How does fat people wear a skirt slim? V leader waist dress is good, it can be well modified

# What to wear today?

Hello everyone.

The weather is quite good for the two days, and the summer is already shaking. This weather is warm, everyone wearing clothes is relatively small, and the meat hidden before. For friends who like to wear a skirt, how to be thin is a big problem.

What kind of skirt is slim? This is related to this. Something is



. The meat is blocked and can’t see. Let’s take a look at what kind of dress is suitable for wearing different somatoes.

The upper body is worn by the big, there is a longitudinal line or high waistline skirt, thin and temperament


Upper fat, especially the surrounded people wear a relatively large dress. Moreover, the more simple and more cool. For example, wearing a white shirt dress, unlocking the clocks of the neckline, turning into a natural large V collar. Sleeve is rolled into a sleeve. The waist line of the skirt is high. This will not look too bloated. At the same time, you can also cover the thick waist and small belly. It is slim and temperament.


There are many bubble sleeves in the past few years. The upper body is not suitable for the speech sleeves, because the design of this bubble sleeves will appear very strong. If you really like it, then choose the bubble sleeves, the sleeves are slightly longer, and the elbows are best, so that the big arm is covered. It will be more thin.


The upper fat man wears a dress, and you must find a way to make the body with a portrait line. For example, from top to the next row of white buttons, it is quite awake. The longitudinal line has a visual elongation effect. It will appear to be more difficult. At the same time, it will split the body into two parts and it is not so bloated. It is also more thin.


The dress of this big collar wrapped waist is also very suitable for people with fat, and she can hide the small belly and thick waist. The big neckline will also look for a long neck. This dress is still very elegant. If your leg is fine, you can also choose a short skirt. This is very young.

If the people who are governed, if you want to wear a skirt, the top of the top is bigger. The skirt is higher than the waist line. And the narrow skirt is better. The skirt will look large.


The skirt of the lower body is long, the skirt between the calf belly and the knee, is more thin

If you are fat, it is better to wear a slight dress when you dress a skirt. The length of the skirt is the best above the lower legs below the knee. Complete the thick thighs completely, showing fine ankles, breathable and stylish. The skirt will be too long, you will be dull, and it is very old.

The skirt wearing the lower body is preferably a high waist line. This will not be too large. The waist line will also look good. No matter what the child’s skirt is best not too big. Too big expansion is very strong, so that people are very strong. This small A-a-a-tenthisk or straight skirt is good, elegant and neat.


In contrast, people who are more likely to be thin. There are some skirts to cover up. The lower body fat is wearing a dress as long as you pay attention to the skirt. The long dress like this high-level waistline is good, it is very thin.

These two years are very popular with pleated skirts, this skirt retro and elegant. But it will look large buttocks. The lower body fat, wearing this dress is self-explosion. If you really like it, it is not wearing it. You can wear a suit or a long knit cardigan on the pleated skirt, cover the waist and hips of the skirt. This is more thin. If you want to be high, the stuffed buckle of the suit does not break, revealing a lost waist line. It’s good to do so like a picture on the picture. It is slightly thin.


Fat’s more well-known people wearing big neckline long skirts are more thin.


If you are fat, it is more well, the upper body is fat, and it is necessary to integrate these two types of thin strategies when wearing a skirt. Wear big neckline, high waist line, small skirt, and the skirt below the knee is good. This red print skirt like this is very suitable for people who are fat. Skin and fashionable.


Ok, about how the fat man wearing a skirt is slightly chatted here, I don’t know if these slim tips are helpful to you.

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