Zhang Xiaoyu is really fashionable, wearing red long skirts, greatness, no loss, ladies, unlike 58-year-old people

Perhaps many sisters have tried a white, a black dress, but it is necessary to say a red. Many sisters will retreat to the three houses. If they are reasonable, the big red is too challenging, not only testing the body, but also picks up the individual temperament. In fact, I want to do the red dress is not difficult. Let’s talk about how to create a red look!

Zhang Xiaoyu is really fashionable, wearing red long skirts, weighing, weighing, unlunly, unloutable ladies, unlike 58 people, 58 years old have this temperament is really absolute! Let’s take a look at Xiaoyu’s shape, look at how she is a red shape!


Red style language


There are a lot of things in red, which is the color of life, representing vitality and enthusiasm, optimistic and broad. In many countries, red has other colors that cannot be replaced. In China, there is it on the national flag, there is it on the wedding, and there is a holiday. In Spain, the red is also the color on the national flag. There is it in the hands of the bullfighter, and there is it on the dance skirt of Flamingo. It is more inseparable from the woman’s wardrobe.

“One red” is bright and beautiful, the average person is difficult to control

Although the red eye is eye-catching, it is glamorous, and people can locate your existence, but very few people dare to challenge “one red” dress, the reason is that if the selection and inappropriate, the chance of turning the car is very high. The general people are difficult to control. So what kind of person can you tame this red? We look down.

“One red” red is suitable?


From the long time, “a red” is more suitable for the beautiful women of the five senses, compared to the five senses, and if they put this red, it is easy to be large. Red is flooded, not people wearing clothes, but turned into “clothes wearing people”, giving people a feeling that can’t support it. From the skin tone, the big red costume is the most colorful color, not suitable for the skin color dull sister, if you really want to try it, or suggest that your skin is not so translucent, you try to reduce the color saturation and brightness of the brightness, Wine red single product!


Zhang Xiaoyu’s red dressing skill

Skills [1] proper skin, large-scale red visual impact



When wearing a red shape, everyone must learn to use some tips to increase the charm of the entire shape. For example, this shape spent a careful machine in the chops, through the hollow design and the leg line, using the skin to ease the visual impact of the large-scale red visual impact, and also increased the woman’s charm. PS: When choosing a skinning method, everyone must follow the principle of banding, such as the fat, the lower body slim, you can try to short the red single product to highlight the long position.


Tips [2] The red single product of different colors of different materials is rich in hierarchy, avoiding a single


On the choice of red clothing, this model uses the color of the same color but different materials to combine the combination, so that through the comparison of different material differences, on the one hand, we enrich the level of red styling. On the other hand, it also breaks a monotonous and boring, giving shape and highlights.

Tips [3] bag, shoes to avoid gorgeous exaggeration

When building a red shape, you still need to pay attention to the choice of accessories. It is not appropriate to “too unified”, like a bag, the accessories such as the package should try to avoid the color of the color, recommend everyone Pick like this The shape of such a wild white is toned and the color of the whole shape. At the same time, the echo of the shoes and bags in color can also increase the integrity of the shape.

In addition, it is necessary to remind everyone that when choosing a red single product, it is not advisable to choose too complicated style, especially to avoid large-scale printing design, otherwise it will easily look rustic. Because the red itself is a very awake color, so if you add some attractive designs in the costume, it is easy to lose the shape of the shape, and even give people a feeling of the old earth!

Tips [4] three-dimensional makeup + big earrings, improve facial absorption

When building a red shape, makeup is also a place worth noting. Because a red styling is very beautiful, it is recommended that everyone has a three-dimensional makeup, and then match the onset of the ear, immediately enhance the face of the eye, so that the entire shape looks more Yan Zhao people.


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