Autumn thin coat, you can always believe in “denim clothes”, 4 matching inspiration, super practical

In the momentous fashion trend, you can always believe in denim. Because we put it, get it is not only comfortable, leisure, handsome and aged, and there is a relaxing and comfortable attitude, and always young mentality.

Autumn, no cold season, we need a thin coat to resist the coolness of autumn. At this time, you can always believe in “denim.” However, the jeans is used as the basic paragraph, sometimes it will be too common, it is easy to flood in the crowd, so it must have enough minds. Next, share 4 matching inspiration with you, teach you to take a special beauty.

1: Join the “Women’s taste” element, create a beautiful beauty

Denim is a textured material, color is also neutral, and the version and style of the denim jacket are maleized, so girls need to weaken the coat of jackets, join Some feminine elements make the whole wear gentleness.

For,, Effect.


In addition to the satin skirt, lace skirts, and thin salons, the print skirt is also a single product of “women’s taste”. Autumn, with a colorful romantic floral half skirt with a denim clothes, just fit the poetic seasonal atmosphere. In terms of color, denim blue and yellow, orange skirt are perfect, with a very nice look. Small floral half skirt in black, the push of the skirt is very woman taste, with a blue denim jacket, handsome, is very small, and very temperament.


2: Match the flower work in color

Most of the jeans are blue, although the color is very shallow, but all with a kind of “silence” in the blue of denim, wearing the whole person is more bleak. Therefore, when wearing a cowboy jacket, it is best to brighten the items that are more eye-catching.


Autumn, turmeric A-character skirt, orange straight skirt or fruit green Midi skirt is very suitable for a variety of blue denim, these full of colorful skirts and denim jackets, can collide out The style, it seems to be elegant and very energetic, very different.


3: Try “hanging”

The charm of the jeans is that it can wear self-employment and can show unique aesthetic and taste. In a lot of tidal streets, we are not difficult to find that wear masters like “hanging”, through some personalized “care machines” to demonstrate personality.

In the fall, we can also learn “not good clothes” to fashion, such as mixing, or put the denim coat together, put it on the body, or use the denim jacket with the curse, these do not The trendy little strange tricks in accordance with the rules are worthy of our daily reference.

In the autumn, when we need to wear windbreaker or coat, we can also use a jeans as an inner, wear chic trendy. For example, black coats and a complete set of denims are superimposed, elegant and very age. The camel’s coat can also be matched with a set of indigo jeans, and the color contrast is very harmonious. Short denim jackets with nine-long straight jeans and boots, you can set up a coat.


4: Loose “boyfriend” version, more trendy

The hazelnuts are not weak, that is, in that, in the case of the unruly, casual and arrogant. Oversize’s boyfriend “denim jacket has been very hot in recent years, relaxed profile, design, wearing body stretching, no binding, comfortable and type. At the same time, loose denim coats wear on girls, will It is very delicate and beautiful, and the slimming effect is also very good. In autumn, we can always believe in “denim clothes”, remember these four super practical match inspiration, I believe you must wear special beauty.

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