Newcomers must see | Giant detail makeup steps, 0 foundation can also learn

Recently, there are often makeup novices in the background.

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

“Makeup Step”

I don’t know where to join hands:

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Which of the face is blooming and sunscreen? Which one is before and Isolated?

Pain your eyebrows first, do you paint your makeup? How does the eye mascara?

How is a complete daily makeup?

Below, the Xiaobian of the Mauntian Makeup School will come to you.

“Common makeup process”

, Very suitable for the newbie foundation of the makeup, small books take it out carefully!

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Overall makeup ideas

For newcomers that have just been introduced,

It is important to know the overall cosmetic process.

. Because there is a big frame idea, every makeup step will become clearer.

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

In general, we can follow

From the whole to local


Local from top to bottom

The order of makeup. Simply put the makeup, then draw eyebrows, eyes, lips.

Concealer and Repair Part

Can be done in the challenge part,

Blush can be placed in the last

. In addition, the repair is a more advanced step for makeup, so everyone can neglect, and then learn when the makeup level has certain improvement.

Overall cosmetic process

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会


This is just one

Compare routine newbie makeup

It is not that everyone must make up according to this step! All steps are different from person to person, it can

Delete adjustment according to your own preference

Lift a simple example,

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

You may have completely invading makeup

I wanted to learn to draw a good look. It is basically impossible. Then you can

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Step by step

It is better to start from a lipstick, you can try to draw eyebrows, then slowly touch the makeup, blush,

Lipstick and eyebrows are the easiest and change of people

Concrete makeup steps


Before breast / isolation

Not to say “sunscreen” in the four seasons for a year? How to disappear in the above cosmetic flow chart?

What is the order of sunscreen, isolation, and makeup?


新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Because sunscreen is to help the skin against ultraviolet injury, it belongs to the category of skin care; before makeup, isolation is to help follow-up makeup more downs, lasting, belong to make-up. therefore,

Sunscreen should be used in front of makeup and isolated


Isolation and makeup

These two things are essentially the same type of product,

Select a use of use

There is no need to overlay a layer on your face.

Comparison of makeup techniques

About usage:

After the basic skin care, take a suitable amount of breast milk / isolation, point in two cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and other places,

Tap is evenly scattered

Be careful to apply it by one side in the direction of the pores.

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Don’t apply it back and forth

,Will cause

搓 mud or false feeling

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

. Small fine lines and pores are obvious, which can be stained with the right amount of makeup breast / isolation, so that the makeup is more refined!

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会


Delivery according to what you want to build

Choose a makeup product

And the skin is to select the oil-holding rendering product.

From the inner outstanding foundation

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Apply the liquid foundation to your face,

Even from the cheek to the edge

Such so the thick edge of the foundation is thin.

Simple compartment effect

. With a beautiful makeup egg, put makeup clothes, speed is fast!


Speed-drying makeup powder foundation is disconnected

Otherwise, you will find it while dry, and there is no uniformity in the other side, causing makeup

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会


The phenomenon.


First come

Concealer and makeup

, The concealer can be used before the foundation or after the foundation, mainly

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Based on the characteristics of concealer, how much is the order of personal habits

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

First concealer, it is easy to touch the part of the concealer. It is recommended to cover the sisters of the spots acne marks.

The order of the concealer after the first foundation

Color choice


Color concealer

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Such as green, orange, purple concealer, then must

First use the concealer after using the foundation

Otherwise the color cannot be reconfigured.

疵 不 能 重 底

Correctly use concealer to make the makeup cleaner. We wrote one about

“All Raiders of Concealing”

From the choice of products to different flaws, they have a detailed explanation. The missing sisters can poke out the picture!

Concealer Raiders

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会


High-gloss is not a process that everyone must make each person’s makeup, and

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

For novices, there are millions of points

. So you can collect it first.

Waiting for the makeup level to improve


It is good, you can instantly light our facial features, highlight the outline of the line;


新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Using the right, you can help us to modify your face, to achieve the effect of natural stereo face. Let’s take a few tricks below:

High light brighten position

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

High light brightening:

Forehead + nose (T area), eyebrow bone + cheekbones (C zone), under the triangular area, lip peak, chin, these are places where highlights are highlight. Notice

A small amount of multiple superpositions

The makeup is more delicate.

3-word repair method is more natural

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

“3 word repair capacity”:

Being in the torch hole, slightly slightly slightly swept the muscle, and then extend to the mandibular angle.

This can be achieved

Natural stereo face

The effect can weaken the position of the convex.

Improve face is not flat


Segmental nose

“Segmental Nasal”:

Nasal shadow is also very important, absolute

Don’t touch your nose and nose and bridges.

! The correct nose is considered

Three parts of the mountain root, nose, nose

Such a segmentation, nose, nose, nature.

Different nasal modes,

Can be fine-tuning on this picture

. For example, the long nose can take the starting point of the nose from the eyebrows, and the eye shadow is naturally transitioned.


To get rid of your makeup, you have to choose a good makeup product! Usually

Spray makeup with powder, powder or makeup

Pulverant presser makeup

Regardless of the brush or puff makeup, you must

Shake off the above excess powder


Pressing method


Of course, you can also

Binding with powder & makeup spraying together:

After the makeup spray, the thin coating powder, the makeup is high; after the powder, the makeup spray can be used, and the makeup can reduce the feeling of makeup.


For novices,

The eyebrow is so hard to get it.

I don’t know what kind of eyebrows you are suitable, I don’t know how to make eyebrows.

The eyebrow is really a part of the face.

! The thickness of the eyebrows and the thickness of eyebrows, directly affect the five senses, face and temperament.

A few days ago, a super detailed

“Enthusiastic eyebrow tutorial”

From how to choose the suitable eyebrow, the choice and skills of the eyebrow eyebrow tool have detailed explanation,

Can’t make eyebrows, the eyebrow can be poked down

New hand eyebrow eyebrow

Makeup novice can enter from eyebrow powder

, Use a small amount of eyebrow powder to colors,

Be sure to be light

It will not be easy to make mistakes.

At the same time, the eyebrows also need to be mature, must

Multiple exercises

Eye makeup

Eye makeup is also a newcomer

Easy to step on the thunder

Point, the more the eye is more dirty, the dizziness is not open, the eyeliner line, the eyeliner is twisted, the eyelashes are blended, the whole face is very cheap.

Eye shadow

If you see a good-looking eye shadow, buy buy, but buy home and find that you can’t get swollen, it is probably a lot of sisters.

Sisters who don’t play eye shadows look here, we have to share it with you

“Novice Eye Shadow Tutorial”

, Have a detailed explanation from the choice of eye shadow to the painting skills!

Novice eye shadow

The main reason for the eye shadow is dark, and the main reason is

Improper color color color

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

,as well as


. So, be sure to choose the eye shadow that suits you, and master the correct painting.

At the same time, keep in mind “

A small amount

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

“the rules,

Pay attention to vacuum

How many exercises can draw natural and clean eye makeup.


For the vast majority of newcomers, it seems to be a can’t go. Every time you draw your eyes, your little hand does not listen to the command.

Not painted, it is a black paragraph.

How can I not draw a natural and good eyeliner.

Let me teach everyone a few more comparisons.

Practical skills

: Novice can try


新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Along the eyelids, the eyes of the eye, the end of the eye, then connect, then connect,

Eye line painting is greatly improved

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Refers to a small thumb to more stable

Take a stroke eye line compared to hanging air,

Refers to a small thumb to stabilize a lot

. Of course, remember

Use a little thumb to hook the puff

This will not destroy the good makeup.

Use the eyeliner to brush deep brown eye shadow,

Painted eyeliner is naturally

. Remember, painting your eyes is a


The process must be exercised more.

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会


The eyelash brush is good, as if it comes to the eye line effect, the zoom in the eyes is divided into minutes, so

The eyelashes should also pay attention to

Three-stage tapered eyelashes

Before brushing, don’t miss it.

Use the eyelash clip to clamp the natural arc

, Use three sections to raise the clip, repeated a few times, can use the finger to turn it. Not very skilled, sisters can also use

Partial eyelashes to adjust the tail and eye

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Comparison before and after eyelashes

Don’t consider false eyelashes, don’t consider false eyelashes.

Brush the mascara after the eyelashes

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Let the eyelashes more rolled up. use

Brushing brush

Not only will the eyelashes make the eyelashes more grow, but also after the brush is finished.

Lip makeup

The lipstick is not simple color, adjusting the lip while coloring, and do two. How to choose the lipstick color, the lip is not beautiful, we have also speech it in detail before, poke the picture get

“Dividing the painting skills”


新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Dividing skills for perfect lip makeup

The lips are too thick, too thin, and the mouth saga can be separated.

Coincidentally modified by makeup


The correct use of blush, not only

Modified face type, lift the color

. However, some make-up novice is because

Blush, color matching is not right, starting too heavy, position shape pain

, Painting the village of village!

Poke down, get

“Practical blush”

Practical blush

Blush must

, To create a technique

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Layer layer superimposed

. Don’t go with a lot of things to paint, it is easy to become a monkey butt, and it is not easy to modify after the wrong.


Finally, summarize today’s focus:

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

In general, we can make makeup from the top to the top to topically, partially from top to top. All makeup steps are different from person to person, it can

Newcomers don’t see new products, buy buy buy,

The key is to choose the appropriate product


Master the correct make-up

Multiple exercises can draw clean and advanced daily makeup.

新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会

Ok, today’s content is here.

“Novice makeup step”

, Have you remember it? Remember to practice more exercises, try to find the way you are best for you!

Makeup method!

For newcomers that have just been introduced,

It is important to know the overall cosmetic process.

. Because there is a big frame idea, every makeup step will become clearer.















新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会


新手必看 | 巨详细化妆步骤,0基础也能学会


Delete adjustment according to your own preference

About usage:

About usage:


A small amount


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