Story: On the failure of online love, I am sad, the newly moving neighbor’s handsome guy “considering considering me”

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“True: What is your three fence?”

At 11:30 in the evening, I am playing a quarter of the clue in the online love of the returnest.

He will ask this, I didn’t think of it.

Although I am 24 years old, there is less experience with the opposite sex.

Pretty coupled with any skill is king, only single is dead, and I am the single silly egg.

“Bao, if you don’t want to say that we can also play, after all, this game is to ask some excitement.”

Just as I hesitated, the other party sent a message.

The winning and loss of desire is squeezed with my shame, I took the answer to the proud of the answer back.

When I told my sister, I was laughing at it.

“Your object is too greasy! Which is not ugly male will love online? Long point of heart baby.”

I have turned over white. “I believe in him, say, your sister, I am a rare iron tree, I want to fall in love, can you expect me?”

“Well, your online love is a big one-six-six, eight abdominal muscles, jade, jade, the big guy, this is worth the loneliness of your single year for many years.”

I am still laughing again, “You can close your mouth!”

But unexpectedly, the words of my sisters said later, and there was no difference in one centimeter.

It is just some outrageous misunderstandings.


I have talked about a love.

Because it will not be spoiled and refused to touch intimate contact, the man is sleeping with green tea women.

After that, I inscribed my heart and I couldn’t talk low quality love, so I was three years and three years.

Under the coincidence, on a social network website, I met a boy with a soul.

I talked to him for half a year. He spent a gray period with me.

We agree to exchange WeChat after lit all chat letters, but talk about it, others are gone.

That kind of taste that will be suddenly lost, let me regret and insomnia all night.

The relationship between the original people and people can really be fragile to this point, a broken, as if it is not seen anymore.

So after ten days later, he appeared again, saying that home and funeral mobile phone is also broken, and now I have a mood to log in, I boldly express my heart, and he officially became a online love.

As for his returning, it’s not a few people who exposed it.

But what is the video of my COS maid to cook? ?

“Bao Bao, if you think that my birthday gift is too much, you can refuse, after all, I am also a love little white, we tried something together …”

After seeing this news, I was quite touched. When he said, may he be my inner subtext?

It is not a small eye, I will decide to talk about the truth, if this is the case, what is this requirement?

I immediately opened a bowling speed and then put the screenshot to him, “Waiting, shipping, I will arrive tomorrow.”

The other party sent: “Bao, you can do so boldly for me, I am really touched.”

I smiled in front of my screen.

“What is this, I used to be able to move, you have been active, and now I am turned to me.”

“Bao, I love you.” He replied.

I suddenly apron, throw the phone, and smirked like a fool.

Before you determine the relationship, he has always been clean and cold, and he didn’t expect to be so expanded now.

It seems that I am learning brave expression, he is the same.


After the COS service, I caught a meditation.

I didn’t look carefully when I bought it yesterday. Now I look at the love of the chest position, but I can’t say it in the mouth.

Just after I found a small strap wearing inside, the object sent a news: “Bao, I didn’t pay attention before, your clothes were a little exposed, you can wear a small vest! “

I suddenly felt that he was piped, “Well, I know.”

I looked at the mirror, the place where the block was blocked, just the strap design crossed in front of the chest, which looks a bit of a little bit of hidden mask.

“Bao, will you think that I am a little this person … In fact, I usually be very info.”

I immediately tried to reply: “We have said before, to show the real one, and men, I understand.”

The other party immediately returned to a hug, “For the sake of fair, I also give you to my abdominal muscles.”

I shook my little hand, and the phone almost fell on the ground.

This is what I don’t pay?

Their abdominal muscle is really coming.

I have fewed numbers, four pieces, it looks still good, after all, I am not the face of eight abdominal muscles.


“Oh, I’m too vivid!”

Thirteen pieces of ribs, black and unique.

This kitchen Xi Shi’s sweet and sorcerer declaration failed.

I have been in the pan to go outside the house. As a result, I just finished the garbage and turned and got to meet the front standing.

The other party codes more than eight or more, wearing two blue polo shirts, with thin white jeans, thin body shape and thin, the whole person is clear and sunny.

However, the focus is his face.

Every line on the outline is clean, looks full of men, but his nose and mouth are cold and cold, the eyes are still very rare Danfeng eyes!

“You … ok?” Handsome guy saw me, and it was also a stunning and surprise.

I watched his eyes and gradually, and I watched my weird dressed up, my face became red.

After I smiled, I immediately fled and flew in the pot. I also wore a small sling. Otherwise … I thought I thought I can escape the Mars overnight.

At this moment, it is already eight o’clock in the evening, and I should have a whole plate of sweet and sour ribs, I can only lying down in bed.

The mobile phone suddenly sounded, it was the online love object. “Bao, I didn’t expect your body to be so good! But I couldn’t help you …”

I: “How?? Video is beautified, don’t think too much.”

The belly begins to give the order, I immediately picked up the bag.

“Boss pork belly, ten string of ten strings, and chicken skin …”

This point barbecue store is not other guests. I am habitually go to the house, just see the skilled baked brother lifts the head.

“Is this enough? Do you want to add a fried rice noodle?”

“Hey, is it you?”

The faint light falls on the palm of the little brother. His face is like a fillet, which is like a film, which is like a figure that is coming out.

Help, the handsome guy encountered in the corridor actually ran here to bake the skewers?

Key he also recognized me!

“No. We have seen it before, are you going to take a takeaway?” I smiled, just looking for a message.

Handsome guy stunned, and immediately rushed to me smile.

“No, I am the tenant of the B room. I just moved over last night. Are you also living there? Please take care more later.”

Good guy, this is actually my new neighbor? ?

I laughed and said, “Something, you have grilled, I am going to sit.”

If he answer him, I quickly escaped to the store, after the strings were baked, I laughed and made it good, and I was afraid that I had a long last for a long time.

“In fact, your COS is very good, wearing it very well.”

When the handsome guy is packaged, slight smile, the voice is clear and sultry, and the whole person is constantly emitting.

But why did he pay attention to this? !

“I don’t know much, let you laugh.”

I seem to be in the face, and I ran in the shame.


After that, I have been home for three days.

My career is a video platform, the blogger, this afternoon, I put the tripod in the door of the elevator, ready to be rare, and took an elevator variable video with contrast.

As a result, when I deliberately play ugly, wearing a potadic pajama with a rabbit ear hat, and the door opened, and the neighbor’s handsome guy had relatively …

His mouth is over, and it seems to have a flour.

“It’s really clever, are you?”

I naturally pulled a smile, “I didn’t like to wear like this, just shooting it.”

Every time I meet this scene, I am really afraid that he thinks I have a different body …

Handsome guy’s warm sound of the words: “I understand, do I need to help?”

I immediately returned to one side, put together tripod, “Don’t use it, are you going to go? I will not delay you.”

The second time, once again ended by my embarrassment.

When the more ugly, the chance to meet the handsome guy is extremely high.

Netizens are sincere.

I just released a good video that night, I received a comment.

“Although Ning Ning is beautiful after the mint, I prefer to make a honest and cute.”

Before that makes it, I don’t consciously remember the moment when I occasionally.

He is eyebrow, warm, clean and full of magnetic voice is like a clear wine, it is very jecoming, it is very good to my appetite.

When I pericamed that I was a little bit of horses, I immediately went to the Amitabha.

Beautiful people, beautiful people.

The mobile phone is ingenious, I see, good guys, online love objects will meet my line.

“Bao, I have a good look, give you the photo is P, you can’t give up me.”

Me: “No, we are not saying at the beginning, the appearance is not as important as the soul of the fit, then … 15” see it. “

After I agree with him, I have a mood that I am looking forward to again.

The next day I made a rushing thing on the platform, I would like to make my fan netizen, and I chose a choice.

In the voice of a blessing, some people also remind me to find a companion, pay attention to safety, beware of being cheated.

It’s quite right, just in this life, who is going to go?

It is good, a high school classmate organized a classmate party, I just borrowed the moving people accompany me.

On the same day, I called a network to get a car. After receiving the bus, I looked at the driver to hold the direction of the direction of the bone and the bones, and began to think about life.

“In fact, I have to go there to participate in a classmate party, and I will receive your order.”

Handsome neighbors take the lead in explaining.

I laughed: “So smart, I am also participating in the classmates.”

The voice just fell, I suddenly had a kind of parents.

Just listening to the reputation: “In fact, I have long wanted to ask … You are Ning Mi? My name is good, I was also a Chinese X class. I always think that you are very familiar, but I don’t dare to speak. These.”

My whole person is petrified on the spot.

Financial, isn’t it the initiator of this party?

I heard that he has been lost for a long time, suddenly appeared, for this meeting, no one wants to come.

I didn’t say anything, I’ve said: “Is my Tang guess wrong? I am sorry.”

I came back, I laughed two, “I didn’t, you didn’t say anything, I am just surprising, the trick is still a classmate …”

This damn fate is really deep.

I laughed: “You should not remember me, reading it will be a little fat man, and you, from Xiaomei to big.”

This rainbow fart blows, I can’t help but feel the old, the memory of the age suddenly emerged.

When high school is really a good name, but at that time he instead, there is no sense of existence in the class.

Who knows that it is now directly reversed into a big male god, it is really a creation.

The ghost made God, I joked the laugh: “You are so sweet, there must be no girl friends.”

The car suddenly drifted, scared me to hurry up the seat belt.

Just listening to the reputation of a bit: “No, I have been single.”

Good guy, I was shocked again.


In addition to me and the finishes, this party has three women.

If you live close to me, there is only the strength of the squad leader in my high school era.

I am also rushing by her. After all, I am not bad in my memory, let her go with me to talk about it.

“Hey, we are so beautiful for so many years, why, don’t you have a husband?”

“A Ning is so good, the husband must be a high and handsome, it is estimated that it is afraid to take it out to be stared.”

I just sat down, I heard the female classmates and said that I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

“I haven’t even my boyfriend.” I smiled.

On the matter, after all, there is still no love, it will not be in love.

The female classmate A continued: “Beauty is beautiful, very high, unlike our ordinary people, I have been married, I have been married.”

I am a fashion, how can I listen to it?

But I am too lazy to say anything, just smirk and drink orange juice.

But listened to the reputable temperature: “I am still single, everyone is ordinary people, just I think it is better to wait for the real fate, I guess it, I think so.”

I was slightly stunned on the eyes of a smile in the face.

His sentence is sir, and suddenly, when everyone is, I have a relationship with him.

And he is so bright, the land is talking to me, and when you let you have the face of the old school, there is a gossip of gossip.

“To right, I … go to the bathroom.”

After the room, I felt comfortable.

When I wash my hands, I saw the mirror, and I did something slightly red.

I blame the finish tone too soft, the voice is too embarrassing, the eyes are too …

I quickly stopped the idea of ​​that, when I went back to the corner, I heard the voice of the discussion in the private room.

Female classmate A: “You see Nothing to look high, it will be installed! So old age, refers to playing more,”

Squarth: “What do you do, people have that capital, we can only be around the husband …”

I didn’t listen again, I don’t want to know how they will say me.

When I turned, I saw the reputation.

His passionate eyes have apologized and other emotions I don’t understand, he said to me five words.

“Let’s go back.”

My nose suddenly sour.

It should be older, so sensitive.

After getting on the bus, I apologize to me.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect to cause this situation, I …”

I interrupted him, just say: “Nothing, but will we leave this will be too rude?”

Completely 一 一 唇

Obviously the warm voice, but I heard the sense of domineering and many maintenance, and I was hot in my heart.

But I suddenly wanted to ask him: “Completely, they said that I have heard the words, do you have any opinion?”

After this communication, the relationship between me and the reputation has been nearly, so I will try it.

I am not unknown, I’m so sweet, but I really saw what is the back of the knife, I am like a bottom.

The red light stops, and the finish is looking at me, and the eyes are very serious.

“They are jealous, only for you maliciously, although I am in touch with you, but I can feel that you are not that kind of person, and we are neighbors, I have a chance and time to observe you, you have to be careful Oh.”

After the reputation, I also hit it, but I suddenly remembered the scene of the horizon when I met him.

I am afraid that he is afraid that he misunderstand, introducing him to my career: “In fact, I am a blogger that shoots short video, so occasionally weird blame.”

Complete: “Well, I know, I just brushed you before, is it called Ning Ning?”


Deep breathing prevents complex emotions on the body’s laughter.

I may have forgotten to turn off the location, big data will automatically recommend it next door …


The day of the date.

I wore a styled simple rice white print dress, turned a light makeup, and opened the door and saw the officially prepared classmates.

A stroke of a striker out of his model-like figure, there is really a novel that is overbearing the president.

“I wear this, is it?”

Since I have such a fate between him, I invite him to accompany me.

I smiled and laughed: “I don’t know what it is to date? Although I don’t worry, it is very good.”

There are some people in the elevator, and the finishes stand in my side behind me, just like I am careful.

When we went out the elevator, a few idiots were drifting into the ear.

No more ignorance, praise the good reputation, and say that I am very equipped with him.

I suddenly flashed a somewhat ridiculous thought.

If I am now in my heart, I will comply with my standard in the face of my standard. I will not …

I immediately stopped this ridiculous imagination, but I suddenly turned over.

“It’s coming, you don’t be nervous.”

I can’t help but laugh.

I am not nervous, but he is very tight.

After the date of the appointment, my online love object has not come, and his net name is deep, although I only have seen the photo of his true and false, but I think he should be a type with a name.

He asked me that I was angry, I said that as long as I wanted Zhou Zheng.

But I really didn’t expect that the depth of the two words can be so perfectly and “Zhou Zheng”.

A very unique blonde, a pair of painted a strong word black eyebrow, triangle eye, big nose, mouth thick and convex, the most critical is that only one meter six fifth, and the cold and high and thin feelings on the photo Military …

Even if you do this, wear the leather jacket with a small feet pants. What does it mean to stare at me?

I have a bit coughing, and the finish next to him will lead to God. I have to take me to take me.

“Baby, let’s take a next time!” Before he left, he was so happy to waving.

I laughed, my eyes did not dare to come back to him, directly rushing up the reputable cars, people were stupid to succeed.

“Drink some water, just have a drink, you don’t drink it.”

After I got my best, I took a lot of bottles. “I thought about there is a possibility of turning into the car, but I didn’t expect it to be so thorough … I didn’t ask for it, but how can I be so free?”

Complete: “That person is really not too good, speaking is vulgar, the eyes have not moved from you.”

“Thanks to me, I will replace his greasy to find excuses, I …”

I naturally remembered COS … Suddenly, I am annoyed, my emotion is full of cheeks.

“Okay, go back and have almost dinner, we have a good time.”

Speaking of eating, my abdomen is in the abdomen, poor Baba: “Benefits, I want to eat your roasting.”

The finish smiles, and the temperature is soft: “Well, I want to eat how much I gave you, I only open it for you tonight.”

I don’t know if I am in the heart of my heart. I feel that the reputation has a little bit, and his laugh is directly accelerated.

In the evening, the finishes of the store closed the store, and I was drinking and eating fried rice in the store.

I didn’t drink a few more cups, I took out the online love.

“You said that you and him are met on that site. You have been talking for half a year? Then, is the darkness in his name?”

My mind is a little faint, I have no heart and no lungs: “Yes! You actually have a smart name to guess!”

The finish suddenly smiled in front of me.

That is that I first saw him laughing so happy, like a child who had a sugar.

At the end, I drunk a little, it is a reputation to send me back.

The thunderstorms were raised outside. I was afraid to catch the fingers. Xu is alcoholic, and I will let him go.

After reading me, then my eyes bend: “Okay, I will accompany you.”

He is really handsome.

When I looked at me, my eyes were hanging on the stars, with powerful attractions, let me have a faint brain, more and more confused.


At a moment of putting me in bed, I told his neck again, and I closed my eyes: “Doll, don’t run …”

I seem to have sufficient sigh, sigh.

“A Ning, have you ever thought about it, the real 榆 deeply maybe someone?”

榆 deep? How did he suddenly mention this.

I was lazy, he wakes up his, half awake half of the drunk opening: “I am not nervous today, it seems to be because … I don’t expect to be a successful and excitement …”

I reached out and touched the finish face, “the doll, reputation he … let my heartmakers …”


When I woke up the next day, I was still in, and my bed also had a very cute big doll.

At first glance, I was very surprised. Later, I slowly remembered that all kinds of behaviors last night, but only forget the last and good words …

“I have done a breakfast for you. Do you look at your appetite?”

I have walked to the table, and I was attracted by the hot spicy face for the hot air.

I only ate a bite, and my whole person is actually activated.

The noodles are moving, and the soup is spicy, it is a long time.

Complete: “You slowly eat, I will go out.”

“It’s good, it’s hard!” I eaten noodles in the image, while I didn’t forget to thank.

I am suddenly realizing that I am very realized that I have a big step in the relationship between me and the relationship between me.

I was drunk last night, he held me alone, because my words were asked to take me in the door.

While reflecting your heart, I don’t exempt the good feelings of the reputation.

The doorbell sounded, and I consciously sorted up the instrument and went to open the door. As a result, the party is not a finish, but my favorite cartoon people!

The big doll is very awkward in front of me, and then refers to the small bag that it does it.

“Give me?” I am a bit surprised.

How can someone occasionally? Come in?

But how can you know what I like?

During his thoughts, the big play is nod, and I urgently touched my hand, and the appearance of cute clums is simply.

“Good, I will see ha.”

I took a lot of things.

There is a specimen of banyan leaves and ginkgo leaves, with my favorite candy, and a unique hand-painted red.

I suddenly a blank in my mind.

These are things I have mentioned when I chat with Yan, even if I have a hand-liping package, it is also my favorite style.

I asked in the gods: “You are …”

The big doll slowly took down the head, and I was stunned when I saw his true face.

“A Ning, I have something to say to you.”

This high and fertilized big doll in front of me is the strength.

After the end of the gentle tone, the gods talked to me once, and his eyes were still in many emotions, tense, and urgent.

“Okay, come in.” I tried to smile naturally, and I have a feeling of crying.

I remembered what I asked me yesterday.

A Ning, have you ever thought that the real 榆 deputy maybe another person?

I think I know the answer.

“A Ning, I am sorry, I shouldn’t get you …”

Sitting in my opposite, a face apology.

I am so hard to press the sour, and therefore it is surmured …

Completely said everything.

One of the people who knows me in the name of Yu Shen, is him.

Because the accident is lost, when you want to log in to your account, you find that the account has been changed.

That is, the fake, the fake, I contacted me, I became unlearable because I was afraid of being lost again, and I really came to my side …

“So you are going to get close to me in the heart?”

The finish is nervous, “In fact, I secretly love you when I am in high school, just because I have never dared to say … I graduated from the University, I found me or forgotten you.”

“So I want to contact your high school girlfriends, I heard you after playing it, I follow registered …”

“Follow you, I am afraid that I will reveal the identity will make you feel a heart, so I chat with you like a stranger. I just thought to accompany you, I didn’t expect that we can also develop to that step … “

“Later, I decided to come to your city, I also ask your address from your girlfriend, you like to eat grilled skewers, I specially go to get skewers in the craft. I will see you in your video. On the online love, the classmates gathered in the special organization … “

Everything is truth, but my mood has turned from touch to anger.

“So you hit me from the first day … I looked at me and looked at me and others.”

Seeing that my expression is wrong, the finish is also in a hurry, “I, I didn’t know how to face you, and I saw that you have no more opportunities. I said to you directly, I am afraid that I am scared, after all The account is lost. “

“More more, I don’t know if you are not intended to be a friend, I am afraid that it is not good to mention it.”

I heard the reputation, I feel soft and feel distressed.

At the beginning, we have a short and embarrassing each time, it does not have a right opportunity to say, and although the fingers have long, it has long, the bones are not confident and inferior, but still do not decrease.

“While are you so dark, we have been talking together for so long, are you still so confident?” I laughed.

“It is really my timid, I am stupid, I later knew that you want to be with others, I thought you saw others …”

So after I asked my deep name, I will laugh so happy.

Singer, finish, since the same person, just I understand some night.

“So, ANN, you are willing to be unwilling to and real, come to a dating date?”

The finish louderly, looking at me sincerely.

On the failure of online love, I am sad, the newly moved neighbor guys confess “considering considering me”

I responded to the urge to rise in his mouth, and he was committed to reminding him: “Good reputation, what do you still owe me?”

“From high school to now, a secret love you want to send me?”

“That … what else?” The finished frowning thought, did not understand what I meant.

He is really stupid.

I helplessly smiled, I was close to him. I was boldly licking his neck like it last night. I looked at him, a word: “You owe me all the confession, like I said directly – – “

“I like you.”

Sweet smile, make up to me.

In his eyes, I found the most beautiful scenery in this life.

(Original title: “Sweet Action”)

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