Run five rushing six women cotton clothes, don’t quite flowers, trade! Preparation of these 3 colors, elegant and low-key

I don’t know if you have found it, many old women wear clothes like big red greenery, especially like all kinds of colors, say “more simple and advanced”, dress up this piece, or suggest that simple and generous, Especially the female who rushes five goals.


Winter cotton clothes are a good warm single product, cotton clothes are not too fashionable, this time is really uncomfortable, the following three colors are very good, low-key highlight temperament.


First, black cotton clothes match

• Black cotton clothing + plaid trousers

In the winter, if you do this in this common style black cotton clothing, it is not too monotonous, and the upper body is equipped with a large-earthquat trousers of the retro style, enriches the visual effects and fashion charm of the shape, and highlights the lazy precision. .

• Black cotton clothes + khaki long skirt

As an elegant and fashionable woman, there is certainly less advanced and temperament dress matching. This short style cotton clothing and high waist skirts are completely low, even if the child is relatively small, can also bold try. The combination of black and khaki is atmospheric and dyed, wearing a known high-level taste.

• Black spot cotton clothing + black feet pants

This set of matches is biased in the style of personalities, especially in short-haired girls, more crazy, add a large amount of irregular white spots to the cotton clothes, and visually decreased Single tone, plus hood design, highlighting casual feelings. The lower body is equipped with black feet and white high-top canvas shoes, and the whole person is full of vitality and looks very young.

• Black cotton clothes + gray wide legs / green satin half skirt

These two black cotton clothes are relatively light types, we will not be so round, so the lower body is equipped with loose skirts or pants, which will not appear bloated. Gray wide-legs can show the strength and exquisiteness of the leg, the style is outstanding, and the super temperament after wearing the body.

Second, the big land color cotton clothing

• Camel cotton clothes + rice white high collar sweater

After this exquisite light color is matched, it highlights the unique precision, mature women especially like this type of matching, the lower body is equipped with the colored knit trousers, and pursues low-profile feelings in a steady and comfortable style. Form an elegant and temperament.


• Camel fur collar cotton clothes + gray jeans

The camel cotton clothes in the big fur collar are biased in the neutral style. It is a warm and atmospheric type. Whether it is a man or a lady can be used as a match, the lower body is equipped with a light-colored gray trousers, which shows the style of temperament. , With black Martin boots on your feet, domineering.


• Brown cotton + black pants

This brown cotton suit that biased to easily and comfortably used soft colors in women, highlighting the retro atmosphere, and the lower body is equipped with dark pants. It is easier to be thin, and the whole is mixed with both winter. Will not be too tight.

• Brown cotton clothes + brown skirt

The matching method of the same color is more common in winter, and the high waist is highlighting the superiority of the upper and lower body proportions, while combining green silk towels, it is easier to show exquisite and formal feelings.


Third, gray cotton clothing


• Gray fur collar cotton clothes + black feet pants

This simple looks of gray-black matching is often used in cotton clothes and troupers. The color is relatively simple, especially for the cold bleak autumn and winter season, two neutral style colors superimposed together, full of official feelings of workplace style .

• Light gray cotton + gray knitted half dress

This light gray cotton jacket is relatively slid, the lower body is equipped with straight-style knitted half skirts completely unsusol, and the simple match is full of exquisite, white wool caps and small white shoes are representatives of leisure style, It shows a relaxation of everyday wear.


• Gray cotton clothes + white nine pants


The long-term type cotton clothing is equipped with a white nine pants, practiced, using the way to wear cotton clothes, reducing the bloated and thickness of the solid color cotton clothing, which looks more refreshing.

People to middle age, don’t worry too much, try classic and obvious cotton clothes, simple order can also be trendy.

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