How does the mall buy obsidian? Teach everyone some tips, easily distinguish

Hello everyone, I am a wooden trick, there is a lot of common obsidian in our lives. Obsidian is a common black gem to naturally formed silica, generally black. The obsidian has the characteristics of the glass, and the cross section is broken, and it is very sharp. Obsidian is also the existence of beads and crafts. Now there is an eight guards, and I will intend to protect people peacefully. Obsidian is a natural glass formed from the magma flowing from the volcanic lava. Frequently in the mall is that ordinary obsidian, golden stone with ice obsidian. What is the normal consumer to distinguish? Go to buy?

First come to the science of obsidian. Obsidian has the largest production, but the market value is the lowest, so the price is generally low, even if it is a rare ice, obsidian is not very expensive. There are also bad merchants to serve in dyeing glass, and the market is generally used in the market to make various ornaments or deco parts for wear and resettlement. How do we identify these articles? Buy your price with low price is good obsidian?


The obsidian has the characteristics of the glass. It is very sharp, and it is difficult to identify, and then the price is low, it is also playing with fun, rarely to consider the true and false. Several simple ways to look at the beads in the light of ordinary or ice-ranging obsidians, but there is no other reflective, if there is any other color, you need more attention, there may be a problem. If the pendant is transmitted through light, the light is a little yellow ink. It is very difficult to see the body, and obsidian is generally glass imitation, open strong light, to observe whether there is air bubble and stirring. Ice, obsidian, there will be a little impurity or small bubbles, but it is almost invisible.

The above three pictures are Xiaobian’s own things, the first one is ordinary obsidian, the second is the three money unicorn to show the golden pendant, the third is the black custom-free stone, let everyone enjoy.

1, Jinli often is often considered to be resistant to and absorb negative energy, and the effect of bodyguards. There is also a characteristic of Jinli, which is to make a fortune, black evil spirits, can solve negative energy, and the golden eyes are the effect of lucky fortune. It can make people have steadily, soothing, heart flat, eliminating emotional troubles, and strengthening power, enhances leadership charm, and mind.


2, the same kind of black and ordinary obsidian, more high energy, is the best jewelry that is evil spirits, wearing ice of ice, blackfish, is the best amulet, evil spirits, wearing ice-ranging obsidian pendant can prevent small people . Ice, obsidian, can also improve bad bad diseases in human body, have a good improvement in alcohol, smoking, drug addiction, can strengthen the kidneys, absorb the disease, and improve sleep.


3, the obsidian is now selling, the obsidian beads plus golden, and the people who like to gave girls in the festival can, evil spirits, luck, and safe.

4, obsidian is now carved into eight major guards (corresponding to 12 zodiac arrangements) to bless safety. If you have these boyfriends or husband, you can buy a try. The price is basically a few hundred, the price is not expensive.


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