One day one look – two color wearing (3)

Take a set of black powder today.

I have never had a cold, I feel that this color is too female and eating, and I don’t work with my own temperament. However, in the past two years, I tried some pale pink, I gradually liked this color, and I also refreshed my understanding of my awareness between pink and female age. For example, this set of styles today, from sweaters to accessories are very light pink, and the results are unexpected, but they are unexpected. I wore this set of friends in the first two days, I also joked and said that I would not talk to strangers, huh, huh … So and my friend who aged age, try this biased pale pink. Maybe it will look for a long time.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

It is the thin section of the Everlane, which is purchased with the white white.

The pants are chevignon black jeans.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

The feet are selected is patricia’s wine red ankle boots.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

A waist is also found and a belt with red elements. The belt is inside, but there will always be a moving movement in the actual wear, which will expose the waist, so the exquisiteness of the details should also take care of it.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

The jacket is the short jacket in the previous period.

The upper and lower blacks, coupled with the feet with a steady wine red, so the color scale of the shape is there, and then add a bright and tender color to the body. It will not make the model look too beautiful.

Next, it is matched with a pink cashmere scarf. The color of this pink and sweater is very close, so that the superposition can increase the level of the shape.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

Then find a pink rose brooch.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

The package is a chain package of a black with rivet. The temperament of the package often affects the temperament of the entire shape. Because the pink element in this shape, the decorative element is more, so I chose the temperament of neutralization with black partial neutral. I have also considered using a pale pink bag, but the color tone balance in such a shape will be imbalance, so there is no choice.

Today’s jewelry wore a set of pink earrings and rings with children. This is a new brand I have seen in Guomao called Misaki. Checked the history, the founder is a French photographer and a Japanese illustration. The exotic love of the two makes this brand only sold in airports and airlines (flights). In 2003, I officially moved to Monaco, so now I will have Monaco characters below the trademark. In 2014, it was acquired by Alteal Group and now has a sales point in more than 80 countries.

This brand is the main pearl jewelry, the design is very strong, I have found two pictures to see you.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

The set of this is the following poster.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

But do you have a childlike? Oh, in fact, I didn’t see the poster when I bought it. It was just that this set was big enough, and it would be very strong after wearing it. When you write an article, find a brand information, and find out this poster. The model is a cool girl. She is a feeling of being different from me. She is a lot of fashion.

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

reality show.

Model list:

Sweater: Everlane

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)


一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

Jacket: IGO & EGO

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

Shoes: patricia

Belt: Roberto Cavalli

ITALIA Indepedent

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

Package: lanvin

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

Scarf: WOO

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

Board / earrings / rings: unknown / Misaki

Last week theme – leather season

一日一Look - 黑配X之两色穿搭 (三)

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