Every day wear leggings, you are sure to buy the right? Professionals who taught you how to pick this

Autumn and winter, leggings girls who “just need” products, wardrobe girls there will be at least two dozen underwear: a color, a black, of course, if it is a big fan of leggings, and that this number will there is no upper limit of.

Leggings everyone will buy, but have to buy high-quality yet? Some leggings to wear not only is no beauty, but also not particularly comfortable to wear, not the swap file is lint, that did not buy quality.

I do not know how to pick? Do not worry, look at how insiders say, after reading to know how to pick and choose.

There are the “for every life” a platform from socks factory in Zhuji, called “Ming Xuan Knitting”, the factory boss Ho Chi childhood came into contact with tights products, college graduates began to take over the socks factory, and now has 6 , 7 years, can be regarded as relatively knowledgeable.

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She told reporters, generally from the material, texture, workmanship, quality and other fluff in these areas to determine whether it is a high quality leggings. Daily so you can go pick:

A: check material

Leggings are made of many different such as cotton, polyester, anti-nylon, nylon mask and other materials different prices. Some leggings quality is not high, it may be as long as 10, 15 dollars one, many of these leggings are made of nylon proof, easy to fluff. Now, amidst nylon mask and pants made relatively good in the industry.

Leggings elastic material is also an important decision factor, good material, high density, such as leggings is not easy to fluff, elasticity will be relatively large.

Two: to see details

See details and trace files section, many leggings are just “there is no front”, that is exactly the same as the front and back, so leggings worn on the body is likely to be too tight.

Three: Light pull in velvet

Many will fall and winter plus velvet leggings, leggings gently pull it inside the villi, in very light intensity on out fluff, such leggings to wear when out hair, they also fall off, wash when will fall, so I do not recommend you to buy.

Another important reminder, Ho Chi said: “Many people in the selection of the time there is a misunderstanding, leggings think the softer the better, in fact, if not all the material is cotton, soft and may be better, however. If nylon, or other material, can not be used to discriminate the soft. “


After reading these will find that the selection of leggings is also a technology live.

Hangzhou epidemic is quite serious now, if you do not want to go out, afraid to look at the picture quality can not see, can direct orders directly at “every full life” platform, several production being sold from “Ming Xuan Knitting” bottoming pants, are all high quality and the price is also relatively high.

Previously bought ginseng pants and trousers readers demon cat can be replaced amidst pants and leggings of 2088, these two relatively thick leggings, is more suitable to wear in winter.


There Shuiguang pants 200g 300g two specifications, there are differences and even step foot socks. 200g leggings for about 10-15 ℃ temperature wear, weather wear now enough of 200g, but if it is to work outdoors or in relatively cold, then select 300g perfectly adequate, leggings fit 300g 0-10 deg.] C temperature wear.

Shuiguang pants biggest feature is that the upper body is more natural color of its skin color models and also close to most girls of color, like to put on after the opening leg of the “beauty dermabrasion” feature, seen from afar is the “star leg “I can not see the pores close look, it is a fine compact and shiny.

The leggings in velvet is used in baby cashmere, feels smooth, very comfortable to wear on the body, but also a good wash.


Of course, below 0 ℃ can wear leggings also arranged together on, 350g of 2088 leggings make you feel a deep sense of warmth in the cold winter. Although it is very thick, Shoufutitun are alone, and uses a nylon mask material, is used in velvet mink velvet, feels very smooth, feedback is also very good.

Both leggings warm and very good, the plant from material selection to production, to packaging are strictly controlled, the price is still a reader’s feedback “cabbage price”, no more than 50 yuan / article.

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