Known as the heights that can’t be rotten, the gospel of a short man, the rhubarb boots become a new trend in 2019

In fact, the definition of fashion has always been very difficult, and it is clearly given a certain answer, because some items may be perfect for individuals, but some people may have a follower on it, and they take the controversial rhubarb boots. In fact, many men, especially in our country, prefer to use it to wear it. After all, many people think that the short people are not suitable for wearing such boots, but in the strict sense of judging, in fact, it is not in the matter of dressing. So absolutely answer, many times we only need to use his skills, so no matter what your figure can make it perfect. Let’s popularize how to choose a big one today, so that each will achieve the effect of increasing.


Let’s take a look at the experience of Kanye first. Although his official height is 175 cm, the actual data is actually yet to be considered. He likes to use this kind of big yellow boots to go out of the street or on street shooting, and add him to himself. The style is hip -hop, so the loose model is naturally inevitable. But in this way, the overall height is even more short, but it doesn’t matter. He is very good at using the diversity of various items to cover up this fact, such as loose pants and a printing T -shirt, and then match it with it. Various jewelry and embellishment attract the attention of others.


However, after all, the stars were aura last time, so many times it is not suitable for ordinary people to learn from the combination of the tree people in Xiangfan City. Many people think that rhubarb boots should naturally be equipped with khaki or pants with the same color. It looks thinner, so as to achieve the stretching effect of the visual effect, it will make you look taller, tall the shirt, and match a short jacket, even if it is a little colder in the early spring season Essence This is also the most difficult style. Of course, all kinds of dark blue jeans are fine.


Because shoes and pants are connected, how to run in between the two of these two has become a very important part. Secondly, naturally you can consider beam pants. There are not so many boundaries for this type of color choice. It is not strange to khaki or other types. Avoid the disadvantages brought about by the loose models. If you wear a straight or loose, please remember that you must pull it up or tie it into the boots. It is a more popular way of wear today.

It’s just that one thing to know is other items that are matched with the big yellow boots. Whether it is the upper body or pants, most of them are leisurely, such as the pilot’s jacket or a workplace jacket, etc., which are all universal, matching, and match it. First, there is also a problem about the wear of the shoes itself. We know that there will be a lot of shoelaces on the big yellow boots. Two closest to the top should try not to account. Otherwise changed.

And this kind of shoes that have always been known as kicking rotten, in fact, not only this kind of big yellow boots, but also very classic workplace boots. It has been sought after by everyone. Anyway, I personally like it. A girl often buys such shoes for Sichuan University. Not only is anti -slip and waterproof, the most important thing is that they are also very comfortable to wear. In the cold winter, they can not feel frozen feet. Diversity.


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