Don’t be stupid! This year’s popular fashion warm high stockings

Winter is so cold, see some sisters walk on the road in order to look at the shallow socks, pig pigs are really distressed!

Don’t you know that the ankle is not popular? This year’s popular fashion and warm high stockings! You can wear it in a loose trousers, and you can match a short skirt or a large dress, and the second day is small.


Winter should look good again and keep warm, what is better than high socks?


Try this stockings. A variety of colors are you choose, and the clothes are worn. The length is just the knee, and it will not feel cold.

The non-slip design is tight, which can be pulled straight as a long tube sock, and it can be loosened when a pile of socks, thin wild, diverse wearing.

The design of the socks is very user-friendly, and it will not feel the foot of the foot, and the follower is the word reinforcement, no trace design, will not bumpy and wear wear, the foot is equipped with reinforcement design, ensuring socks Wearing. The color is diverse, you can be free to match.

Fashion Hundreds of classic cashmere stockings, help you live the most beautiful yourself in this winter.


Wills sacks warm knee pads, help you outline your posture, simple and generous twist design grew a lot of style, oversized, wearing a slim stovepipe, not bloated, it is really an essential equipment for winter.

This pair of stockings, the design is designed enough to pull to the middle of the thigh, and the socks are used to extend tightening design, effectively prevent slipping.

The foot is useless is no bone sewing technology, comfortable and warm. Moderate thickness, we don’t feel cold or not too bloated.


The stockings are probably possible to do the sterling emperor inside the socks. This stockings are especially special. The style is diverse you choose.

Wearing is also a variety of diversified, such as a pile of punching, not step on the foot, it will not be monotonous at all. Personal printing on socks is also an extrageral design.

The stockings can be said to be the crystallization of the details, and a good stockings are completely stacked.


Take this stockings, exquisite metal rivets are decorated, strong and not easy to fall, flexible, no matter if fat, you can wear it, you can also help lose weight.

It is better to try the Japanese style. Three different thicknesses allow you to choose according to your own situation, you can always find what you need.

Stitching trend, shape the long leg curve, let you transform the fashion. The print design is fresh and cute, blonde.

Even if it is a simple stockings, you can wear different styles. The latest British college wind debut!


The college wind is very temperament, and also with a strong youthful color. This double stockings are extended, which can effectively protect the knee. Whether it is with roller boots or boots is a good choice.

It is another winter, and the stockings will enter the sight of the sisters again. Maxi slim, protect your knee, a long tollometer to help you build a charming leg curve.


Quality does not fall, keep warm, temperature, the wind is also! The style is diverse, let you choose, only the most unique yourself.

In the cold winter, the little master is also unwilling to bind his own legs. At this time, you need a pair of special long stockings to protect your legs and knees.

This pair of stockings are elegant and leisure, retro cumbersome floral add a lot of college atmosphere, short can be a pile of stockings, long can do stockings, no matter how to protect the legs of the small people ~


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