Mysterious snake totem Bulgarley Serpenti Tubogas Rose Gold & Standard Steel Big Watch

[Watch Home Wrist Measten] Birth in 1884 Bvlgari, gradually developed from the initial jewelry shop to now symbolizes the brand of Gorgeous jewelry and watches in Italy, but also become the world’s attention Fashion sign. Bvlgari’s jewelry and watch have always been atmospheric, meticulous and unique, as the SERPENTI series creative serpentine design, retains the mystery of ancient legend, and contains contemporary art fashion. And innovation.

Every time I mention the Bulgari Serpenti series, they can’t help but want to trace its historical origin, maybe you can better feel the elegance between the wrist. According to historical data, the first Serpenti snake watch was born in the late 1940s, and the strap is like a spirit snake. It is like a snake head, which is originally square or rectangular, and then gradually uses pear shaped , Pillow, circular or octagonal. In the 1960s, Bulgari’s design was more realistic about the design of the serpentine. Before installing the hinge, first-handed gold leaf scales decorate the snake shaft chain, and the spring ring is mounted to ensure the flexibility of the watch. After that, Bulgari successively launched the SERPENTI “hidden” watch with a table cover, which laid the foundation of the series of stable status in the future.

神秘的蛇图腾 宝格丽Serpenti Tubogas玫瑰金与精钢双色腕表

Bulgari Serpentitubogas Series 102099 SP35BSPGD.2T Watch

Today, this Serpenti series of watches introduced in this way using a unique process to create, also named Tubogas. This process was born in the middle of the 19th century, but in the 1940s, it was almost lost. It was re-revived by Bulgari. It is the only jewelry brand that is currently mastering this process. After using this process to create a very unique Table jewelery and other products have realized the perfect combination of serpentines and Tubogas technology.

神秘的蛇图腾 宝格丽Serpenti Tubogas玫瑰金与精钢双色腕表

The core of this process is to wrap the two metal strips on a copper or wooden wire, which is seamlessly engaged with each other, and finally forms a metal strip having a continuous length without welding. After the completion of manual carefully, the spool will be removed or dissolved in the acid. This 102099 SP35BSPGD.2T watch is made of rose gold and steel two materials, which can be wrapped around a single-ring or double circle between the wrist, and both a timepiece function of the watch, there is also a bracelet-like decorative effect. .

Watch posture is elegant, smuggling

Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Watch draws inspiration from the 1970s of the 1970s, two-color single or double loop chain contains a unique helical web chain design. At that time, Bulgari combined with the two materials of Jin and Steel. After a long-term technical research, the experiment needs to find a suitable steel, not only with excellent flexibility, but also to form a perfect with gold and red gold. Contrast. In addition, there is still other problems to be solved, especially the melting point of steel, compared with 18K gold, and the intersurities of steel are relatively poor. Bulgari has been unremitting efforts and finally achieved this goal in the 1970s.

神秘的蛇图腾 宝格丽Serpenti Tubogas玫瑰金与精钢双色腕表

Pear shaped case inlay diamond

The strap of this watch is completed by the mixing material of Rosejin and Jinggang, which not only has extraordinary visual feelings, but also improved in the comfort of wearing, and fine process processing has also fully demonstrated Bulgari. Excellent tape technique.

Elegant black dial

神秘的蛇图腾 宝格丽Serpenti Tubogas玫瑰金与精钢双色腕表

The 35 mm curved case of the watch is also made of two materials. The bottom shell is created by fine steel, and the lap is used in the raw rose gold, and the 38 gorgeous diamonds are inlaid on both sides of the pear-shaped surface. Gossip 0.29 carats, showing the luxurious temperament of the watch. Decorated with sunburst protein black dials elegant, with rose gold Rome numerals and strip symbols more different.

Tubogas craft created flexible flexibility

神秘的蛇图腾 宝格丽Serpenti Tubogas玫瑰金与精钢双色腕表

Created straps with two materials of rose gold and fine steel

神秘的蛇图腾 宝格丽Serpenti Tubogas玫瑰金与精钢双色腕表

Although each civilization gives a unique meaning of the snake, or evil or wisdom or witchcraft … but for Bulgari, the Snake Totem will only belong to the emblem of elegant taste, just like the tail of the snake. Representing eternal life. The wrist table double-color double loop wound strap adds endless integrity and charm to the watch, no matter which angle is the most beautiful interpretation.

Rose gold table top, inlaid, pink red tourmaline

Diamonds and gems are always the temptation of women, 3 o’clock in the watch, 3 o’clock positions, rose gold materials, top inlaid, one egg-shaped cut red tourmaline, diamonds around the lap .

The shell is very beautiful, the line is smooth

Every detail of the watch represents a superb tactic skill, such as the winding line, vivid and realistic, showing mysterious magic. The inside of the watch is equipped with a Baidi custom Calibre B033 quartz movement, and it is precise.


Bulgari all Serpenti series works contains the power of “snake” totem, whether watching, bracelets, necklaces or handbags, are respectful and chase for history. This Serpenti Tubogas watch is built with a unique process and integrates classic and innovative elements, showing flexible and flexible works, amazing! (Photo / Watouse House


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