It’s all being a brand! Wholesalers like toilet shampoo brands (second bomb)

I have sent 10 shampoo frequent online. Today, I will continue to see those shampoo suitable for online, no matter from the use, it is a profit.

Qingyang Men Shampoo

Specifications: 500g * 2 + 100g


Daily price: 70 yuan

Adding goods: 56.9 yuan

Profit rate: 19 yuan

It is the shampoo brand of Unionea, and their home is mainly for men, well-known

The online is also specially popular. I often sell online.

56.9 yuan price, basically a weekly opportunity

When the big activities, the discount is very strong, I will also have a lot, equipped with 35.9 / set, this profit is very high.

2. Hui Run soft green wild aromatic care suit

Specifications: Take 600ml + Conditioner 600ml

Daily price: 99 yuan

Adding goods: 50 yuan

Profit rate: 49%


Hui Run, is the brand of Shiseido, established in 2010, their shampoo is also specially popular, and there are many shops underline.

There are many kinds of aroma, the price is basically the same.

Order 25 yuan / bottle, there are many c shops online, the price is 35-39 / bottle, or very good.

25 yuan / bottle, there is basically more than 10 opportunities for more than 10 times, most of which need to buy multiple pieces, wholesale is quite suitable.

For me, the favorite is to buy multiple pieces at a speed, the more better.

3. Sea flying silk silk silky wash water washing

Specifications: 1600ml

Adding goods: 84 yuan

Profit rate: 15%

Haishi, the mid-end brand under P & G, this is particularly popular

This is 2 bottles of 700ml + 200ml supplement

The preferential strength is not large, but the product is very popular, with an average of 1 month purchase opportunity, usually take 2 pieces, and it is also good.

4. Bee peanut ginger beer shampoo


Specifications: 500ml

Daily price: 31.9 yuan

Adding goods: 21 yuan

Profit rate: 34%

Bee flower, 34 years old domestic brand, their conditioner reputation word of mouth is very good

This shampoo is a hore flower, a more special

During the daily price of 21 yuan, you need 11 pieces, suitable for wholesale

15.7 yuan / bottle, 5-6 opportunities for a year

5. Selsun refreshing oil control

Specifications: 200ml * 4 bottles

Daily price: 190 yuan

Adding goods: 99.9 yuan

Profit rate: 47%

Selsun is a famous Australian chipbling washed water and has been launched for 25 years. Brand for the famous international group Sanofi (one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in the world)

Green model is soothing to dandruff, the dandruff is second only to yellow

Order 25 / Bottles, there is this offer in the last 2 weeks

Other stores daily price at 35-44 yuan

6. Nourishing source no silicone oil cherry blossom fragrance fragrant shampoo

Specifications: 400ml

Daily price: 49 yuan


Import price: 15.9 yuan

Profit rate: 68%

Nourishing the source, domestic master-free silicone washing, but also better selling

Buy 4 bottles, equipped with 16 / bottle, an average of one month, one month

Buy 2 bottles, round 19 / bottle, have a handful opportunity every week

Different shops are between 31-39 daily

7. Hua Wang Jie net care oil oil to the precaution, itch, washing water

Specifications: 750ml

Import price: 18.7 yuan

Profit rate: 73%

Flower king, famous Japanese daily necessities brand. Founded in 1887, Huangli Co., Ltd. is more popular in China.


Buy 5 bottles, equivalently 18.7 / bottle, annex, one month, one purchase opportunity

Buy 1 bottle, equivore 28.4 / bottle, have a chance

Other stores are sold everyday between 30-36

8. Dofffin, daily repair, sesame, washing water set

Specifications: 700g + 480g + 100g * 2

Adding goods: 36.9 yuan

Dove’s more than 50 years of history in the beauty industry is a world-famous brand, one of the most valuable brands of Unilever.


Buy 3 bottles, equip 30 / set, there is a chance to pick up

Buy 1 bottle, equivalents 36.9 / set, have a hand chance every week

Other stores are currently 40 yuan.

9. Branch folded overlord, strengthen the living ginger washing

Specifications: 380g

Adding goods: 8.9 yuan

Profit rate: 87%

Branches are far-crossed, it is the brand of overlord, the price is cheap

Buy 3 bottles, equivale to 8.9 / set, everyday you can pick up


The daily price of other stores is around 20 yuan.

10. Overlord Shouwu Solidarity Shading


Specifications: 600g

Daily price: 39 yuan

Adding goods: 25 yuan


Profit rate: 36%

The legendary “Chinese medicine family”, the famous arrogance is still very big

Buy 2 bottles, equip 23 / set, have a chance every week

Buy 1 bottle, equivalency 25 / set, every week has a chance

Other stores are now available in about 39 yuan.


This 10 wash is also the brand of my daily love. It is also a well-known brand. There are still many brands of shampoo. It can also be a good price. The purchase price is the price of the hand when the daily offer.

Daily price: 70 yuan


Daily price: 70 yuan

Daily price: 70 yuan

Daily price: 99 yuan

Profit rate: 47%


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