Hot and sour powder super strong evaluation is the biggest look at which brand of hot and spicy powder

Get ready

About “eat” this

Are you a serious party or a small fresh?

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Even the world is emphasizing the importance of light diet

Please forgive us for these people who want to taste the salty

“Stimulating” is the truth of the taste pursuit

[Hot powder]

, Read these three words

I can’t help but drool.

Hot and delicious

the taste of

Undoubtedly the best choice for cure hunger

Always feel

Hot and spicy and bubble, spicy strokes are like magical,

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Fangyuan Times, as long as there is a person is eating,

No matter what you are hungry, I will definitely can’t help the throat water.

Think of the slippery powder,

Soench in soup that is immersed in chili oil and vinegar,

Snoring in the mouth,

Sour, fragrant, hemp, spicy,

After eating a whole bowl, high can’t work.

Personally judge a bowl of sour spicy powder, at least three:


Looking for Sichuan, Chongqing

2. Sea package:

Have peas, minced meat, and Baingning vinegar

3. Difference difference:

Chongqing is the mainstay, the oil is not greasy, and Sichuan is dominated by sour and salty.

Today, Xiao Zhi gives you a few more hot hot powder.

See which one is best for you

White Jia Chen Ji Chongqing Hot Powder

It is the taste of hot and sour powder.

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Sorrow and spicy, particularly enjoyable! !

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

The noodle is very fine, not a thick

Spicy oil package! do not! numb!

The taste is much more important than imagining, and after the spicy

He you can try it!

Do not recommend eating, maybe not be familiar

Boiled soft, more delicious, more taste ~

His buddy sate

His buddies are also one of the hot and hot people.

Authentic authentic Chongqing flavor

Handmade sweet potato coarse powder

Can be cooked

I prefer to use water, taste it.

Pour into hot water if you are not happy to trouble

Waiting for 6-7 minutes to eat ~


Powder is relatively soft

Sacrest soup

Two kinds of pickles and original

The pickled pepper is sour and very good!

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Can’t eat a little spicy oil,

The acid is not particularly spicy, and the noodles are a little transparent.

Put some lettuce, mushrooms, tofu skin, bean sprouts,

It is delicious than buying in the store!

Single dog sour powder

A net red hot powder,

Specially designed for a single dog designed for the overtime belly

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Hot and sour and nice

After the powder is cooked, it tastes.

Has full of smell of soup,

Disadvantages is a little expensive ..

Heavy mouthfuls can add vinegar and pepper yourself.

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Delicious soup that eats the bottom of the bowl is clean!

Master knowan

I smelted the fragrance when I booled.

When you start eating, you are not spicy, the more you eat, the more spicy.

Sweet potato powder is very flexible

Spicy, taste is still quite authentic

I added some dishes in it, and the taste is super good!

Overall, it is okay ~

Gu Dawei sour powder

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

In addition to having a small 馄饨,

There is only a small 馄饨 in each eye.

I have never found that the existence of acid spicy powder

After eating once, I found it.

The taste is delicate and smooth.

He is too delicious!

Put about three quarters of the packages and peppers,

The taste of the bubble is particularly authentic.

Continuing Gu Dawei’s strong advantages of the soup of the soup ~

Pick the small sour spicy powder

This brand of hot and sour powder

It is quite a lot of packages.

The 口 口 层 层 次 丰 丰

Potato flour is very tough, chewy

Eat down the mouth slippery

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Ma Ma spicy, with a little sweet taste

And also equipped

Small mustard

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Place yourself a little vegetables and ham sausage

It’s delicious ~

Guanghua Fan Pavilion

I like to eat hot things from my little.

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

At home

There is such a hot fairy hall in the supermarket.

Unlike a normal hot powder so thick

Be the kind of

Dine fans, it is easy to use boiled water

every time

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

After bubble, put it in a bag of bubbles.

Homemade two mixing,

At the same time, can eat two faces

Perfect! !

Eat a sour spicy powder

Eating sour spicy powder with potato starch and pure sweet potato starch for raw materials

Do not use additives, split crystal fans


Crystal clear, soft slim, no mix, continuous


酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Eating a sour spicy powder using a food grade kraft bucket,

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味


The kraft paper cartridge is very safe, and it has strong resistance and intensity.

Have moisture-proof, anti-oil invasion, low temperature resistance and other characteristics

Food people

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

The soup is rich, cool and smooth

Whether you are at home … in the office on the road

Enjoy the leisure time or busy to explode

The taste of the family-sour powder high-end restaurant level is next to you ~

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Warm presence ~ brewing 4 minutes delicious

Sweet potato powder, vinegar bag, vegetable bag

Peanuts, chili bags, etc. 6 kinds of independent condiments

Types with rich, increasing powder

I feel that the top three of the delicious is:

White Jia Chen Ji Chongqing Hot Powder (Upgrade)

Pick the small face Chongqing sour powder

Single dog coloster sour powder

(There is no one in the rank)

Of course, it is good to eat, and finally look at the personal taste.

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Each brand has its own characteristics, this evaluation conclusion

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Only the taste of our personal taste is available for everyone.

[The origin of hot and sour powder]

It is like this: in the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei in Taoyuan Sanyuan

The owner of Taoyuan was used to be a more popular red powder.

This kind of friendship is like a noodle.

Then, with a small pepper, old altar, brown sugar, yellow lotus

Liu Bei’s meaning is to let three people understand that the sweet and bitter are not afraid.

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Later, because people think that the red powder is made out, it’s delicious.

Therefore, it gradually formed a snack of “hot and spicy powder”.

If you still have a better sour spicy powder recommended

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

You can leave a message in the comment area to us ~

Get ready

Get ready

Get ready

Get ready

White Jia Chen Ji Chongqing Hot Powder

White Jia Chen Ji Chongqing Hot Powder

His buddy sate

His buddy sate

His buddy sate

Single dog sour powder

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Single dog sour powder

Master knowan

Master knowan

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Gu Dawei sour powder

Gu Dawei sour powder

Pick the small sour spicy powder

Pick the small sour spicy powder

Guanghua Fan Pavilion

Eat a sour spicy powder

Eat a sour spicy powder

Food people

酸辣粉超强测评大合辑 看看哪个牌子的酸辣粉最合你口味

Food people


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