Just need winter! Add a warm and non -slip slippers, and the family can come with a pair

As the weather is getting colder, of course, a pair of warm slippers are indispensable.

Many people will pay attention to the “keep warm” in winter slippers, but often ignore durability and safety.


Do you have such an experience:

The slippers I bought last year may have been darkened and unable to machine, only one season;


I thought I had selected a pair of warm shoes, but without non -non -slip, a little water on the ground became a skating rink, and if I accidentally fell a “dog and mud”, especially when there were old people and children in the family. Danger.


Today, we bring you Koyou’s anti -slip and velvet slippers. Not only does it keep warm, but more importantly, non -slip and dirt resistance can be arranged for the whole family!

In addition to slippers, we have prepared for warm winter warmth, and there are also super cute and warm flange velvet to wear lunch blankets. This winter will be warm.


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Anti -slip and velvetable slippers


Keep warm, safe, comfortable

The biggest feature of Koyou anti -slippers recommended this time is: non -slip!

Its slippers are made of TPR materials, which have good reflection, abrasion resistance and non -slip, and walking on the slippery ground is still steady.

Moreover, this slippers can be washed directly. If you are dirty and throw the washing machine, it is over. It is not easy to deform after washing. You don’t have to hum and save the slippers.

Of course, as a winter slippers, warmth is also important. Korr’s slippers, with a little decocement and coral velvet inside, put on soft and warm.

The design of the bag can be wrapped in the whole foot, adding warmth, stepping on the Q bomb is soft and moderate, and it is very comfortable to wear.


This time we bring you a half -entrusted model in addition to the bags and models. There are men and women. Everyone can add a pair of people.

Lilac Family snapped up the group price in a limited time, as long as 59 yuan / double, limited to 3,000 pairs, and there are old people in the family. I really recommend it!

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Wearable Flat Lochon Sleeping blanket

Multi -blankets are more soft waxy to keep warm

In the office or air -conditioned room in winter, it will feel cold when you take off your jacket, but you will feel a little hot when you wear it. At this time, it is just right to cover a furry small blanket, which is just right, warm and comfortable.

Today, the snap -up of the limited time brings you a nap to you, the material of the flange is soft and warm, and the shape of the big eye is really cute. It is simply an eye -catching artifact in the office.

The wearable hooded design, as well as intimate glove design, does not affect your office typing and playing mobile phones.

When you take a nap, the buttons on your chest become a warm small quilt, which is too warm and comfortable.

After folding, it becomes a small pillow, which can be used as a waist, and one blanket is used and does not occupy the place.


Lilac home has a limited time to buy the group price, as long as 79 yuan / piece, limited to 3,000, there are old people in the family, and I really recommend it!

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Planning: Xiaoya | Produced: Datong

Picture source: Lilac Design Team & Brand Fang provided

Scientific review: cloves scientific strict trial

Product information

Commodity name: slippers, nap blankets

Activity time


: 2021-11-17 9:00 to 2021-11-18 9:00


Delivery time: Delivery within 3 working days after order (weekend / holiday postage)

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9 o’clock per day

9 o’clock per day

Lilac Family “Limited Time to Buy” column

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