Yubo also steals the design, Chanel pink evening gowns to become children’s clothing, the birth daughter is born for a week.

33 years old, the price of 300 million universe blogn, Italy Net red Chiara Ferragni recently produced secondary daughter Vittoria, has been urgent to make her daughter to do net red, but also published her own brand baby children’s series, let the daughter personally Made models, big sun from the package, mouth towel, headscarves and other products, ignore the outside world to question her, including the feelings of the daughter, and have to work in a life.


In addition to helping the mother taking the goods to sell a big blinking logo, the eyes of the eyes also found that the Pink Sweet Vittoria also wearing a pink black sidewalk, a pink Pink Pink member Jennie The sweater is similar to 90%. Is it the Chanel 2021 spring and summer women’s baby version?


In fact, this kind of children’s clothing, in fact, from the Chiara Ferragni personal brand baby series, but design and Chanel, so it is also Yubo, also has a copy of the aura, just under the baby’s clothing, this behavior is not so obvious.

The little baby is also very cute. For a week, it is already very lens, and it is born to be a net red material.


Chiara ferragni is long, the brain is more spiritual, and the newborn series is ready during pregnancy, ready to let the child born, it will be the king. The popularity of the first network of the universe, can transform the traffic into the benefits, this is the premise of all the fashion bloggers.


Vittoria blinking signs with headscarf from mother s brands Chiara ferragni.


If you have to stop your clothes, you will be a baby model, you are worthy of the smallest belt red in the world.

Chiara Ferragni’s newborn series of brand officials, has been exposed in Vittoria, of which this pink baby is even more eye-catching, suspected of inspiration comes from Chanel 2021 spring and summer series, not cross-border joint, no Chanel Chartered, so Yu Bo name is “reference” design, and the Chanel works into children’s clothing version.


I can only say this spring and summer, the pink knitted sweater will never be wrong! In the spring of gradually heat, the temperature difference in the morning and evening is still, a thin sweater can be warm, while Chanel this tripeshirt, with pink to create an extremely sweet posture, it divide the short version and long version, pockets and clothes There are black strokes, retro interesting, and brand iconic design.

It can be seen that although it is Yubo, the copyright consciousness is not perfect, and it will also turn the edge, and God does not know the ghost.


Chanel has never had good relationship with Yubo, and has not traced copyright power. According to Yubo, all the big-name collections should be deformed into children’s clothing and even pets, and then “pay tribute” is legally tapping the edge.

Yubo’s baby’s prices are not cheap, and it is 3,000 yuan.


Chanel does not pursue copyright, because Chiara ferragni’s belt capacity, can be met by her, prove that Yu Bo’s eyes is good, and another category, after all, after the birth, I received a big gift from major brands, each Sample is a limited edition, such as Dior new stroller, printed with Oblique printing with full luxury; Fendi classic stripes and giant bear dolls Tod’s, Superga also sent cute baby shoes.


The Chanel “misappropriated” into a baby shirt is also popular with the “Baby” into a baby shirt.


For example, the Korean Women’s Blackpink member Jennie, recently wearing a long version of the Chanel Spring and Summer Pink knitwear, with the lower body disappearance, showing a lazy sexy charm.

Star II Dynasty Lili Rutal is also wearing the same short pink knitted shirt, white lace vest, boarding the Russian version of “Elle” cover, this time, under the good friend and photographer Walker Bunting, Woman’s gesture interprets Chanel’s new dress, thin and pretty design show small waist, very french style.


Lili Rats is really bigger, the more the gods are more like mothers, compared with Jennie, Jennie, the woman, is also lined out, old.


Do you have any views of Yubo steal Chanel? Is there any opinion?

Chanel should also be with the universe’s first blogger?


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