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The autumn wind is getting colder, and the most “cruel” of the year is coming. Many sisters said that they are quickly tortured by this impairment, and the skin is not suitable. We can’t change the weather, but you can change your small details, such as adjusting a care product to transition.

Since the user is similar to the skin of the people, Japanese products have received more and more popular in recent years. In the National Day Golden Week “Friend Circle Photography Competition”, Japan is one of the most people in the mirror. Many sisters who have just returned from Japan have said that one of the most enough places is the medicine store, because Japan’s personal care makeup is really awkward, and the price is high!

No holidays, lotion space, in short, because of various reasons, I can’t immediately fly to the children’s sisters, now I don’t have to envy the “holiday” in my friends! Amazing, a big master, recommended a batch of Japanese shelf products suitable for the seasons, and can be bought from cross-border e-commerce. Let us join hands with the hands of the hands and difficulties! Sisters, do you have used these products, share your feelings together. The submission button is on the right, stamped ~

Japanese cleansing class:

Sana bean milk beauty muscle foam is clean 150ml




Sana Sharon Beans Dairy Muscle Foam Femini 150 ml Whitening Moisturizing clean Soft – Cleansing – Netease … Sana Salina Bean Milomidy Foam Waste Cleansing 150 ml Whitening Moisturizing clean: Main offer, product details, packaging service, users Evaluation, etc ….


Recently, the first washing is the first washing milk, and COSME rewards have been obtained many times. If you change the season, there are too many hands, the lotion is urgent, try this cheap and good reputation Sana bean milk to wash. The taste of soy milk washed with soy milk, the biggest advantage is to wash the clean and not tight. In the bubble network, you can produce a rich foam, feel delicate and gentle. Although there are many praises, many netizens have reflected the finished feeling, there will be no clean horn, clean enough clean. I remember to consider my skin in my hand!


Rosette sea mud 40ml


“After experiencing the naturally formed sea mud formed by the years, there are countless voids, which can easily adsorb and remove the horny and blackheads.” The official introduction of the highest introduction is such a description of the sea mousse. In fact, it is the meaning of cleaning. After all, a facial milk makes almost all said: “Washing is clean!” Is also very difficult. Its paste concentration is slightly thin, but the cleaning force is super. Some netizens said that after unloading, wipes the face, there is no color on the cotton pad, and it is very clean.

Rosette is the nasal ancestors of Japanese paste clean products. This sea mousse is cleansing the top three in the COSME cleansing cream. It is also the second cleansing product in Dayia. In addition, the price is also very attractive, the yellow main cleansing pores, and the bubbles played in the bubble network are very rich. If you want to go to your horny, you can try it out ~

Jiali Bao Suisai Enzyme Cleansing Powder / Washing Powder 0.4g * 32



Kanebo Jialibao Suisai Medicinal Yeast Enzyme Washing Powder 32 Capsules – Cleansing – Netease Koaha Hai Shop … Kanebo Jialibao Suisai Medicinal Yeast Enzyme Washing Powder 32 Capsules: Main offer, product details, packaging service , User evaluation, etc..

This is also a famous cleansing product in the COSME list. If you use a tired of ordinary tubular cream, you can try this Suisai enzyme cleansing powder. It is different from traditional cleansing products, is powdered, grainted independent packaging. A can 32 capsules. One grain is used.

After opening, it will find that this washing powder is basically fine particles. It doesn’t have any taste. Add a little water to gently rub, although the bubble is not very clean, the skin does not have tight or stimulating. It is also easy to wash after washing.


Recommended mixing, oily skin acne muscle daily, dry and sensitive muscle skin can be used to clean care every week, more easily operated, which is easier than matte or green mud cleaning mask, and is small irritating.


Facial water, milk, cream:

Naturies Whitening Moisturizing Corridge Water Lotion 500ml


¥ 49


In many Japanese lotion, this Naturies barley water ranked second in Cosme’s awards, and the first three sales of Dayia, if there is no need to kill, it is absolutely not possible. The 500ml capacity is less than 100, and the main ingredient is a whitening efficacy, this has to make a lot of sisters.


Its texture is very clear, the color is similar to the raw nature of glutinous ribs, and it is very similar to the water. Because of the high price, many netizens use the glutinous rice as a million water. When the lotion is made, it can be used as a water film. When the lotion is very refreshing, the oil should like it. After making a water film, the skin color will become translucent, and the sisters of make-up means that the makeup can wait for the film after the water film. However, this coix seed water contains trace of alcohol, cautious about alcohol-sensitive friends.

Albion Albin Whitening Health Water 330ml

¥ 549

Cosme is the first place in lotion, one of Japan’s “four major sacred water”, this kind of lotion of lotion, if not put it in this season list, I really can’t afford it good reputation. Orbin Healthy Water is a hydraulic essence, a little soap. Suitable for adjusting the skin during the season of autumn and winter to increase skin stability. In addition to the wipe, the wet effect is higher, and the skin redness and peeling of the seasons can be relieved.


Although its praise countless, many dried skin sisters think it is flat, but the sisters of mixed muscles, oily muscles, and acne muscles are highly evaluated. If you can try to make a mask with Albion healthy water, you will see the effect in less than two or three days.

Albion Oralbin EXAGE WHITE fresh whitening moisturizing osmotto 200ml

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In addition to the healthy water mentioned above, Albion serves as the fourth largest cosmetic brand in Japan, and the lotion has been praised. Its penetration has 4 series, namely EXAGE, INFINESS, EXCIA, EXVIE. EXAGE is the foundation series, which can be entered into the top 3 in almost every year’s COSME ranking.


The Exage Series is the most popular series. This emulsion is very slippery, and it is very slow to absorb by hand massage. It is better to use a cotton massage. It is very moisturizing, but not greasy. However, this series contains a small amount of mineral oil, and the friends who are allergic to mineral oil will carefully.

The most important thing to note is that Albion penetrates the milk and general emulsion, and its watermast uses the “first breast water”, which is to infiltct healthily after milk. The effects of the two are very amazing, and it is recommended to use it.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Baiyan Gas Cream 75ml


It is the best-selling single product in the Baiyou Series of Lifeton, has awarded a grand makeup. Although it is a cream, it looks like a gel, but it is a feeling of oily after it. The taste is very retro, very like a snowy cream on my body. In addition, the detailed manufacturer also has a small digger to each cream. This digging spoon looks weak and not banned, but the role is very large, can control each time. As long as it is used with an equipped scoop, the amount of this cream can be used very.

Because it is a moisturizing feel that can be completely suiled by the skin, it is especially suitable for dial skin, and even some sisters call it “dried skin.” Of course, the mixed skin, the sisters of the oil skin don’t miss this good thing, it is used to do the cream effect in autumn and winter.

Japanese mask:

Jiali Bao Kanebo muscle beauty mask 5 pieces

¥ 59


If you want to recommend a mask in Japan’s local sales reputation, this Kanebo muscle beauty deep whitening mask must be famous. It is the mask product of Japanese famous cosmetic brand Kanebo, the second place in Japan’s local sales, and the medicine store is often sold.

The essence of the muscle beauty is a colorless transparent gel, which is easy to absorb skin; each bag has 20 ml of essence, it can be soaked to add a film paper and then apply a neck or arm, and must remember It is used.

Mask paper and other homogeneous masks are thicker than texture, the area is also larger, and it is very tough. Of course, there are also many netizens who feel that the mask is very large, and it is not very observed.

Utena You Tianyi Gold Jelly Collagen Moisturizing Mask 3 Pieces


Autumn weather is dry and caused by a very short of skin, this gold jelly mask produced by Utena Utena in Japan has nearly a hundred years of cosmetic care products.

Its texture is similar to jelly soft touch, and it is more boring. There are 33G beauty liquids, which is very good, need to apply 20-30 minutes to make the beauty fluid fully absorb. The mask paper is very thin and fit, and the gloss of the skin can be upgraded to several gears. The focus is that this kind of gloss can continue to remain in the next day, which is very rare to the sheet mask. The biggest problem is that the mask paper is too thin, not anxious when it takes.

Body care:

Hokkaido Loshi Horse Oil Moisturizing Cream 220ml


The horse’s oil is well known and necessary. Hokkaido Loshi Horse Oil is the most popular in the five-flowers. This horse oil is a face cream texture, and the average person is used to face, but in the dry autumn and winter, it is also a very good choice for physical milk. Evan a faint lemon flavor, take a coin size to apply a leg. Skin dry skin problems are solved in minutes, and many professional body milk is smashed in moisturizing. Because ingredients are natural, pregnant women can be used with confidence, and the price is super cabbage! More than a few more familys together.

Hair care class:

Reveur silicon-free moisturizing shampoo


In the past few years, there has been a wind tide with silicon-shaped water, and the Japanese Reveur no silicon washing water recommended by all kinds of people. According to the official introduction, its highest sales is sold every 6 seconds.

Because there is no silicon shampoo liquid is very thin, the fluidity is strong, there will be a feeling of 涩 after washing, don’t think that it is not washed! If you use it with a conditioner, you will slowly find that your hair is getting more and more shiny. Many netizens reflect the head skin care shampoo to improve the problem, the problem is very good. I used to wash a few tens of roots. Now I just lost a few times. (Subjectives have some differences in individuals, cautious to plant grass ~)


Shiseido FINO Efficient Permeability Handfinder / Conditioner 230ml



SHISEIDO Shiseido FINO Efficient moisturizing osmotic hair mask 230 grams – hair mask – Netease Koahai purchase … Shiseido Shiseido FINO Efficient moisturizing osmotic hair mask 230 grams: Main offer quotation, product details, packaging service, user evaluation, etc.

Cosme Awards Championship, known as Japan’s best hair mask! Shiseido’s Fino hair mask is not only a good reputation, but also affordable. Autumn is from time to time, the hair is very easy to blow. This praise is very suitable for usage. Its texture is more visible, even if the inverted container does not slip, there is a feeling of brushed when digging out. The cream color is light yellow, the taste is very fragrant, but in an acceptable range. Many sisters said that they can obviously feel that the hair is very different from the previous period, and it can be intuitive to see that the hair is obviously compliant. The most important thing is that the general hair mask is very easy to make oil, although it is moist but greasy feeling is more uncomfortable, but this use will have a refreshing feeling, it is the feeling of hair rejuvenating life. Its biggest problem is that although the capacity is very fast, it is not very useful.

Lip care class:

DHC olive lipstick

¥ 39

The same COSME reward product, this DHC olive lipstick is definitely a must-have product in autumn and winter. The yellow paste has a touch of olive flavor, which is very moisturizing on the lips but not greasy, and the effect of diluting the lips. During the day, you can guarantee that you will not do your skin in the middle of the day, and you can easily go into a lip, the color of the lipstick will be better. But there are also many sisters feel that its texture is hard, and it seems to appear special oil.


In this issue, it is over, and there are many cheap products in Xiaobian, and there are also two or three-ortest price, but very popular big names. The sisters who have been metastasis, choose it. Here is the contemporary contribution time, this site is in the contribution, the sisters share the articles of the skin, I hope you have experience, I will cast experience. Click on the upper right submission to break the news button, submit it.

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