Guo Biting is really a temperament goddess, wearing red vest with white crushed flower embroidered skirt, fresh and sweet

Guo Bing Ting is a household star, but also a veritable pure natural beauty. At the beginning, the Central South Xiang, which made everyone amazed, and the goddess in many people. Guo Biting’s five senses are also very atmospheric. It is very good to make a truth of the show, which makes her more recognition, with her elegant black long hair, but also the fairy, gentle and elegant. Guo Biting after marrying into the giants, wearing a more elegant atmosphere, deceived, which can be dedicated to wear a model, just like this red vest with white crushed flower embroidery skirt, fresh and sweet and elegant atmosphere.


Red is very enthusiastic, red is more likely to be more bright atmosphere, this is also very fit with Guo Biting’s elegant, the whole person looks more eye-catching, the goddess is full, red Also reflects Guo Biting’s skin more delicate, exposed long-term arm is a lot of color, and has to say that Guo Biting’s body management is also very good. The whole person looks high and thin, it is a model. .


White gaury fantasy, looks romantic, embellished red flower embroidery added a delicate and elegant feeling for this skirt, also brought a classical charm, making Guo Biting full set LOOK more elegant Champions, extraordinary atmosphere, the skirt of the traction makes Guo Biting walk to the increasing swaying posture, look very elegant gorgeous, very elegant, the rushed tulle is also full of fairy, and then with a pair of red The word high heels, the increasing liner is long, the gas field is full. Guo Biting will wear! The red vest is full of skirts, and it is really 36 years old? .


The red short vest is the design of the navel. This design is very good to show your own body advantage, and it is more like a gas field. LOOK, this can get a very good effect. Such short vests can also optimize the size, making the legs more slender while tall the waistline of themselves, with this elegant black length, looks more and more temperament, full of energy, it is Everyone recognizes the temperament goddess.


The straight hair in the middle can make a good effect of modifying the face. Guo Biting is not a melon face, and his face has some parties, but it also looks more and more exquisite and elegant under the modification of the mid-binary straight hair. The normally distingurated eyebrow is also full of goddess. With the curled eyelashes, you will have a double eye, and it is very moving. The bite of the rose is also a girl’s breath. It also brightens the skin color.


A gentle mid-range big wavy curling hair lining Guo Biting be more fashionable, pink striped chiffon dress is also a girl’s breath, the elegant pleated skirt is more smooth, the length of the skirt is just the most Solden ankle part, make the whole person look more tall and thin, silver pointed high heels also add a texture and high level for the entire LOOK.

The upper part of the tube top, the upper part of the wooden ear is the design, which has added a complete set of LOOK’s level and fashion, and weakens the single feeling of pure white blouse and looks very simple. Fashion atmosphere. Junior pants are also very suitable for daily items, and the incidents can easily wear fashion feelings. For those who have no time, they are very friendly and fashionable, and the wide-leg pants of the land are more likely. The gas field can also step by step by step.


Weaving design and dress with snake skin designed for long boots, it looks very fashionable, with crocodile bags are also more refined with the overall LOOK texture, and the leather boots perfectly modified the leg lines, it looks The length is straight, the gas field is full, and the whole person looks delicious and moving, it is elegant.


The design of the denim jacket with a white velvet collar is equipped with a knit sweater. It looks warm and comfortable and comfortable. The delicious fashion is delicate and fashionable, and a pair of canvas shoes are full of youthful.

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