The year of the cattle will be awesome -seven -faced men’s belt

In a modern civilized society, the belt has surpassed the original inherent features and is developing towards trendy fashion decorations. However, since ancient times, the decorative function is an inherent function of the belt. In ancient times, the princes must have a leather belt with gold and jade decoration on their waist, while the military officers were equipped with a knife on the belt. As for the trousers, what happened in the future. The western denim brings this waist to put weapons and ammunition and tools. In the civilized society, it is impossible for us to hang on the street with a waist knife and ammunition, but the decoration of the waist has improved with the trend of society.


So the belt is not just a “trouser belt”. Men wearing the right belt can allow people to appreciate the resolute and excellent. Therefore, when choosing the belt, more decorative considerations, but now few people are again again. Other ornaments are hung on the belt, so the belt is pressed and the texture pattern has become the first choice.


For a variety of products in the market, why do you have two or three belts? With different clothes such as suits, leisure, and outdoor, you also need to cooperate with different belts. This is the latest launch of the seven -faced one to show the athletic belt of male elegant Confucianism.

We are no stranger to the seven -faced brand. It is a selected merchant for Xiaomi’s cooperation. We have previously evaluated the seven -faced denim belts, seven -faced skin shoes, casual shoes and other products. Seven -faced is a fashion and classic brand. At the end of the year of Gengzi, Xin Chou was approaching. The launch of this belt on the seven -sided season was also considered to add a trace of celebration to the Chinese New Year. This belt, I stayed until the first day of the New Year.


The festive theme of the outer packaging is very contrast, and the inner packaging box is very stable and heavily. The unchanged pure black packaging box reveals stability and classics.


There is also a textile storage bag, a New Year card, and a maintenance manual in the packaging. Adhering to the high -quality and low -cost style of Xiaomi, the price of this belt on the shelves is really not expensive.


The storage bag is also a festive red, and the black packaging and matching. The designer knows the traditional Chinese meaning. In the day of the New Year, it has a stronger national style.


Open the bag and see the bright belt buckle, the surface is PMMA organic glass trim. The Taurus group shows decisiveness and resoluteness, and the black belt makes people feel mature. Taurus Beijing is a dark CD pattern. The light angle is different, and the background pattern of the light can also be present.


The belt itself is very soft, the belt buckle buckle design is simple, the opening and closing is very spiritual, and the metal parts are clear.


Because the belt is a long -term use of clothing, it is possible to directly contact human skin, so manufacturers who pay attention to the concept of healthy environmental protection are constantly improving the process and production technology. Nostrils are heard, and there is indeed no irritating odor.

The back of the seven -faced belt also has leather texture on the back, but it is not as good as the front. The surface natural cowhide texture is very obvious. The softness of the leather is very good. Bend over and squatting will not feel “giggle”.

The belt belt is made of ABS, the entire belt is average, the length of it is freely contracted, the overall package edge does not have seams, and the texture effect on the belt makes it more attractive and characteristic.


Through the actual experience of the upper body, it has been used for two days. Whether in housework or work, the soft city of the seven -faced belt is experienced in the activity. The belt buckle size is small and the impact is small.


Xiaomi Youpin is on the shelf of less than 200 yuan. If the New Year is given as a gift, the meaning is very clear. This red storage bag can be used as the best packaging.

For men, there are no other reasons to decorate their appearance too much. It is worthwhile to buy a belt, because the belt is the only decoration on men’s clothing. For example, if we use it as a bundle and weapon, we do n’t agree with it, or according to your own style, choose a seven -faced to accompany you.


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