Putting on “Candy Sleeve” this spring, it makes people call OMG

The elements to be shared today are the can

Pleumal skirts, square collars to capture design, wood ear, lotus leaf edge

… All are the feminine elements. These are combined to create a “pure” fairy exclusive, that is, “

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Candy “sleeve


Candy’s sleeve fairy, do you think about the first reaction, what kind of ghost is this!

In fact, it can be seen from its name that it is similar to the shape of the candy package, from

The shoulder is “”


Retro is a fashion, but retro is a feeling. Maybe it’s not really a bit of thinking about the old things, but to forget the literary style of love, and it will be reflected in a while. Isn’t the retro coat that wears just in line with the temperature and atmosphere of spring?

The retro coat that I have to wear

Cortical stitching woolen coat

01 Very foreign green, maybe in the eyes of parents, it looks very old -fashioned. After all, it is not lively or bright enough, and it is not enough. However, fashion legends are always changing. We need to persuade parents to recognize our aesthetics. Every color should be worth trying.

Workers’ pure color woolen coat

02 The red retro must be the old tone of this, which is a little lazy than the liquid charm. There is no tenderness of girls at all, but isn’t this retro? Since you don’t like sweetness, let this handsome integration into literature and art.

Big lapel no buckle coat

03 If we must define the next definition, it is difficult for us to do it. After all, we value the feeling, not the theoretical design of the system. And color is the first element that gives us first. It is also a retro atmosphere that is slightly dull to make old and slightly dull.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

The retro of the 04 horn buckle can be traced far away, but now it has become the representative of the college style. Maybe we can’t find the reason, maybe there is no reason, we just accept it, and rarely want to change it. After being accustomed to it, it slowly becomes classic, and it is confident no matter how it becomes.

05 grid is the most fashionable retro element. The lines are difficult to change, but there are many ways to collide with color. The inconspicuous earth yellow is very eye -catching because of the line. How can I have less equipment in the hooded coat?

Queen seven -point sleeve grid coat

06 I wanted to sleep well, and when I opened my eyes, I saw myself who was flying, and I had the strength to rush away the bad mood. The lattice extends the possibility of unlimited possibilities in the collision of color. The existence of oversize makes the spilledness of the coat more obvious. How can it be controlled without 165+?

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Lotus leaf grid coat

07 There is also a retro that is sweet, with winding and chemical on the edge of the lotus leaf, which is the princess temperament of the western court. Although the red is open, I can’t bear the personality of Tibetan blue and wants to be low -key. The side of the lotus leaf exists in every detail you can imagine, and put together a new retro style.

Middle -length over -the -knee coat

08 such gray, such a black scarf like such a fisherman hat, isn’t it retro? It’s more like a man with a man, but it doesn’t matter. The growth of a strong woman must naturally move closer to men’s strength, let alone retro is a good neutralization.

The breath of spring spreads everywhere, and the soft and tender knitting knitting can be described as the main force of the spring wardrobe. The shawl or warm laminate various ways to open the way to make it have a high degree of freedom in shape, which can be competent for various occasions.

[Elegant atmosphere, long model, showing body shape:]

Spring sweater is more tricky, long and short cardigan shapes are relaying

Ultra -long knitted cardigan with T -shirt jeans is a choice without a wrong choice. Jancong pants expose the ankle to connect the loafers, the shape is comfortable and casual.

Lisa Aiken wears a LOGO white T -shirt in the pajamas style, wears a black -bottomed red -white knitted cardigan, the red handbags are echoed, the small black boots are closed, and the small area of ​​color is embellished in a large area color, which is exquisite and handsome in shape.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Olivia Palermo uses a purple printed dress with a deep blue cardigan, which is adjacent to the color, and it is cute, romantic and literary.

Lace stitching mid -long sweater cardigan

01 Selecting a gluten starts with the high -level basic color of good wear and easy to show. The gentle milk white knitted knitting blend with delicate lace, adding a little charming shape to the simple shape, and a lace suspender in the inside. Many.

Loose lantern sleeve knitted cardigan

02 The reason why the cardigan is thin lies in using the vertical cramp to form a narrow vertical division, and the medium -length model magnifies this advantage, and the beige color close to the skin color is gentle. To achieve the ideal effect, the lantern sleeve and pearl buckle can also improve the details.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

V -neck tie knitted sweater

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

03 Khaki cardigan has a calmness and neutral temperament, and it is almost omnipotent in terms of matching. The mixed -colored effect will not be monotonous. And long models are the best display stage of the gas field.

Loose mid -length knitted shirt

04 The mottled grass -green mixed color knitting has a sense of sight of spring colors, abstract and resistant to see, and layered green and white and blue combinations, which can be used as a matching color extension, highlighting the fresh and pleasant natural beauty. Xianxian Qi fluttered.

05 Falling the shoulder lamp sleeve embellishment with the same color lattice strap fresh age reduction, starting from the shoulder, to the sleeve knot and hanging down, raising your hands and feet to add elegant and chic. The white shirt jeans are wonderful, and the pink brings flowers like flowers.

06 Flowing scarf collar, minimalist roll edge without losing casualness, woolen yakosaki blended and well -spinning is good, adding needle, belt or waist bag can keep the temperature and proportion. The versatile color shape is relatively free, with pants and easy to be handsome, or elegant and elegant skirt.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

[Small and exquisite short model, the optimization proportion is lively and lively literary art:]

This semi -long and short knitted cardigan on the hips can make full use of its thin buttocks to show thin effects, open penetration to create longitudinal lines, like Selena Gomez buckle at the bottom to create a deep V, it is also worthy of reference. Wearing denim nine -point pants and loafers, although the shape is simple, it takes care of warmth and personality.

French style representative Jeanne Damas uses the Tibetan blue knitted cardigan to wrap the same color printed wrap, V -neck and split, show the collarbone and beautiful legs respectively, with weaving Mueller shoes and handbags, showing the fresh sunny pastoral style.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

SASHA LUSS, a white shirt in a dark blue cardigan, wearing a white shirt, exposing the white collar and the cuffs very fresh, wearing tight jeans and fisherman shoes, outline the beautiful legs, comfortable and grounded.

Leandra Medine gives a reference of knitted cardigan that requires warm season, brown leather coat, sea soul shirt, knitted cardigan, white wide -leg pants, black patent leather boots, accessories are very interesting, fun earrings and necklaces, and necklaces and necklaces and necklaces The black bib shows her interesting character.

V -neck short loose sweater cardigan

07 Each cardigan comes with n matching schemes. The gray cardigan is very high -end and very versatile. It can hold a lot of jumping color. The rigorous and capable blue striped shirt is combined with the gentle and elegant gray cardigan. , Refreshing and dry practice.

Horn sleeve Malaysia wool wool knitted cardigan

The key to the 08 short cardigan is small and exquisite, so the details are very important. The small ruffles on the cuffs are sweet and sullen, the Mahai wool wool blend, the visual and touch is very good, the light color plush comes with the beauty of the fairy, the girl is full of girl style, elegant elegant The pink is so quiet.

Large button loose knitted cardigan

09 Simple cardigan can not only use knitted lines to enrich the details, but also challenge the bold colors. The warm and rich rust yellow can not only show white but also add a stroke to the shape. The blue contrasting color CP easily creates a sense of stunning. The external large round buckle is cute and cute, and the built -in metal dark buckle is open and close.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Net yarn stitching knitted shirt

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

10 Aesthetic and romantic Victorian fold lace collar stitching on the cardigan, instantly different, the gorgeous retro style that cannot be blocked around the neck, the tie wearing it is better, and the inside and outside are beautiful. Give a lot of room to play, with high waist skirts with long legs and ladylike feelings.

V -neck striped knit sweater

11 The passionate and sweet color striped cardigan, full of sunlight and lazy breath, a good figure with a bottom dew point lace sexy and seductive, can also be used as a part of the stacking part, showing youthful vitality. It can also glow for new glory.

Round -neck stripe cashmere knitted cardigan

12 The placket and unilateral sleeves are embellished with different colored stripes, giving the sun the vitality, so that the knitted cardigan is not dull and old, and the details are highlighted. The thick and soft cashmere cashmere is made. Outstanding representative of youth and good texture. Not all women are interested in the street style that floats on the surface, but almost all women have a soft spot for their age -reducing attributes. There is no way. This is the fate of sweaters. It is not difficult to understand that in the face of the unrequited affection that has never looked back, who would be able to live with the fleeting youth.

At the attribute of age reduction, you have to enter a sweater.

Alphabet print plus velvet sweater

01 -like peaked cap, simple backpacks, casual jeans, with a black sweater with only letters, the vibrant breath immediately came.

Hooding cock loose sweater

02 The solid color sweater that simply saves the letters, there are almost no critical places. With the tender and good rose red, it has expanded the scope of the audience. Just like the dress that appears in Korean dramas.

Suede minimalist solid color sweater

03 Coincidentally, the popularity of baby blue sweaters is also the same. It may be because of no embellishment. It is extremely plastic and its strength is not to be underestimated. Regardless of the other time, it is enough to make countless women crazy enough to make countless women.

Printing hooded wild sweater

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

04 As the handle of the printing industry, the bear is undoubtedly the handle of the age -cut world. She appears on the white sweater with a cute attitude. Inadvertently created visual feelings, it is almost harmonious to no friends.

Large size golden velvet thick sweater

05 The advantage of gold velvet is that it seems that it seems to exceed the color of its own value. Especially when taking a commute route, there is a sense of low -key luxury, the key, and it is particularly skin -friendly. , Absolutely worthy of money.

Simple solid color plus velvet sweater

06 Recently, a word is popular. The Buddha is referring to all the ways to see all the lifestyles and collide with the monk color of the monks some time ago. It seems that the elements of temples are still the trend. Take advantage of the momentum, and then enter a caramel sweater. At least, it will not face outdated risks for a while.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Person -in -hasting Kessarine sweater

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

The 07 -free woman should not be blindly attached to the so -called avant -garde, and they like better than anything. The eye -catching bright yellow sweater is a typical example. Although it is used as a rotten script, it has a lot of money to buy the domineering that I want.

Knit stitching casual sweater

08 In comparison, just stitching a little knitted sweater at the sleeve is a relatively satisfactory model. Even if you don’t look closely, you can’t see the different fabrics. Fortunately, the distinction of colors is unique enough. Whether it is a beautiful cute girl or a high -cold royal sister, it can be controlled.

To cut love, where the mind is, the one who appears

This kind of sleeve is OK

Fusion yarn, lace, ruffled edge

Waiting for feminine elements, let your sweetness index Max, Candy is also one of the darlings of the show.

Candy sleeves can easily increase their attention to the shoulders and make the shoulders look three -dimensional, so this sleeve

Not suitable for shoulder width and skeleton

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

The fairy will increase the swelling of the shoulder.

Candy sleeves can be said to be familiar to us

Upgraded version of “Bubble Sleeve”

For fairy with narrow shoulders and small skeletons, it can play a good role in modifying, and let you put it on a gas field! Recommended to

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG



In addition to the characteristics of the shoulder, Candy sleeves are mainly manifested in the diversity

Color and neckline

It is obvious with the neckline ZUI.

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Speaking of high


The first element, the first thought of the square collar, combined with Candy sleeves, elegant and romantic.

Crop top

Candy sleeve Blouse, black is very thin, with beige wide -leg pants, “French Chic” is full.


今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Fang collar blouse, plus Candy sleeve and

Take over

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

The design is too suitable for spring, fresh and retro, the simpler the next match, the better, such as jeans can easily carry.

✔ ✔ 方 方


The heart leads Blouse, with the pearl’s buttons, the proper Romantic model, plus the candy sleeve Sweet, as if the French girl came out of the oil painting.

Small floral

The Fang Ling dress is too suitable for our Asian fairy. The exquisite collarbone LINE, plus the Candy sleeve, Candy Girl is you!

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

The Candy sleeves of the round neck are generally tight collar, so it is even more unsuitable for the fairy with width shoulder, but for the small fairy,

Three -dimensional

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

The knock on the strong shoulder makes the whole person look high and have aura, even if you attend some formal occasions, it will not be wrong.

Candy sleeve sweater has more design more than ordinary sweater, especially spring

Wearing a single

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

A to explosion, you are the cub of this street ZUI.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

✔ V -neck

V -neck Candy is used in


今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG






今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Spring sweater is more tricky, long and short cardigan shapes are relaying


今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

On, the aura wife is too good. Such a single product is the One Pick of Xiaobian, which makes me look difficult to provoke haha.

But candy sleeve

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG


It is too exaggerated to “be able to stop”, too exaggerated, the concave shape is okay, it is difficult to control daily wear.

After understanding Candy’s style, the fairies must be more concerned about its matching methods. First, let’s take a look at what kind of spark it will wipe with pants.

White Candy Sleeve


The combination of strength interprets Less is more. If you like French style and don’t know how to match it, this is the simple method of ZUI!

Since 19 years, I suddenly fell in love with Crop TOP. With a variety of downfits, it can be easy to Slay. Candy’s fashionable sense of fashion will make

Short top

How unlimited possibilities.

Whether it is an office worker or a daily dress in spring, it is indispensable

Striped shirt

Essence The wooden ear and Candy sleeves weaken the rigidity and professional sense brought by the shirt. With the nine -point jeans and high -heeled V -port witch shoes, the fashion fashion Sense is easy to get.

The trend is changing rapidly, and the plaid is always standing on the fashion stage. 2020 popular color

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Classic blue

Used on a lotus leaf shirt, it is so beautiful. Love is miserable, and for Baipi, it comes with its own white buff.

Compared to fine plaids,

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG


The blouse has a kind of women’s unique atmospheric beauty. The brown is very pneumatic. The butterfly lace of the waist not only plays a decorative role, but also increases the proportion of the lower body.

This look was crying when I saw it.

Little floral+drawing rope capture+candy sleeve

Seamless fusion, with spoiler pants, the gentle and clever mix of women and women, I give full score!

If you are white skin, brown, caramel color, challenge.


The heart -shaped collar, let the vision instantly attracted by the collarbone, beauty CRY.

When Candy’s sleeve encountered a skirt, it was so sweet. Haha, I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop since I shared with you the previous non -mainstream stories.


今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Small floral skirt

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

Candy sleeves make you cry so much, it is really suitable for spring single.

Small white skirt

The innocence is beautiful, like a first love. But if it is just a white skirt, it is too monotonous. Add the design of Candy sleeve and lace, instantaneous eye -catching index rises a level.


Little black dress

, Fang Ling Design, also follows

Proper skin

The principle of exposing the slender collarbone is the simplicity and beauty of the legend.

Always feel

Bean -green

It is a very foreign existence. The operation is on the Candy sleeve dress, which mixes the femininity and handsomeness of women, gentle and unsatisfactory, and loves such a combination and is very foreign.

Black and white stitching

The dress combines the two classic colors, with a pair of high -heeled short boots, which is very delicate of the Korean drama O’Nen, and easily create a sweet sense.

And this kind of skirt with one


, Use necklace, etc.

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG


The embellishment will make the overall degree of completion. Seeing customers and parents is a great choice.

Like this kindy

Tulle blouse

今春穿上“candy 袖”,让人直呼OMG

With a strap dress is Xiaobian’s heart love, it looks like a sexy kitten cat haha.

The last sharing to the fairy must be heavy! Types, wood ear, lace, candy sleeves, these ZUIs can represent feminine elements mixing just right, it will not be too cumbersome, with one piece

V -neck

The checkered dress, it girl is you!

Does the fairy love today’s “candy” sleeves?

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