Kefula, Magsafe, iPhone’s good partner, Bunke Shi Benks posted a text

On November 28th, Bunki held a “Bangui Gui” conference. When I sent me an invitation, I paid attention to the two words of gravitationalism, but also guessing with the iPhone’s magsafe, after all, Bunke It is also very popular in the iPhone accessory, my own mobile phone case, the steel film is also Bunke.

凯芙拉、MagSafe,iPhone 的好搭档,邦克仕benks发布会一文看懂

Sure enough, this Bunker released some accessories related to iPhone Magsafe, but this quantity and coverage are still a bit surprised. This article will take you to see which accessories have been released.

凯芙拉、MagSafe,iPhone 的好搭档,邦克仕benks发布会一文看懂

The publisher begins to introduce some of the achievements made in Bunk, such as the exclusive authorization cooperation reached by Corning, and is also the first developer invited to become Apple ecology. Today, the Kaifra Material Authorization Aunt DuPont. Therefore, the renewal Bangshi will have more accessories for Kefula materials, and I still look forward to it.

凯芙拉、MagSafe,iPhone 的好搭档,邦克仕benks发布会一文看懂

For example, IPHONE 13 series is released today, 360 degree all-inclusive design, the hand feels closer to the feel of the bare metal, and the hole cutting is also more accurate.

凯芙拉、MagSafe,iPhone 的好搭档,邦克仕benks发布会一文看懂

There is also the second-level protective shell of iPad Pro and the secondary protective case of AirPods Pro and AirPods 3, it seems that this is to surround Apple products. The firm features of Kaffra materials can better protect your equipment.

In addition to Kefula material, this focus is still Magsafe, Bunke Shi released a smaller Magsafe wireless charge, 15W fast charge is much faster than most iPhone wireless charger power, and can be low temperature Efficient, suitable for playing one on the bedside table, charging is very convenient.

凯芙拉、MagSafe,iPhone 的好搭档,邦克仕benks发布会一文看懂

This is a bit fierce, I have seen Magsafe wireless charge, and I have seen the back clip radiator. This time Bunki combines these two products to be one, using Magsafe’s magnetic resistance, get rid of it The bondage of the backwinder is more convenient, the heat sink can cool down, while still supporting 15W wireless charging speed, heat is finished and charging, so playing games can be played all day.

Magsafe desktop magnetic bracket is my favorite, put it in the office is a perfect match. It can keep the mobile phone firmly on the bracket through magnetic suction. It does not need other stuck parts, and it will not block the speaker. Very convenient, 12W power is also the same as charging while watching the drama. And it is still a two-in-one wireless charge, and can also give your Bluetooth headset wireless charging while charging the mobile phone. To say this is not a must-have, I am definitely not promised.

In addition to the bedroom and desktop, how can I get a charger? Bunke Shi has also launched a car magnetic suction bracket wireless charge. From the press conference, it is more smaller than most wireless charges on the market, and I also look forward to this.

After finishing the charger, then take a look at this Bunker’s back clip battery, the Magsafe back clamp battery capacity 5000mAh, no data cable, directly adsorbed on the iPhone, can be charged, used and carry more convenient, 15W power It is also the limit of Magsafe.

There is also a backgate battery capacity of 10,000mAh, the power is slightly lower, 10W, is also sufficient for daily charging, and the double core is more refined and the capacity is also larger.

凯芙拉、MagSafe,iPhone 的好搭档,邦克仕benks发布会一文看懂

Magsafe charger and Magsafe batteries are all, can not be dragged behind the phone shell, Bunke Shi also launched Magsafe magnetic anti-fall protective shell, charging, magnetic can not be delayed, Kaffra materials protect, feel It is relatively thin. With the Bunke’s magnetoal card package, you can also adhere to the card carrying it to the back of the mobile phone, avoiding the trouble of loss.

In addition to the above new products, Bunke Shi also has a warm hand treasure, cute pet warm table pad and mosquito repellent bracelet, is associated with rabbit Rabbit, is more cute, and the function is also in line with the current needs. For the player, I prefer this warm table.

凯芙拉、MagSafe,iPhone 的好搭档,邦克仕benks发布会一文看懂

A conference, from the Magsafe charger to the Magsafe back clamp battery, from the Kaffra mobile phone shell to the Magsafe card package, plus several joint products, Bunke Shi is a flower of the iPhone’s magsafe, this A set of products If you have it, you can override the most use scenarios in your life, you can’t help but want to place an order. How about it? Which product do you prefer?


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