In February the best travel destination, where the time is right to go to the

February is a special month, then spring, had finished Petani festivity is still spreading.


In February, thousands of images are far apart reward good time, this time north sky snow southern moist passionate.

In February, net recommend you go a couple of the best travel destinations, hot springs, snow play, so you after New Year remained Hey up.




Jilin Rime Island Shu Yushu Qionghua full bloom

Jilin Rime, Guilin, Yangtze River Three Gorges, Yunnan Stone Forest and said China’s four wonders.

To see Jilin Rime undoubtedly the most famous Rime Island every winter, with the influx of numerous Changqiangduanbao here, after only a camera to record this rare snow miracle.

The island was through village is the best place to enjoy the rime, had “reward rime, had to pass,” he said.

The rising river mist enveloped the island, Jiang wind blowing silver flashes, shrouded in mist, the spirea Yushu looming.

All the way out along the banks of the Songhua River, coastal Songliu Cream hanging snow, Daiyu Phi silver, such as clouds, a row Xuelang, reminding us of scenes into the fairy tale world of ice and snow kingdom.

Route by car:


Jilin – Rime Island – Ula Street Manchu town – Jilin City


1. The best viewing season Rime Island in late December every year to the end of February, the best day rime shooting time is 10: 30: 00-11.


2. Jilin winter temperature is very low, can reach minus 20-30 ℃, so come prepared to do cold here to create, in addition to the warm down jacket, choose a pair of semi-waist, non-slip snow shoes are also very important, because a long time is necessary to keep warm outdoors, non-slip, but also taking into account the snow to prevent the filling shoe.



Yunnan Yuanyang Shu winter’s most beautiful terraces

Some people say: “No rhetoric used to describe the land Yuanyang, feeble, then great photographer, exposure to this land, thinking will be sleepy.”


If you are a donkey, you can not Yuanyang, Yuanyang will feel sorry for you; if you are a friendly pat, you can not Yuanyang, God will feel sorry for you!

Yuanyangtitian year in the best season is from November to April the following year, this time Tanaka no more than just water, layers of translucent level terrace, excellent lighting effects, plus around the Spring Festival is often visible clouds, showing visual effects can be a must.

Before and after the Lantern Festival, wild cherry, wild kapok, wild peach and pear followed by Tong bloom, looking ahead, the mountain is covered with red, white, very spectacular.

Best morning shooting point is in accordance with many scenic tree.

When the sun was backlit angle to disperse the morning mist, the terraced fields will gradually contracted golden, located between the Hani and Yi cottage, set off by clouds too complicated and confusing, picturesque, dreamlike.

Dam of goods and Meng Tiger Mouth area, it is the view of the sunset to be desired.

Illuminated by the setting sun and pink clouds, contiguous terraces like a vast sea, majestic, rhythmic variety and wonderful level curve, colorful colors, often too stunned, I do not know where you are.


Kunming, Yuxi — — —- Tonghai Jianshui — (chicken stone high-speed) Chicken Street — (S212) old — Yuanyang

Best shooting time in each year from November to next April, which went in January and February the best, but this time happened to be the Chinese New Year holiday, many people, especially stay very nervous, if going to a good home is best to contact in advance.


Henan Guo Liang Village, Emerald Pearl between Shu Taihang Mountains

Guo Liang village is located in the hinterland of the Taihang Mountains, is a hung on towering cliffs Taihang village, 1752 meters above sea level, Huixian from Henan Province about 70 kilometers away.

The beauty of winter here naturally Needless to say, misty smoke, Xiufeng towering, rugged stone paths, both towering Mount Tai, but also no shortage of Huashan advantageous, original remote antiquity, real and natural. Walk through the narrow space between cliffs, all the way to 270 degree turn, people find themselves in a karting game, amazing feeling.

Process to Guo Liang village, the most moving soul startling number to the cliffs across the promenade along the hanging wall drove straight on the road, you always can not help but sigh, “ninth wonders of the world” charm.

Promenade through cliffs, climb over the ladder came to Guo Liang village, the villagers can live in the home video village, stroll the village, you can go and shout Tianchi spring a turn and feel the breath of life for generations of peace and tranquility here.

By car from Zhengzhou, take the Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed, high-speed, the Huixian, about three hours to reach the village Guo Liang in Xinxiang North Central.

1, can not believe the map or navigation directions, road conditions and traffic factors should be considered, others refer more to the Raiders.


2, people want to change the drive up the mountain slope is steep, pay attention to safety.




La edges Bingzhongluo Shu Nu River in Yunnan


Bingzhongluo located in the Nujiang, Lancang and Jinsha rivers and streams this core area, where “surrounded by snow-capped mountains, rivers for the pool, a step King”, inhabited by Tibetan anger, Lisu, Dulong and other ethnic minorities, beautiful natural scenery, cultural landscape strange, is typical of a man of God were living in paradise on earth, paradise.

It is said that Bingzhongluo is the most primitive of Shangri-La.

Bingzhongluo winter walking in the area, if you’re lucky, you can still see frost in peach blooming all over beauty.

Into the Nujiang Grand Canyon, only two core lines, and are located in the direction of Dali to Tengchong.

1) and from Baoshan, Dali, Dehong direction, the only way is to go to Tengchong, G56, Lujiangba exports, along S230 line, about 100 kilometers to arrive Nujiang state capital Liuku into the Canyon area;

2) or in the G56, is located between Dali and Baoshan, Lancang River, Jin Ling factory entrance, driving about 110 km along the S228, arrived Liuku into the Nujiang Grand Canyon area.


Photography Tip:

1, by virtue of light and shadow photography, travel photography, it also relies on a lot of luck, hit good weather we can take relatively satisfied with the photo. Only twelve year Bingzhongluo snow Yunnan, peach blossom when snow is rare, naturally met to carefully pat.

2, the snow is not as south north, snow weather is not very transparent, if the sun came out and melted at once, it was not to wait for the sun, overcast day overcast and there is taste, this is snow south.

3, peach blossom Bingzhongluo whether or not there are beautiful snow. Climb the mountain is the best overhead can be Bingzhongluo a multimedia extravaganza; where the house mostly barrack, compare the original ecology, inland rare.

4, Bingzhongluo in the Nujiang River, winding climb to the top you can see the Nujiang Grand Canyon.

5, along the Nu River from Bingzhongluo go inside, all the way there to see different scenery, fog and autumn barrels that two villages are particularly special beauty of the original ecology. 20 km is the border between Tibet and Chawa dragon.



Dancing on top of Ningxia Helan Mountain Shu icefall

Ice and snow in the Helan Mountain, more than usual in a Long hard and strong.

Different from the summer of lush vegetation, Helan ravine in the winter snow would all wrapped in a layer of silver. Ju a handful of snow, feel the beat context of life in the meantime, look at the distant solidified waterfall upside down between heaven and earth, pure, crystal clear.


Wrapped in cotton, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to fight a battle snow, ice to a dance, a red waterfall from the top of the icefall, careful observation everywhere glistening in the sun, such as silk, silk and fun.

Helan Mountain more than a thousand pieces distributed on both sides of the valley, stretching more than 600 meters of mountain rock rock wall, since time immemorial is active in the area of ​​ethnic Qiang Rong, Yuezhi, Huns, Tiele, the Turks, party items, etc. masterpiece.


They produce life scenes carved in the rock: the forest-steppe animals, riding expedition …… vivid characters.


Yinchuan – Temple Beit mouth Twin Towers – Meiyukou – Helan Mountain Rock


Meiyukou Helan Mountain Helan Mountain ski area is a popular tourist attraction favored by snow and ice, go skiing very good, zhenbeipu west Studios is also a good place to go, cold winter, feel was here over the interpretation of a blockbuster movie scene of intense and exciting.



Jiangxi Long Creek Shu ancient village Fenqiangdaiwa

Long Creek ancient city of Huizhou architecture, unique in the town.

Long Creek throughout the year has a unique flavor of their own.

In early December each year where a cluster of clusters gradually booming maple leaves, small wharf wall tiles with each other, beautiful.

In the winter, so there is always next few heavy snow, snow scattered on the piece in the long river, piled in quartzite paved road, leaving a sense of this lone quiet little village of Duoliaoyifen.

Recommended foot:


1. Wuyuan (car) – rock (walking) – Long Creek from the county car to rock, stay in the rock 2 hours walk from rock to long river, about 10 kilometers whole, although the mountain, but mostly stone road, Comparative good to go.

2. Qinghua (car) – Former rock (walk) – Long Creek car from Tsinghua University that direction to a village called before the rock side of the road there is a mountain, you can walk to the long river, the entire seven kilometers, mostly ancient post road, the road good to go. Along the way, trees everywhere, and fame.

In February, just scenery, wonderful time being.


Route by car:


Route by car:

Route by car:


Route by car:






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