Welcome Christmas Linyi entity shopping mall, big trick: discounts continue to buy one get one free

Despite Christmas, it is an emblem, but for “There is a festival, there is no harmonious festival” business, Christmas is the most powerful voice of the promotion. It is getting closer to Christmas. Linyi merchants have started Christmas promotion in advance … all kinds of tricks, eight spending, a Christmas war without smoke in advance.

At 7 o’clock on the 22nd, the reporter visited a number of large shopping malls in the city to find that the people in the mall were shameful, and the past weekend was more human, the promotion was very fierce, and it seems to be in the expectations of the business.

Mall: finally turned to us

Christmas is right away, many large shopping malls in Linyi City do not consider Christmas promotion warfare in the 19th. Clothing buy one get one free, cosmetics full 200 minus 40, limited time to buy, 10,000 yuan gifts … Various promotional five flowers, and even the soil “has become prizes. In order to attract customers, the merchants are also exhaustive,

“Because Christmas and New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival is in December, we started to save these three festivals and busy, just waiting for the promotion.

When I entered December, Christmas’s breath came, and the Christmas atmosphere quietly filled in major shopping malls, supermarkets, whether it is a shopping mall, and beautiful Christmas dress also attracted a lot of customers’ stability. But I want to earn a full amount in this year-end business war, and discount the promotion is the key to winning. Therefore, all kinds of promotions that are posted everywhere also attract a lot of customers’ attention.

Manager Li, this year, Christmas is similar to last year, and it is also a weekend that the promotion began, while Christmas is a working day, so the weekend after the start of the promotion, it became the first shopping climax of the Christmas Carnival. “According to current sales, this year’s passenger traffic and sales are higher than last year. I hope this year’s Christmas sales will have a new high.” Yi Li said.

Consumers: It is also a year, “stepping on” is Wang Dao in advance.

In the face of the annual Christmas shopping festival, consumers also tend to be rational shopping and no longer impulsive consumption. Wang Li, who went to work, told reporters, as early as November, she took a pair of high boots in a pair of shoes, and she always wanted to wait until Christmas promotion and then start again. “One pair of boots have more than 1200 yuan, my office worker is sure to buy, only wait for Christmas 50% off.” Wang Li said to reporters that every year’s Christmas is the biggest in the year, so she is In Christmas, I bought the gift of the whole family of Spring Festival.

In the interview, many shopping people have said that the e-commerce double 12 has not seen it, and they have to prepare Christmas crazy shopping, and the “stepping” work before the festival will make Christmas shopping. Half exercise.

“Every year, Christmas will buy a lot, mainly for the Spring Festival, especially when the merchants are arranged in advance, the festive atmosphere is too strong, I don’t want to visit.” Ms. Ms. “

Discount: Be more flexible, buy a gift can also be discounted directly

Whether it is online shopping carnival, or the Christmas shopping festival of the physical store, it is “smashing the hand” for consumers, and what are the stores of the store? “

Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang, said that more Christmas is to buy clothes for the whole family. “Winter clothes are not only styles, but more importantly, fabrics, clothes wear in New Year, naturally can’t buy online, still have to look at the store, touch, can buy it with confidence.” Ms. Wang said.

In the face of the constant impact of e-commerce, the physical store continues to make sales adjustments, when Christmas initial promotion, buy gifts special “dead”, how much is given, just give gifts. “The past is also buy 100 gift 100, but the gift must be a coupon, sometimes I want to buy a piece of clothes, I want the merchant to play 50%, but the other is not compromised.” Ms. Zhang, who is very experienced, ” Finally, in order to spend a coupon, it has to be a suitable product for the price.

Today, with the impact of online shopping, the discounts of shopping malls have become more flexible, buy gifts can also be discounted directly, this change, let more consumers shopping more comfortable.

“Family”: 50% discount to pull them from the website to the store

In the e-commerce “bombing”, “no hole” today, who is there in the Christmas Shopping Festival in the store, buy? In an interview, it is not difficult to understand that in addition to the rich people who are not bad, there is also a married lady who holds a person, and there is a “truthful” attitude towards the online store.

For the rich family, the physical store is a kind of enjoyment. After the waiter is busy, a “sister” “brother” is called, and there is a thoughtful end tea poured water.

Married ladies will be in Christmas, in addition to preparing for the whole family’s New Year’s new clothes, you can also take this opportunity to “comfort” hard a year. What have the new new paragraph is not to buy? Because of the price of high and late boots? I can buy it at this time, after all, the 50% discount is not every day.

Why is the online store purchasing? Why is the physical store for more than 200 yuan? I bought the purchase of the online store, I still always go to the physical store contrast, is it different? Is it less filler on the Internet? For “true family”, there is always a variety of doubts about online shopping. Therefore, 50% discount on the store is enough to quickly pull them from the website to the physical store.

He Qing


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