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Mr. Lin Wen said:, I think it is a cutest woman in Chinese literature.

Because she is guided, the female is extremely good, enough to raise a home. The family’s population whitelied “琵琶”, she can go back to the flow, self-study poetry has the “autumn invasive movie thin, frost-catching chrysanthemum fertilizer fertilizer”. She is really lively, and when she commented Li Du’s poetry, she is more like Li Du’s song, and her words: “Li Shi is like a grouse, there is a kind of falling flowers.” She Lan Xin, Elegant, Xiaave At the beginning of the beginning, the evening contained the flower, the morning is open, and the bail is bought with the small spower. It is placed in the heart. Take out the next morning, cook a bubble with rain, the lotus, the tea rhyme is long. Beautiful calmness is no longer sigh: “After the Qing Dynasty, he as a man, I came to the woman.”

Lu Xun also couldn’t help but praise:, although not as the new application, and before the teeth, I feel that it is China’s first beauty.

Qing Dynasty, Yunyuan – Shi Yuyu, also wrote a word for Shen Fu couples, Shen Fu is a bite of stone-shaped yuan, and Chen Wei has been fragrant.


Dongxian Song – Questional Sanbai Couple

Spring is a river, the river is like an arrow, and the fairy source is not far away.


Ask Liu Gang Jia, temporarily, the dust, you can have, a few months of Minghua.


More than the shoulders have been embarrassed, Cui Lang, I like the old way.

No water agarwood, 100 kinds of Fanghua, early smoking, really active.

If the ring, Shanshan night is deep? It is only a shackle, I saw it.

Shen Fu and the lady’s piano harmonious, deep love, put the planetous days of the firefish oil salt, have become the beautiful embarrassment of the wind and snowy moon: “If you are a child, you don’t want to marry”, there is a bowl of warm porridge Tabs and sadness; drinking lotus tea together; burned incense; together inserted together; a chapter together; a taste of the halocea; there is a woman in a male to enjoy the water fairy temple; there is a boating Taihu Mountain The light color is shower and off … Two people of Qingmeizhu horse, interest hobby highly fit, flat small days, was performed so chic, then the rhyme is smooth, so harmonious and pleasant, really make people feel elegant! This is a little fortunate in the fine life, and it is dyed by a little pen, how dramatically!

However, who is a life, it is impossible to always be flowers, green blankets, and sudden wind and frost, snow, joys and joy! Shen Chen husband and wife have never escaped this fate.

Half of the smoke, half-life flowers!

Shen Fu and Chen Wei, in the artistic life of the fairy, there is only the first half of the poetry, and there is also a lack of water in the second half. Sinking in detail, talking, no matter whether the notepad is written, or the contradiction between the family, even the contradiction between the family, there is no hidden, the original presentation gives us.

Shen Chen, who had been issued by his family, twice, was driven out of the house. Maybe because Chen Wei cherishes this happy family, trying to be a filial daughter-in-law, so even if the in-law is wrong, it will not discern it. After two years, Shen Fu’s father knows the truth of the matter, misunderstanding the big children and daughter-in-law, so I personally go to my son’s daughter’s family, and I will give it home. The second time is because Chen Wei Shen Yu is in the bed, the people of her family hate her to call the rose soup; to visit her friend Shan Hua, and have been mistaken by her father. And the indulgence of indulgence, and he fell a personal financial situation because of the guarantee … so, under the anger, his father put out the parents, and their couple had speed speed and life in the three days. .

Sadly, Shen Fu is a flower of a greenhouse, with a big family, the economy is not independent, and it is not possible to survive, and a sick wife, and the daughter Qing Jun is very sensible, and the cold is frozen, the child is only one piece Thin clothes, but it is hard to say cold. Especially the son, the mother of the mother, the mother is very fragrant, but suddenly woke up, crying, the child’s cry is being a word, this night is actually his and his mother.

Whenever I read this, I am always Naha Har, why is it so soft, my parents’ words and deeds, are it correct? Why don’t you just defend, don’t clarify, it’s fool filial piety! What is most hated is that his brother is in Qutang, and he is framed Chen Wei, bullying his brother’s weakness. Even the father who died of his father, nor did you notify the pro. Fear of my brother, fight for home production. This time, Shen Fu finally dismantled the insider’s insider, and suddenly angered him: “The brother is not Xiao, did not have evil, if there is a smile, never succumb, this time, this is returning, my child The way, 争 争 故 故 耶 大 丈 贵 贵 贵 贵 贵 贵 贵 自 自 自 自 贵 贵 贵 自 去 去 自 一 一 身 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一”

This is true, it’s a lifting, a needle, the tang is right! But after the gone, there was no below, and I left home, regardless of the children. Later, I had to have, my daughter did a child-child child. Poor Huan Sen, who died during his mother, grandfather died, the father left the home, followed her uncle to live, soon died. Shen Yuen, just crying, crying, sighing, you can live, you don’t believe in tears. Why don’t you ask, a child who is lively and healthy, how to say it is not.

Missing your misfortune, angry, no fight!

Making people, too sweet, is a disaster!

Chen Wei’s kindness, but was misunderstood by his in-law; Shen Fu’s kindness, helping the brother’s greed. Shen Chen couple, it can be described as “changing the case, love,” There is an old saying in China; “The love of the parents is deep.” Shen Chen said if he looks at a stable warm home, and there is no such ability, there is no such ability. Relying on the big family, they will not anger the feudal and courtesy of the father, and those such as the garden; will not be guaranteed for the family, and they are forced by the chairman. The younger brother played a conspiracy, death does not admit, still Full of a lot of things, but I don’t explain it clearly to my father, so that my father is gap.


The real estate left by the father, as many as three or four thousand two silver, Shen Fu doctrinical, arched, let the brother who gave the poison. With this money, the wife’s mother will not be poorly caused, and you can give the daughter’s Qingjun a wonderful marriage, not to fall to the child’s nourish, and the son is getting healthy and happy.

Imagine that in the past, the father of his wife was killed, his son was late, and he had no confirmation, and it was not enough. In the face of a lonely lamp, it is no relative, and both hands have empty boxes, and the liver is desired. This hate, what is going on!

“It’s like a spring dream,” “To commemorate people and things in life, especially for the unlimited nature of the mother, 46 years old, informative, so, so, the literature” floating six remembers ” come out.

“Lifferent” is like a pure and beautiful crystal, I saw Ming Ying, I didn’t see the color of Ming Ying; I saw it fine, I didn’t see the material. In this crystal, there is a feeling of love, and there is also a clear twist; there is a simple and fine, and there is sweet and bitter, warm and sad, and love hate …

Real, really, true. It is itself a power of literature. Since the 200 years of smoke, the words and sweetness, the words and sorrows, always let people move the movement, if they think, if they feel, like the beautiful flowers on the wilderness, fragrance, beautiful, and beautiful, Crystal clear release …

About the author: Sun Hongxia, female, people in Pingyuan County, Shandong Province. Middle school teachers, master’s degree. Texas City is a Association, and a member of Shandong Provincial Prose. Educational papers, with pencil writing, all the first prize. Multiple counseling students have won the first prize of national, provincial and county levels. Many poems published in the “Writers Platform” “Literature Frontline” and other network platforms, and the city newspaper party magazine such as Texas Daily, Texas Evening News, Langfang Metropolis Daily, Langfang Daily and other newspapers. With natural ophthalmology, describe naturally, with elegance of love. A work has been published in recent years.

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