Policies continue to increase, digital currency concept stocks do not lose, five main line layout

On Friday, the digital currency concept stocks rose sharply, as of the paper, advanced number, Quad-fiji 20% daily limit, Waishi information, Yin Yin shares, Hengbao shares, Chu Tianlong and other large shares.

On February 11, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government Office issued three lists of “Policy List on Promoting the High Quality Development of Beijing City”. It is pointed out that the support policies of the pilot pilot of the People’s Bank will be issued to promote the statutory digital currency pilot of urban deputy center. Building a statutory digital currency test area and a digital financial system, actively attracting large banks, etc., etc.

In addition, the Chinese People’s Bank and other four departments have issued the “Financial Standardization” 14th “Development Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “planning”), which mentioned that the development of statutory digital currency standards; comprehensive consideration, security, trusted infrastructure, issue System and storage system, registration center, payment transaction communication module, terminal application, etc., explore and establish a standard for improving statutory digital currency infrastructure standards.

From the promotion situation, the number of digital renminbi applications continued to expand. Zou Yu, the Director of the Central Bank Financial Market, introduced that as of December 31, 2021, the digital RMB pilot scene has exceeded 80.851 million, and the total wallet was 261 million, and the transaction amount was 87.565 billion yuan.


Anxin Securities Council reported that the standard development is expected to speed up, lay the foundation for large-scale promotion. “Plan” is introduced, and new requirements have been made to the standard development of digital RMB. The standard development is an important part of the industrial development. The unified digital RMB infrastructure, issuance of circulation flows, terminal acceptance environments, etc., will become a prerequisite for digital RMB large-scale promotion. The standard unity will lay a solid foundation for the deepening of the future digital RMB application scenarios.

The development report pointed out that the digital RMB industry chain mainly includes five types of companies, it is recommended to pay attention to the investment opportunities of relevant listed companies:

(1) Financial equipment enterprises: radio and television transport, new mainland, new country, Gu Yu Technology

(2) Bank IT Enterprise: Shenzhou Information, Changning Technology, Yuxin Technology, Boai Software, Beijing;

(3) Payment institutions: Lakara;

(4) Encryption algorithm Enterprise: Digital certification, Gol Software, Xin’an Century

(5) Application Scene Enterprise: Zhengyuan Wisdom, New Cape.


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