Why is Koreans like stainless steel chopsticks?

No country is like Korea as a stainless steel tableware.

Whether it is watching Korean drama or eating Korean, we will find that in Korean dining table, cold bowl, soup rice bowl, huge mix rice spoon, etc., all are cold stainless steel.

Compared to a warm porcelain tableware or fresh wooden tableware,

Stainless steel

Tableware is like a killer who has no emotion, and it is eaten from food.

Superimposed is this painting

Throughout all stainless steel tableware,

NO.1 is common, and it is also a flat chopstick that we are taking us from time to time.

“Every time I go to eat a spring chicken pot, I have to endure the sinking chopsticks. If I accidentally get rid of it, I still have a pain.”

“The flat chopsticks are really panicked in their hands, especially when they come over, the hand often has the feeling of pressing the back.”


“Put the metal tableware in your mouth, there is a little psychological barrier, there will be a kind of acid and spicy chemical taste. Tooth will also take a look.”

However, not us with this kind of chopsticks,

Sometimes Koreans are not so skilled by themselves.

In this month, the Great Korean drama “Durna Hotel”, Iu played, the gathering of the female master full moon, and various stainless steel tablets were also eye-catching.

I feel that this chopstick is more than the bun.


This “pearl rice cake soup” is too warm.

Wen Yu always feels that it should be equipped with porcelain bowls.

There are also fans to go to the bun shop, this episode of the restaurant, the restaurant is in real place, and it is a big collection of pure metal tableware.



However, if you think that this metal wind tool is the mainstream of South Korea, it can be wrong. In fact, based on the original production materials and technical levels, South Korea is in a very long history of history, in addition to the nobles, porcelain or alloy tableware, the people are also wooden tableware.


Today, we are familiar with the above style, it is gradually popular in the last century.


First of all, the core reason is due to resource considerations.

At the beginning of the 20th century, South Korea had had more than 30 years. In order to avoid that the national steel resources have been taken by the Japanese, the trend of the common people will gradually open the metal to make daily tableware products.

Later, I got 1960s. At that time, South Korea was in an extremely poor period, and even now, it is now a lot of kimchi. It is also a large number of people to eat, and I have to save money in life.


A Korean drama called “Boss”

Reflected is the difficulty and hardship of the 1960s Korean society.

So, more wear-resistant stainless steel tableware is popular, they have extended several times more than the life of wooden bowls, and they have reduced challenges to the people’s consumption and national wood reserves.

Moreover, the government faces a severe food shortage problem, and later, the stainless steel bowl size produced by the market is only “10.5 cm, high height of 6 cm”, and the meal is still full, to leave 1/5 of the bowl. Space .

Then, it is related to food.

Foods that Koreans often eat are more suitable for food for food chopsticks such as pickles and barbecue.

For the former, stainless steel chopsticks are not easy to stay, moldy or dyeing, and the flat head is more suitable for laminated, pickled purple leaves, these shape flat food.

For the latter, stainless steel chopsticks will not stick to the barbecue as wooden chopsticks.


There is also a cylindrical cake, Korean love.


It is really difficult to clamping with a round chopstick.

There is also a reason for dining habits.

In the Korean drama, we can see that in the traditional Korean family, a family is surrounded by a small table surrounded by a meal. Chopsticks often placed on the tray on the tray on the table, the flat head and heavy stainless steel chopsticks will not roll to the roll.

However, if you know more about South Korea, you will find it in many restaurants and families.


Stainless steel chopsticks is not the only option, and even one of the options is not one.


Compared to dozens of dozens of dozens,

Stainless steel cutlery is a disclosure of which is based on its selection after adducting the dishes and dishes in aesthetics and function.

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