“Grandma cotton clothes” fire! Stylish than lamb hair, better than knitwear

Everyone sees the words “grandmother”

Don’t withdraw first!

Is this a product of the older generation, how could it be hooked with young people?


Actually, fashion is a circle

. According to the changing and design changes in the times, it is now a favorite element of the fashion circle today.


If you have a bias for your grandmother’s cotton clothing,

Or I want to try this style

So today, this article must be collected. Not much to say, look down now.

The reason why the grandmother cotton clothing is due to its sewing mode, that is



Simply put, the laminated textile is stitched with a long needle, and the filler such as cotton swatch is fixed.

The fairy remembers the liner in the old cotton clothes? That is, this sewing process. I didn’t expect to have a good line

They have been popular!

Even we are well known

香 奶 包

This is also the case! So, do you still feel sedge?

(Daiyuan Network)

The scill process has been used as liner, so it will be relatively thin. It is due to so that it also brings advantage:


Let the original cotton clothes do not have that bloated.

So the grandmother cotton clothes have the warmth of the down jacket, and there is still


The characteristics of light and not fat.


The irrigation process is not just one, but also the feeling of different fabrics and colors.


✨ Most people: parallel seam

If it is a newcomer, or if you can’t control the fairy of the retro style, it is recommended to start from parallel round. And this is also

The most daily and don’t pick people.

✨ retro tide: rhombra fragment

The appearance of the rhizo itself is full of retro Feel. If it is a reinforcing style, you can choose a more rich brown system on the color.

✨ ✨ ✨ 的 时 感: 不 规

Compared to previous parallel and rhodes, irregular quilted lines are


“Not binding”

of. When the fairy wants to wear a new trick, you can pick it according to your own preference.

✨ Length should not be too long



Don’t try it easily, even if you are tall, you will also wear a feeling of bear.

✨ fabric avoids the bright skin

Bright skin will be easier than matte



It is easy to


a feeling of. Liya suggested that the fairy will start our grandmother cotton clothes, or start from matte style.

✨ ✨ 莫 系 百 人

I am comparable to the color

Recommended black and white gray or molandi color


These two are undoubtedly the best choice than fluorescence. And it is also suitable for most of the skin tones, and it is also very good.


✨ ✨ 服 + Pants

The preferred choice for small children is always short coat, there is no high pressure.

“Wide is tight”

The dressing formula has highlighted the layering of layers.

Pink white combination

In my mind, it is one of the colors that will win. When you haven’t gone in the winter, you can go to ski together on your own lover.

If you like minimalist wind, then you start from the black and white.

Self-collar cotton clothing


More than a bit of a sweet and sweet atmosphere; can also look small under the line of the collar, and you can use it when you shoot.

Boots and cotton clothes are the same color

, Do a good job and echo; pants with a slim pants, to increase a bit of profit in the whole.


If you think that white is not dirty, you can choose dark brown.

Compared to black, dark brown will have more rich retro feelings.

The styles of the micro-waist are exposed to the location of the waistline; the inside can be slightly slim,

“One loose”


Wearing formula.

✨ ✨ 服 + Dress

The same color is always Liya’s heart, and it can be applied as a year. Small son fairy is wearing

“Length of the short”


When wearing a formula, the skirt should not be too long, the length can be below the knee.

If you feel too light, then the deep gray pantyhose can use the role of the eye.

Lamb and cotton clothes


Is it very novel in combination? Warm and sweet, simply. One pair of snow boots on the feet, from the head to the foot to keep the full points!

Since the LOOK large area is light, we can

The color of the accessories increases highlights

. Such as hats, scarves, bags, etc.

We can combine

Winter single product and + other seasonal items


It’s a different collision. The tattoo is simply no problem in the Spring and Autumn Season, but it is also a bright combination in winter and cotton clothes.


Hand with a hairy, furry element is also able to strengthen winter atmosphere Feel.

✨ long grandmother cotton clothes + pants

Long length is just a warm artifact! But it is also true for height, LIYA is still more

Recommended high

Fairy is more suitable.

I still remember the new time in my small shop.

Shark pants?

? Look, it is also the same as cotton clothes! If you haven’t bought a fairy, hurry to rush! In the new year, women have to get better and better to themselves.

Worried that long will take high,

The Messenger bag will be used in the field! Put the visual center of gravity

Naturally, it will be great. Plus ankle boots high heels blessing, show short? nonexistent!

The same color is again, I can think about LIYA! This time it brought


Long cotton clothes, open clothes, still wearing different styles.

Tell the light, let’s take a look at the military green, is it



Many. Put the bottom shirt + weapon, you can easily go out.

Grandma cotton vest

The location is not a very cold fairy, cotton clothes vest + casually, you can quickly complete the LOOK.


Blue white stripes are full of strong french style,


Make up the white vest refreshing and temperament.


There is also a kind of universal wear is:

Cotton clothes vest + sweater

The student party or office workers can have this formula, which is simple and wrong. If the weather is colder, you can go out with a coat.


Do you think that your grandmother cotton is rustic after reading it? actually


Selection of styles, fabrics and colors

, Plus personal favorite clothes, winter can also keep warm and fashionable!


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