Playing is creativity! All kinds of interesting small gifts recommended, cheap and meaningful

Xiaobian is the kind of time, when you go through which gift is more interesting, although you can’t meet everyone’s needs, but in your interesting degree, it is still a bit of unable. Next, Xiaobian will find some unimaguable little gadgets. If the small partner feels good, you can buy it and send people to see the actual effect.


Yuxi Bluetooth Projection Light


In this era of gradually contest, the Star River has also become a luxury. Is it really just that you can stay away from the city in your leisure time? The answer is negative, after all, as long as needed, there will be corresponding products.


This Bluetooth Star Projector makes people even in the room, and you can experience the romantic feelings of the Galaxy. Turn off the light at night, open the projector, as if open the door of the new world. It has three color mode for people to choose, each is a new experience. If you open a projector, sleep in the middle of the night … It is estimated that you will be able to enter the wonderland (laugh).


Others can accompany people to see the meteor shower, we can accompany the people to see the starry sky, emmm … like Xiaobian, a single dog like Xiaobian, immediately regret it, do not say Xiaobian, go to the corner.

Glorious Year China AR Projector

When Xiaobian is young, the globe is still a model in the hand. When I arrived in a mobile phone, the globe became a high-tech AR version.

Compared to the boring of the traditional globe, the AR version is full of fun. It is no longer just to identify the text of the country’s geographic sound, but also bring a new feeling with animation, image, and sound. Full dry goods knowledge make people no longer feel boring in the process of studying.


The biggest feature of AR is interact with people, whether you want to take a photo of the dinosaur in your hand, or the immersive feelings go around the world, this projector can meet your needs ~


谷 指 陀

Playing is a child’s nature, what is it crucial to play for your child. This finger snail simulates the UFO flight trajectory, all kinds of cool colors make it charm, and most importantly, in addition to interacting with other children, it can also fly back and fly back.

As long as the operation is proper, the children can throw a ghel to play each other, and they can operate the gyro self-entertainment. At the same time, the magic rods equipped can make it a variety of reactions under the waving of the magic stick. Wait, the magic sticks have appeared, this is the rhythm of the little fairy?


Kemo butter cat walking cute blind box


When the cute pet of the blind box, this group of cute little guys has improved several times. In order to enable the three limbs in the narrow space, the manufacturer has developed a dedicated starter motor.

Say goodbye to a single walking mode, the lambs will turn into sway, especially when the small sheep walks together, simply cute people do not pay. However, since it is a blind box, it means that the ingredients with luck are inside. If you encounter a small partner who is collecting, I will have to set the whole bleeding.


If the guest robot eight sound box


DIY will make yourself have a full sense of accomplishment. This robot eight-speaker needed himself to assemble, the exterior is also high-end, satisfaction, no need to say.

It has a full-mesh block bonding design, exquisite and detail. Fully mechanical construction, hard punch robot exterior, all minor details can be easily reduced. The heart is driven by the light source gear, and the music is also available while enjoying music. Its arm uses leverage principles to achieve free bending activities.


High quality raw materials, both environmental protection and robustness, no need to worry about all kinds of faults when assembled. This is a gift that needs to be handed, logical thinking skills can be successfully controlled. Do you want to challenge?

All kinds of small gifts recommended above don’t know if you like it? After Xiaobian, if you find a variety of fun, interesting little things will be shared in time, remember, our goal can be less spending and makes gifts make fun.


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