The child is enough, the cause is mainly divided into 3

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Main lecturer: Director of the Rheumatology of the Third Hospital of Peking University Zhao Jinxia, ​​the attending physician Wei Hui

Unlimited energy, lively and active children, sometimes tell the parents “behind the foot”. Then, how should parents should respond to children and bones unripe adolescents? Submit your questions in this issue.

Acute damage

1. Friciler: Trauma causes the epidermis in the epidermis, and the effusion between different cedumin continues to cause pain. It is often seen in the foot and foot, and the footwear friction is caused by walking or running. Foots are humid, such as sweating, and stress points (footwear unstead or new footwear) will also increase the friction of the skin and promote blisters. Parents should give their children to feet shoes; keep socks dry, sweat socks can reduce blister risk; before the activity, the skin is stimulated, but the blisters are not formed, and the protective cloth and foot pad can reduce friction, prevent friction Mococcus formation. Little fluttering of slight pain can be used after cleaning; large or painful blisters should drain liquid while retain blushing skin; open or broken blisters remove blisters skin, to prevent death of the skin to increase friction, use open Pobbic stickers cover a blisters substrate, covered with paper tape and elastic tape; before the healing, the dressing is removed and the blister is removed and checked again. Subsequently, if there is red, pain, swelling, swelling, and pus When the infection is ill, it should be medical treatment immediately. Be careful not to use Ointment or refreshing powder such as Vaseline to reduce blisters, and it is also possible to increase blisters.


2. Space stabby: The damaged items include nails, needles, other metals, wood, stone and glass, such wounds are high, and it takes a timely visit.

3. Tear injury: usually include the cutting of the barefoot, parents should pay special attention to foreign matter, and go to the hospital to treat wound in time. After the wound sewing, check the wound, you can’t let your child swim, you can’t soak the wound when you get a bath, and check the wound without infection.

4. Sprinkle: It can be caused by acute trauma (such as falling from a height) or hiking / cross-boasting. Parents should help their children’s injured parts, local cold compress, and go to the hospital in time.

5. Crack with bone fracture and baked: severe trauma, children often have pain, accompanied by foot activity, need to visit in time.

Excessive sexual injury

1. Classic bone bones: one of the most common heel diseases, especially playing football, playing basketball or children, children with a track and field / running, is a boy, is a chronicity related to activities Sleeping pain. In addition, there is no back to the buffer or supported shoes (such as slippers), or after the sneakers with the shoe (can concentrate on the impact to the sucking, especially football nail shoes), it may aggravate the pain of osteochemiasis. Therefore, parents can put suck with the cup or mat in the child’s shoes; reduce the activity caused by pain, gradually increase the activity after symptoms; the affected area is 20 minutes daily, increase the muscle stretching and strength training of calves; Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used on demand, but should not be used before exercise, and should not be used in order to improve tolerance; if it is not improved in accordance with the above treatment, it should be in time.

2. Fine fascia: Children and adolescents have less onset, but obese children should pay attention. The disease is “first step in the morning”, that is, the pain appears in a few minutes after getting up, and then improved or disappeared. It may feel that there is a stone in the shoes, and the pain can be reduced with foots. If the child has these situations, it is necessary to visit in time.

3. Keepocystitis with bone: Corporal compatibility with Azuritis, causing pain between bles with bones, red and swelling, usually because children do not worry-free shoes, shoes and feet with each other .

4. His bone stapling fracture: The most common post-stress fracture in children, the increasing amount of calcium intake and secondary closure of osteophytes are higher, and should go to the hospital in time.

Infective, neurological and systemic causes

1. Honeycomb and abscess: usually secondary in skin damage, such as heel blisters, stabbing or insect bite, can also be residual, such as debris, stone or glass, is characterized by local red, swelling, tenderness And hardening. Parents need to take children to go to the hospital in time.

2. Reactive arthritis / adhesion: usually as unsmorled, oligogeny, clinical manifestations including pre-driven intestinal or urinary genital infection, muscle skeletal signs and symptoms, joint outer integration and symptoms. If the child has abdominal pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, urgency, urinary pain, especially the ankle joint, sufficient, knee joint, and even red eyes, decreased vision, toe swelling, need timely Go to the children’s wind and wet disease.

3. Young idiological arthritis: Children’s rheumatism often appear at 10 to 19 years, at this time, it is the increase in sports activities. The most common accumulated part is a knee joint and hip joint, but the ankle or foothold can also have repeated pain, usually discovery hedges and footprints. If the child is swollen, especially the ankle joints and / or knee joints, or foot and swelling pain lasts for 6 weeks, no relief, night lumbosacral pain, hip zone or groin area pain, even the eyes are red, eye-catching, vision Decline, toe or finger swelling, especially the first-level relatives have rheumatism, parents should pay special attention to the child in time. If it is not treated in time, the child not only feels uncomfortable, but also affects the child’s growth and future quality of life, and even endanger life.

4. Tube syndrome: Usually manifested to accumulate foot, foot long, toes and occasionally painful pain, burning, numbness, and hedgence, pain can be radiated to the inner ankle. Not suitable is often the strongest night, it may be aggravated after standing, and the patient sometimes wants to take off the shoes, at which time you should visit.

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