Near Shanghai Disney, there is an ancient city wall, don’t don’t have a lot of tourists who know the ancient ancient.

The ancients: “Take copper, can be authentic; with ancient times, you can know how fast; History as a mirror, you can know the prosperity of life in history; use others to make your own mirror, you can know your own gains every day. History is like a mirror, when you face up and face it, in addition to understanding the prosperity of the history, you can also get the objective law of many things.

Due to history is an abstract concept, it can’t see it, it is difficult to understand. However, it is also a variety of ways to understand history. You can also visit the city’s museums through flipping related historical materials and literature. However, in addition, there is a channel that is more grounded, or can make you see, and you can understand the channels of history. That is to go to the local ancient town, the ancient village, through these ancient towns, the development of ancient villages, and discovery and perceive the past historical vicissitudes in this city.


Especially for Shanghai’s bustling international metropolis, whenever they are mentioned, or those tourism impansions related to it, most of these friends will think of Shanghai Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Disneyland, etc. Although said, Shanghai Disneyland is a very modern entertainment venue and cultural symbol. However, near the Shanghai Disneyland, there are also some places full of antique and ancient gust. Among them, in Shanghai Disneyland, an ancient city wall is hidden. It is still standing there after the development of history vicissitudes, it can really be said to be a living in Shanghai, can see, see the history.

And, this place should not be tickets, free to open. It is located near the Shanghai Disneyland, built along the river, and knows the tourists! Maybe a curious friend will ask, where is this place where is Shanghai? What is the different scenery there? With these questions and curiosity, I will talk with everyone today, and those things about Shanghai Chuansha Ancient Town. First of all, everyone now see these ancient city wall sites are part of the town of Sacha Embushes in Shanghai. Since Shanghai Chuansha Ancient Town is unlike a well-known ancient town, such as the Tang Guzhen, Qibao Old Street, Fengjing Ancient Town, New Prefecture Ancient Town, etc., has very high popularity and popularity. Therefore, in addition to knowing that there is not much more tourists, there are still some business atmospheres.


Second, Shanghai Chuansha Ancient Town is called eight groups. Also, it is the same as many towns in Pudong. In the Ming Dynasty, the annual end of the year was called “Binhai Giant Town”. In the 36th year of Jiajing (1557), in Songjiang Hainan, there was a sponsorship of Luzhou and Shanghai Kewami, and the imperial court was built in Chuanshaco, and the city wall was also constructed in the city wall, so there was Sichuan Sha City. With the development of history, those who have ever have been away from us. However, when you come to Shanghai, enter into Chuan Sha An Town, you can also discover an ancient city wall site, and the ancient fortune standing in history.


The specific location of Shanghai Chuansha Ancient Town is in Chuansha Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, which belongs to the ancient town of Shanghai History and Culture. Not only that, but also known as the roots of East China, Pudong. Shanghai Chuansha Ancient Town mainly surrounded the old streets composed of Nanshi Street, North Street, Zhongshi Street, etc. around the moat. In Shanghai, Sichuan Town, there are many historical human attractions, such as Huang Yanpei, Song family residential, Chuansha Centro, Chuansha Ancient City Wall, Shanghai Opera Township, etc.


Although said in Shanghai, Sawa Ancient Town, Shanghai, is located in Shanghai, which is not far from Disneyland, Shanghai. However, it did not develop and commercialize because of the unique geographical advantages. Plus, here is not popular with Shanghai’s popular tourist attractions. Therefore, here is free to visit, enjoy and feel the beauty of the ancient and ancient gust of the ancient trees in Shanghai, Sichuan, and can also avoid crowded people, quietly enjoy you and these can be seen, touch Taking, the email dialogue between life.


Finally, in the town of Sawa, Shanghai, in addition to a traditional Chinese building with a lot of antique and ancient gyzymlands. There is also a building full of Western style and aesthetic buildings. Everyone now seeing this building is the product that is perfectly fused between Western culture. And this place, its name is Chuansha Chano Church. Chuansha Chan Centel is one of the historic humanistic nations of Shanghai, Sichuan, Shanghai, is also coming to visit here, it is very suitable for taking a good place to tap. Especially for friends and friends living in Shanghai and surrounding cities, if they want to take their weekends or other idle time, go out to play, enjoy and feel the beauty of Shanghai’s city. Still, what is interested in this ancient city wall near Shanghai Disneyland. Located near the Shanghai Disneyland, the town of Chuansha, is really a good place and is worth going to visit.

Going to Shanghai Chuansha Ancient Town free visit to play, transportation is also very convenient. You can choose or transfer to Shanghai Metro Line 2 Chuansha Station (3 out), in the Sichuan South Lu’an Road Station, transfer to Pudong 24 Road, get off at Xinchuan Luchuan Huang Road Station, then follow the scenic spot sign Or the mobile phone navigation direction walk to the town of Sagawa. If you are interested in this place, you can collect it first. Waiting for time, then start again. With her (he), or friends and family, embrace and feel it, and the different visual feasts and movements bring to everyone in the Town of Sichuan, Shanghai.


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