Slute is also a new 40-inch TV first test

AOC new 40 吋 Yue TV evaluation

When we mention AOC, we will first think of the display. Indeed, AOC’s brand is in the process of more than 30 years of marketing process, with its good quality and rich after-sales service experience and excellent R & D capabilities, making it a very competitive and horizontal display in the international market. One of the manufacturers. The number of computer monitors used by the author are from AOC.

Since 2016, major monitor brands have begun to seize the red sea field in the market, and the e-sports market. At present, domestic electrical players are also changing, and AOC is of course aware of the opportunity brought about by this market. At the last month, at the last month, AOC has a professional electrical competitive brand Agon. Love attack catering the current player’s needs, signing Navi and other luxury war teams, striving to create a perfect ecosystem, further enhance its own brand influence.

AOC’s electricity brand Agon

But thanks, AOC also has an outstanding contribution in the field of TV. As the first domestic flat-panel TV brand, AOC has decades of TV production experience and has excellent quality and deep technological precipitation. AOC gives us the feeling often is excellent in quality, and the price is very close. AOC also continues such image to a TV product. Previously, we conducted detailed evaluation of AOC’s best-selling models. In the case of less than 2,000 yuan, it is still expected in various aspects.

AOC brand spokesperson He Rundong

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

People who have used AOC TV know that AOC has always worked with Huaxia TV to build a content platform, but the new AOC Fox Yue TV Internet license is replaced into CIBN. At the end of last year, CIBN announced that cooperation with Sohu video, Sohu video content will also be landed in the Internet TV terminal through the CIBN Internet TV Content Service Platform. At the same time, the CIBN Flying Fox Film TV End Application is also officially launched.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

CIBN Flying Fox Film

The online evaluation room of Zhongguancun received a new AOC 40 吋 Yue TV, which has been a comprehensive upgrade compared with the previous products. More worth noting is that Feihu movies in CIBN and Sohu video will also be reflected in this TV, and it is believed that it will bring us more rich content. In addition, what surprises can this TV have to bring us? Below we will interpret them.

AOC new 40 吋 Yue TV appearance: classic spaceboat styling

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

TV is a crucial role as a home appliance product that is just needed in each family. With the continuous improvement and development of TV, users are no longer only concerned about the picture quality of TV, and there is a certain requirement for the appearance. Because it is the center of family entertainment, there is a great impact on the style of the whole home. So now every TV manufacturer attaches great importance to the appearance of the product and strives to win the user’s attention.

AOC Fox Yue TV Positive

AOC Fox Yue TV has a 40-inch screen, although the size is not large, but it is still very suitable in the bedroom or small space. TV retains the AOC traditional spaceboat shape, but the border is made by the original silver into a more deep black, which also makes the screen get a good extension. Watch this TV from a distance, or very technological, it is absolutely able to improve the overall style.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

9.9mm ultra-narrow border

AOC Fox Yue TV TV adopts ultra-narrow border design, in order to create a futuristic, the thickness of the TV border is only 9.9mm. Such a good detail design makes a narrow border and a good integration of the screen, of course, can also bring better visual effects and presence. Black highlights of the border material, simple and beautiful, cool in the shutdown state, do not feel in the boot state.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测


蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

The center of the TV bottom is the center, with a silver-gray decorative strip, the metal highlight “AOC” logo is inlaid. The entire decorative strip has adopted a metal brushed process, the science fictional texture is just a touch of TV style, and adding technology to this AOC Fox Yue Yue.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Spaceship base

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

The spaceshop base can be said to be the landmark product of AOC TV, the overall shape is like the base design of the interstellar spacecraft, and the stable elements are combined with stability. The base uses a silver metal material with a perfect arc shape, and the scene when the spacecraft is logged in.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

AOC V02S back and detail

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

AOC Fox Yue TV backplane uses a black plastic material, and the upper part provides sufficient heat dissipation holes to ensure that the chip maintains the normal temperature and reduces the effects of high temperature for overall life. Plastic backplane is very solid, while ensuring strongness, there is also a certain toughness, which is not fragile as other inferior plastics. A five-dimensional guideline is also provided below the back of the TV. If the user does not find the remote control, it can make a simple operation of TV.

Side interface

Bottom interface

In terms of interface, AOC Fox Yue TV is very cautious, and no some basic interface is omitted like some TV manufacturers. In addition to the current TV standard USB interface, HDMI interface, and network cable interface, this TV also provides an interface between AV audio and video input and output. Since the USB interface may need to be swapped frequently, Fox Yue TV set it in the TV side, convenient for users, this point is still very intimate.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

AOC V02S TV remote control

This TV uses a standard remote control of the full keyboard. The key type is complete, and the steps of system control are simplified, and many functions can be done by the remote control. However, excessive buttons also increase the difficulty of the remote control, only blind exercises can be achieved only if the arrow keys and the returning key are possible. And on the overall design style of the remote control, it is still slightly aging, and it is hoped that it can make a certain increase in future products. However, the overall gripping of the remote control is good, while the buttons of the soft rubber and the moderate pressing force provide excellent point of touch.

AOC new 40 吋 电 TV operating system and application

On the operating system interface, AOC Fox Yue TV is different from the design language of AOC TV, which uses a horizontal single page minimalist style. All features and content are all presented in the main interface, and in the main interface, it has also added settings in the main interface, and the user uses settings, and the user uses more precise and direct. We can see that the left side of the main interface has an arrow to the left. If you press the remote control to the left direction button, the TV setting menu will adjust the image, sound and other basic settings.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

System main interface

During the actual operation test, the author’s fluency is still very valuable. It is developed based on Android 4.4, while ensuring that the system is stable, making the system each response program is faster. 4 Nuclear CPU + 2 Nuclear GPU + 1 Nuclear VPU’s mode architecture provides a solid backing, making it a big improvement capability to easily handle multiple tasks, and switch channels.

Wireless destination connection process

AOC Fox Yue TV supports mobile phone’s wireless destinations. After entering the “Mirror Detection” page in the main interface, the TV will search for the connected device, while the TV’s WiFi function will be closed. At this time, we need to open the wireless display function in your mobile phone. After entering the TV device, we can see that this TV default name is AOCTV_OA: 7B: 90, and you can achieve small screens after clicking the connection. Screen.


蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

This test uses the millet mobile phone, which is also the same Android system. During the entire connection, the response speed of the TV is still very fast, there is no obvious hysteresis. In the case of people, there may be no way to truly understand the meaning of wireless dections, but if you want to share photos or movies on your phone with 4 to 5 people, the function of the destination will be reflected. We can also see from the above test pictures that the mobile phone screen is projected onto the big screen, and the effect is excellent.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Software management interface

The biggest advantage of smart TV is that we can download applications themselves, but too many programs may bring certain inconvenience to find or operation. This operating system provides users with a software management interface where we can collectively operate all applications, such as software upgrades, uninstall and viewing. At the same time, there is also a cleaning function in the interface, and he can clean the garbage cache generated by all applications to ensure the fluency of the entire system.

Application interface

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

The application is very important as the expansion of smart device functions. For TV, the one-term application can facilitate our lives, provide content, education, life, etc., on the other hand, we can also provide a total of various games, let us play on the living room. This AOC Fox Yue TV uses the Android 4.4 operating system, so it is very good for the application’s compatibility, and it is possible to install the vast majority of Android applications.

Cool Play

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Educational application

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Early childhood education application

AOC Fox Yue TV built-in AOC app store, providing a detailed application for education, leisure and entertainment. User Find Applications can be viewed in recommendation, software, games, and ranks, or search directly with the name of the application. In the recommended interface, there are several selection of programs, and you can view the latest and necessary quick findings you want.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

“Traveling” game download

Game screenshot

In the game, we see that there is still a simple design style, and the content is classified in accordance with the way of game operation. A total of three manipulation methods of remote control, mouse / hams, game handles, each game is labeled in the download page, avoiding the case where there is no corresponding election after downloading and installing the game. The author downloaded the game of the “Treal Oil” during the test, and the overall operation is smooth, and there is no statter.

AOC new 40 吋 Yue TV content

Another major advantage of smart TV is undoubtedly in terms of content. The AOC Fox Yue TV can say a big blood shime, and the Internet TV card is replaced by the original Chinese TV to CIBN, China International Radio International. China International Radio and Television Network, while joint Sohu video, launching the Flying Fox Platform for professional viewing services, striving to bring more comprehensive content, and also recommending the user to meet the contents of personal taste.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Film and television recommendation interface

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Film and television classification interface

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

In addition to recommend content according to user usual viewing habits, this content service platform will also push content according to the current hottest or according to search list, which avoids what users have opened after opening the film and television interface. Case. Film is mainly divided into six categories. In addition to the four basic categories of the most basic movies, TV series, variety, and animation, documentation and Sohu characteristic video classification are also provided, and the content is relatively rich.

TV “Mountain Cannon into the city”

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Movie “Mountain Cannon into the city” screenshot

Movie resources are one of the important differences between network TVs and traditional TV. Traditional TV has only a few movie channels, and some movie will often play some movies, and the thermal large pieces often have to wait for more than one or two. Many users have a great expectation for the film resources of smart TV, hoping to watch various movie blocks. AOC Fox Yue TV is very rich in movies and is also more detailed, and popular movies can be found here.

Japanese TV “Doctorx 3”

Japanese TV “Doctorx 3” screenshot

Continuous drama is the most TV viewer to watch the most content, whether the online video platform has a hot content, whether the update of the hot broadcast content is timely, and it is directly related to the user’s use. AOC Fox Yue is 100% over the TV drama platform, but in addition to the exclusive content of other platforms, most of the hot broadcasts on the market can be found inside. The most comprehensive, Sohu video, is of course the US drama, Korean drama, Japanese drama resources. Here you can see that the programs you can’t see on other platforms are more obvious.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Variety show interface

“Snate Sister 2nd Season” screenshot

Variety entertainment is also the favorite of the majority of TV audiences. In addition to the exclusive content of other platforms, the entertainment page in the TV includes the hottest variety show on the market. Even the interviews, Quyi gatherings, and celebrities are available to meet the different needs of various users.

Anime main interface

“Galaxy Altman” screenshot

Documentary main interface

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Screenshot of “China on the tip of the tongue”

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Members Only

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测


蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Equipped with a CIBN platform and Flying Fox’s AOC Fox Yue TV to meet the different needs of various users in terms of online on-demand. Whether it is movie, consecutive drama or variety, the richness and update speed of resources are very satisfactory. Some other platforms do not have the latest hot TV series, they can see here. If you have a higher demand for film and television resources, you can also open a member of Flying Fox. The 18 yuan / month’s membership price is more thoughtful. Here we can see the hottest and latest film and television resources.

The smart TV brings rich content while accompanied by “a headache” advertisement, long boot advertising and film advertising have been uncommon in smart TV. But AOC Fox Yue TV showed enough sincerity, not only without strongly inserting boot advertising, even more common film advertising is also avoided, but users don’t have to worry about advertising insertion. At the same time, since Sohu is strong, the Sohu homemade drama and the sources of most of the other film and television resources are defamed to 1080p, and it is free. Users don’t need to manually adjust the movie resolution, and the full HD picture quality can be presented before.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

AOC new 40 吋 Yue TV static picture test

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

The quality of the TV is of course a very critical, if there is a rich content, there is no very good picture output, so you can’t bring a better audio and video experience. AOC Fox Yue TV has a full HD resolution and can show a clear and bright outstanding picture. The direct-form LED backlight technology applied by the TV screen, allows the light source to pass to the entire screen, so that the screen is more prominent in brightness and detail performance. In addition, TV also has a wide variety of technologies, which can express more beautiful colors. The following is actually tested by playing a few local still pictures.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

1080P still picture measured 1

1080P still picture measured 2

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

1080p still picture measured 3

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

1080P still picture measured 4

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

4K static picture measured 1

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

4K static picture measured 2

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

4K static picture measured 3

4K static picture measured 4

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Through 1080p and 4K resolution static picture test, we can see that AOC Fox’s performance is still very good. The details of still life are relatively realistic, and there is no fuzzy case, and the control and contrast is also very accurate, and the integral color is toned to warm, and it is excellent. It is worth noting that the resolution of AOC Fox Yue has only reached 1080P, but the picture performance of 4K ultra HD resolution is also not bad. (Due to the results of the shooting and the actual effect, the above real shot is for reference only)

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

AOC new 40 吋 Yue TV dynamic picture test

In front of us mainly expressing the strength of TV, contrast, and clarity of TVs at the time of testing static pictures. The video testing of dynamic screen is also very important, not only the test of TV decoding ability, but also a comprehensive consideration of TV quality strength. We play several local videos, through the shooting pictures and videos, show the performance of the TV in the dynamic picture. (Due to a difference in shooting results and the actual effect, the following real shot is for reference only)

1080p video measured 1

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

1080p video measured 2

1080p video measured 3

1080p video measured 4

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Through the actual test, we can see that although the response time of this TV is 8ms, but due to the dynamic image acceleration technology, the performance of the dynamic picture can be accepted by most users, and there is no phenomenon of being lost, and The playback screen is very clear and smooth, and there is no slowness in the event of a fast forward. In terms of sound, due to the Dolby-certified DDS surrounded by stereo technology, it is possible to provide realistic prevention sound effects, and the overall performance is satisfactory.

蜗居也要有视界 AOC新款40吋电视首测

Test summary:

As a full HD TV located in small size mainstream level, AOC Fox Yue TV retains the traditional space ship modeling design. It also has a strong sense of technology while being able to integrate with the home environment. . At the same time, the direct-fashioned backlight design and the optimization of image quality are excellent in clarity, contrast and color performance. 7 core hardware configuration is equipped with the new design of Android 4.4UI design to ensure the fluency of the overall operation. CIBN and Flying Fox Content Platform, able to provide rich movies, TV series and other resources.

At present, the size of the first listing is the 40-huang Fox Yue TV for this test, and other dimensions are expected to be launched in May this year. AOC undoubtedly puts the Fox Yue TV series with a location of performance and cost performance, which is absolutely able to meet the daily audio and video needs of users. If you don’t want to spend too much money, I want to add a small-sized TV for the bedroom or living room, then AOC LD40V02S Fox Yue TV is a good choice.


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