noise reduction, there is no big gap in other respects.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

Leak-proof sound is the main aspect of another focus of the South-card bone conduction earphone. The reason why many people will feel that the volume of the bone conductor earphones is small, and there are two main factors that are less than enough: 1. Worry that the volume is not good to have a body; 2. There is a leakage phenomenon. The volume is too high, which is naturally no need to say, the latter is mainly because the bone conduction vibration unit has not passed through the outer ear and the beam type pipeline delivery of the outer ear and the middle ear, and there is a divergence and loss.

This aspect is mainly concentrated in the upgrade of the damping leakage technology, and the South Card adopts three key practical innovations to achieve the intended purpose. One seamless body design and process can effectively place the amplifier of ordinary speakers; innovative closing technology is the new upgrade OT closed anti-leakage technology 3.0, can effectively solve the adverse interference brought by the housing vibration, pass OT closed technology Output reverse sound wave offsets out of the leakage; plus the direction of directive acoustic technology, can also effectively cancel the unfavorable factors of the reverse sound wave, thereby achieving a reduction of 30% vibration amplitude and 90% leakage loss.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

The self-contained large-capacity memory is also a selling point of the South Blond Bone Passage Runner Pro 2. As the upgrade product, South Ka bone passage headset expands to 16G large memory based on the previous generation of products, can accommodate 3,000 songs. At this point, the bone conducted headset is not in the ear, and the feature that does not fall will play the support of the sports scene to the fullest. In the common cycling, running, and exercise, this combination is completely isolated, and it is necessary to carry the inconvenience of smartphones. It is also the song that you like, enough to make you more enjoyable when you exercise. There is no binding sense, more free music.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

Of course, the support of sports scenes is less than the waterproof and anti-sweat. Nanka Bone Transmission Headset Runner Pro 2 has IPX 8 level in waterproof and anti-sweat, which can be higher than millet Mix 4 level waterproof and anti-sweat. A thousand yuan-level headphones and a 10,000 yuan-level mobile phone although there is not much comparability, but it is also enough to see the high level of this headset in South Card.

In terms of battery life, because the battery capacity of the headphones is 200mAh, the larger Bluetooth wireless headset is large, so it is also relatively reliable on the support of the battery. If it is full of power, continue to listen to music for 8-9 hours, which means that it is cool to use it.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

In view, Nanka Bone Passage Turning Headphones Runner Pro 2 is a high-end product upgrade flagship product. After years of technological precipitation and product development, South Card has become a rookie of bone passage-header brand; whether it is reoperable design structure or a more comfortable new material, there is a new upgrade of innovative practical technology and each Design of damping leakage, making headphones in wearing comfort, sports scene professional, self-contained large-capacity memory and multi-scene admissibility.

内存、防水、音质全面旗舰化,南卡骨传导耳机Runner Pro 2上手

Of course, the product is not shortcoming, one to let the experience of the discounted place is the NFC connection, you need to start the bone passage earphone can then operate, if the passive connection is changed to the active connection, it will be more experienced; There is because there are sponge earphones and charging gadgets, and I feel very necessary to match a storage bag. How do you think this product?


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