Han Bunch “Borrow” Wu Yifan hot search, these 6 big cards replace skin care products, it is the light of China

After the “Wu Yifan incident” was exposed, the brands of each endorsement have issued information about cooperation with their cooperation.



The first brand with Wu Yifan is the brand of cosmetics brands.


Many netizens are a little bit, and they are worthy of national light.

Subsequently, a large number of netizens flooded into the brand live broadcast, and the popular line soared, and multiple items were also grabbed.

Speaking of Han Board, although the representative of new domestic products, it has been in a state of not temperature.


This counteor has become the light of China, although there is a feeling of “Dongfeng”, but Han Board’s product is really good, 6 pieces of Shenxian big name replace skin care products, highly recommended!

01, whitening two curved film

Han Shujia’s mask has been very good, especially the “whitening curved film” recommended by Viria.

From the perspective of ingredients, join

Niamine, biochemical acid



, Three recognized whitening capabilities are very good, can play

White, spotted

Effect. Match



Red non-alcohol





Yeast extract, anti-sugar antioxidation


Han Board’s signature ingredient Izu hot springs

Well enough

Reduce photocondition




It is also very simple to use.

First apply the essence to apply a mask

Essence can be partially coated or full face.

Facial mask

Membrane cloth is thin, soft

It is very obedient to use it very much, and there will not be a situation in the skin. In addition to whitening,

Make up, brighten your skin, go yellow


Overtime to stay up late

02, Jin Jigang Mask

The King Kong Mesh Mask is an iron man mask.

Honeycomb double film technology


High purity gold foil, myogreide, ceramide

Ingredients, good

Antioxidant effect

The essence is much more, the lash is good, the price is affordable, you can use it for daily hydration.


It is worth mentioning that this mask is adopted.


Double film design

Golden outer membrane

Blocking essence volatilization, face special


Carbon black inner film

It is not easy to deformed, it is not easy to fall off, and the mask will not fall when taking a shower. In addition to the basic hydrating function,


Improve face fine lines, tighten skin

03, odd muscle essence

Skills is the first choice for Han Bunch Essence products

It can be understood as the essence of the two curved film, containing

Niamine, biopsy acid, 377 and dimensions

, Whitening effect is very good, and also has

Moisturizing, anti-oxidation

The only thing is not enough, it is also added.


After the face, there will be the effect of the mood,

It is not suitable for the skin that is easy to grow acne.

04, amino acid washing face

Han Board’s amino acid washing milk can be said to be “good quality and low price”, very practical.


15 amino acid ingredients

In the cleaning force, the cleansing is gentle and gentle, and the addition is added.

“Patented Sputum Component Tiracle”

The ingredients of the high-altitude red adhesive vesicles are very similar.

Guaranteed Subsequent skin care products better absorption.

05, polytex


The positioning of the gathering time is very clear, the main audience is “mother powder”, the main resistance.

The overall formula is mainly,

2 mile yeast, thermophilicin


Yeast extract

Has good anti-aging, antioxidant effect,

Suitable for dry skin

The essence of the essence is added.

Real gold

But actually

Look good

In order to prevent gold powder from sinking, a large number of


Not only don’t help your skin, but instead

It causes the face effect very viscous

Subsequent, it is prone to obsession when using other skin care products.

06, red pomegranate series

At that time in 15 or 16, several domestic goods opened the “color war”, and Han Board also launched the “Red Pomegranate Series”.

Pomegranate extract

Good antioxidant effect, can help whitening; but in the suit


Cleansing is a soap group,


It is not as mild as amino acid,

Oil skin can be started, and the dry mission is not recommended.

The latest formula of water has canceled preservatives, but this

Toner is added to the yellow original gum and Kapom, and it is very sticky.

Intellectual Science:

Why do you add a thickener everywhere?

(In many consumers, especially the mother’s eyes, think that sticky things are more like essence, and the skin care effect is better, so Han Board also continues this comparison formula concept.)

In the face of the successful brother Leafya, the Han Board is also rapidly rising, and she has become a mainstream from the beginning of the original component party, and now the “light” of the country. “

So three views of domestic brands, how can you not love?

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