The most ugly clothes in the Shanghai girl wardrobe, I wore you today.

Today I want to tell a relaxed topic:

Why is it in winter?

The street is full of pajamas.


Take a few steps to hit the shirt, and the purple red blue, cool pajamas.

Especially the first step in the workman returning home,

Remove the camouflage and unload makeup, the whole family pajamas parent-child installation, this is really home.

I made a small investigation in a circle of circles and wanted to understand the coverage of cotton pajamas.

Good guys, found from Henan, to Guangdong, and workers returned to the pavilion.

Even the Shanghai girl standing on the top of the perspective is also escaped.

Think carefully, there is no one in a dress with such a deadly attractive.

Whether you usually fall dark and spicy girl, or urban beauty wind, as long as you go back to the south, I am sorry,

Full change uniform wear:

Decan wind.

Of course, the tide man also fled.

The winter unknown mystery of the northern human eye TOP 1,

It is the mystery of the pajamas seal after returning home.


Others are hipster, what do you have cotton trousers?

Others are exquisite to see the snow, why do you still show sleeping pants?

I know, many bystanders say a bit “I don’t usually”, just like the wire rod, it is good.

But I advise you that this sentence must don’t be spent on the south, or else you will be a sentence:

“What do you know?”


Pajamas is the green code of the South.

I put on pajamas, you have returned to our hometown.

Pajamas is permanent in the winter of the South.


I can’t get down.


Inside the autumn clothes, autumn trousers may change, but this winter shirt outside will definitely wear it into a slurry.

Let people love the first point:


To be honest, the southern wet winter, you will take the Canadian Goose


(Canadian down jacket brand)

They are not willing to exchange them on the southerners.




The down jacket is cold, and it is frozen.

You want you to be cold like a hill, like a man, and you don’t want to touch it.

Still furry cotton bedding is proper.


Furthermore, the down jacket is more difficult to wait.

It’s going to dry the dirt, you have to go to dry cleaning, wash twice, and you will set a new set of cotton tetles.

So, the South is winter, down jacket:


Next, I have to introduce the winter artifact that the South is selected by the Southern people:

Coat cotton pajamas.

How many cows?

First look at this picture first:

Put it, cold air outside, no heat is hot,

You are a burning small stove.

It also has selected standards:


The sandworm is lower than the average;


No velvet;

The reform of the flowering lotus is even more.


You have to make a one, don’t you get rid of your heart? !

Amway is a practical information, selling the most fire, is a cotton mother.

Commonly known as the moon.

It is best to dress with the thick version of cotton socks in the south.

It’s strict in all body, never exposes a piece of skin.

Absolutely let you be surrounded by a copper wall, like a copper wall.

Even if it is cold in winter, the cold wind is seamless.


Also there has never been a piece of clothes that can have such strong penetration.

I used to see that Guangdong people wear slippers, like welding on the foot. There is a shadow of the Subway, a restaurant, and the shopping mall.

Oh, the pajamas of the South is also.


Riding electric vehicle travel.

Kaleshae wear.

Participate in the wedding wear.


The court is also wearing.

People are not equipped. The penetration rate is extremely high.

More even, any occasion, even if it is a small amount of consumption, my pajamas is also affected.

Buy coffee.


(Cafe within one kilometer, never take off the cotton pajamas)

Watching a movie. If a foreigner came, it would even suspect that this is not a pajamas that.

What’s more interesting is that blind date is also wearing.

I have a friend.



Changsha people were arranged at home.

The two meet the café near her home, she went to pajamas.


As a result, the other party was a Beijing boy, and his face was shocked. After half a day, he sent a sentence:

“I heard that the South people love to wear this cute pajamas in winter.

Sure enough! “


Northerners often have a little strange, but here I have to say,

A South people express the most intimate friendship in a northerners,


It is a set of winter cotton pajamas.


There is a friend inner Mongolia, go to Nanjing for the first year, the South Room Friends sent a well-wrapped birthday gift.

Cotton avathed.


“The moment is shocked,


But the later winter didn’t take off again! “

I remember that Shen Mengchen took Northeast boyfriend Du Haitao back to the old family,


When she arrived, she arranged a cotton pajamas.

Don’t underestimate its magic.


This cotton pajamas,

It is the identification sign of the South, which is your hometown pass.


It is the green code of the foreign son-in-law. It is a relative.

Previously had a fashion magazine to describe the autumn pants on the legs of the young legs.

“A happiness of happiness.”

Here I want to use to describe the cotton pajamas on the southerners.


“A happiness logo.”


Whether you return home from a foreign land or you come from a foreign land,

Put it,

You are integrated here, you are also accepting it here.

Of course, this pajamas also has its wear field.


Only in the range of home.




Said, all in the whole winter can be separated,

But only at home.

It is a resolute advocator of pajamas in winter.

You may not know, she is very paying attention to wearing, before the assistant of the chairman, from the shoes to the bag, represent the boss’s face.

Be careful, it is necessary to exquisite.

Now she resigns, “I am hungry at home”, put on pajamas, Panasonic.

I remembered that there was a new news that controversy, a city in Anhui, prohibited people from going to pajamas on the street.


For a time, support and opposition.

This dress is the taste of home.


@ 阿 珍

The aquencing pre-answer has not been there, it is very frustrated.

She is home to the night before the evening.


In exchange pajamas, I ate a plate of mom to cook the dumplings, she feels that everything is not something.

This pajamas are not sold in high-end shopping malls, which is not mixed with vegetable market.

But it is practical and hot.

There is a southern friend saying that I will go home for the New Year, I want to send a circle, open the album, and I have no hair.


It is all in pajamas.

But if you look closely, these photos,

It must be relaxed and warm.

This piece of clothes you only have to worn out will continue to remind you:

Go home.

Set of pajamas, worry.

Writing: Deng Ji


Internship: DEALO

Edited: Ding Ding


Some material Source: @ 湘 报, @ 不 Smile, @ shine


Late praying:

“Shut up,

I like to wear warm and comfortable in the winter. “

Southern pajamas,

Welcome the people of the country to participate!





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