Summer, I am waiting for you: 90 points COOLMAX slim straight jeans experience

Recently, I wrote a few “Wearing a Buyer Show” one after another. The appearance was a few sports and casual pants that were stocking a while ago, but there was also a pair of jeans, and it was prepared for the hot summer summer. Buy it. It is the COOLMAX function that is “hot days without tide and not sullen”, otherwise I wo n’t choose if I kill it -ordinary jeans are really hot in summer.

I stared at the model for a long time, and felt that the version of this 90 -point Coolmax slim -fitting jeans was pretty like me. The official photo (▲ above) took a cool feeling and said that it was “cool and dry”, and I would doubt it.

After all, the fabric is comfortable directly on the body, and I have to feel it in person-then I will go to the mirror, buy-home-show.


Now that the temperature is still hovering at zero 7 or 8 degrees, it will not be officially ushered in the summer until May and June. When I took this photo, I was worn with a pair of thin autumn pants. The feeling of high bombs, my legs know.

Two colors, one deeper and one shallower. Considering repeatedly, I chose a deep blue. Let’s talk about the details of this 90 -point jeans.

The signs in the figure below, the English COOLMAX should be translated into “extremely cool”, the main thing is the breathable+comfortable function. It is said that the fiber structure of the fabric is relatively special. The former can breathe and sweat. On the side of the skin, if there is sweat and tide, you can pass through this fiber freely and discharge to the outside. Therefore, it is cooler in summer, and you will not stick to your body when you sweat. The latter can retain the air to form a layer of thermal insulation layer because of the fiber. Hot days can play a certain effect of warmth.

In addition, it can be seen that the fabric components include 76%cotton, 22%polyester fiber, and 2%spandex. In addition to the Coolmax fabric, Lycra Xtra Life brings a good high -elasticity, pulling the cloth with both hands and pulling the original state with both hands, so the pants will not shape when walking or exercise.


There are not too many algae decorations in design. The slim -fitting straight version is indeed refreshing. I usually go out of the street and can wear them at work. It looks simple and generous. By the way, the hardware buckle of the zipper is a custom model, with the word “Jeans 90 points” on the button.

During the exercise, wearing a belt on the pants will feel cumbersome. My waist is not fat, and the waist of the belt is just right. If it is worn by fat people, the elasticity of this fabric should play a certain natural tightness and will not collapse.

The details are quite in place. Looking at the previous photos, the zipper of the 90 -point Coolmax slim -fitting jeans is YKK. The sides of the pants and pants pockets are more neat. The deepest thing is the lightness and softness of the fabric.


As mentioned before, there are two fibers in the fabric (the breathable fiber with grooves+the core fiber of hollow), so that the Coolmax can cope with the heat of summer, or it can be worn like me now. It is quite comfortable to wear.

Near May Day, these rainy rain was not less, and the temperature dropped again. I put a autumn trousers in it, so that the cold points at night can be held. Walking around during the day, no windy weather, for example, today is zero to 1 to 15 degrees Celsius (about three or five degrees outside from get off work), it is not very cold to wear directly.


In general, on the functionality of breathable sweats, this pants are pretty heat -resistant, wearing it, the skin is not itchy or dry, and it is more suitable for friends who also love sports in summer. However, I have to wait for the summer when the summer comes, and feel it when I go out to exercise. After that, I sweat, and I will tell you again after sweating.


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