The gas field is full! The winter leather clothes that are not to be missed are recommended, cool and dazzling

Leather means personality and momentum. Looking at it all year round, whether it is street tide or actresses, there are always people who are wearing leather clothes. It can be seen that leather clothes are suitable for any temperament. HOLD does not hold it, depending on the gas field. It is not the spokesperson of the female man, but it must be the best item for the princess to change the queen.


Leather suit


If you are too lazy to consider the matching elements, you may wish to choose a suit, the suit leather, double the coolness. Black leather suit, known for classic colors. The deep and atmospheric sense that can be used to wear Dafa is good at stacking Dafa. It is more three -dimensional effects to wear, and the characteristics of the body with clothes and clothing are enough to create a three -dimensional image.


The inside of the slim black knitting, with the combination of loose leather jackets and high -waisted leather pants, the aura is strong and very thin.


Portuguese bloggers Sofia Coelho, loose and comfortable is her dress style. In sports and leisure, she has a trendy street. She and girlfriend’s leather jackets are overflowing with American retro style. The entire look looks casual and advanced.


The lower body is paired with leather pants of the same color and material, and a pair of sports shoes can be used to relieve the coldness of leather clothes.

The line of sight is pulled back to the show, and the matching of the whole body leather jacket is very common. Loose knitting in the short -sliming leather jacket is also a good choice. Mix and match different textures to highlight the level.

Short leather jacket


Short leather clothes have always been loved by locomotive men and women. Correspondingly, we mentioned that short leather clothes cannot be separated from a word, which is “cool”. The leather clothing comes with flash attributes, and it can collide with many other materials different sparks. In short, it is one of the most versatile items.


The conventional operation of short leather coats belongs to “one black”, with different black items to promote different styles, such as the casual style of “pot hat+straight pants” and the British style of “denim+Martin boots”.

The intentional short leather clothes make the fashion retro style cleverly blended with the cool feeling. Even the all -black shape can still wear a different feeling.

If you want to be more retro, try your lower body with a dark blue straight jeans and a small checkered cooker to return your style to the 1990s.


These two groups of street feels are full of stylish and modern mature style, and the other is the cool and fashionable stacking gameplay. The former adds a belt to the waist to modify the waist outside the leather coat, and the latter uses the material to choose the fur integration in the material.

Looking back on the fashion show, the combination of white inside and black short leather jackets can also bring visually strong, so it highlights the high -level sense of easy and effortless.

Long leather trench coat

Speaking of short -selling leather jackets, long leather trench coats are also the choice of many fashionable tide. In the cold time, a long leather coat can have both grace and temperature.


Choose a high -necked shirt in the inside of the long leather coat, and the lower body is high -waisted pants.


If you are worried that a piece of black is inevitable from top to bottom, you can try some bright colors on the accessories bag. This red chain bag cleverly forms “red and black CP” with the black leather windbreaker.


Colored leather jacket


In addition to the above black options, of course, leather clothes are not only such a choice. Color leather jackets are the strongest protagonists in winter.

Avocado green leather jacket with plaid pants, grass green leather jacket with water washed denim, playful and dynamic street feels together.

The festive atmosphere is naturally red. The red leather jacket is equipped with a variety of black sweaters to present the coolness and sexy.


The combination of brown skin also has a crash, such as plush texture bag accessories, and large -contrast green straight pants, which brings different feelings for winter wear.


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