Take off your little white shoes! Today, “Oxford shoes” is popular, and the temperament is high, suitable for small children

Autumn has come. When changing the season to add clothes, we must not only pay attention to the items in the wardrobe, but also the items in the shoe cabinet. If you still only wear “jeans+small white shoes”, you can easily be buried in the crowd. So this autumn, quickly give up the small white shoes that are not easy to take care of the dirty organs, and the dark clothes with dark clothes, try fashionable and comfortable Oxford shoes!

Although the style of Oxford shoes is relatively fixed, the color of Oxford shoes is very diverse, and the differences in materials can also greatly change the style. Therefore, it is assured that it is versatile; Taking into account the trueness of the shoes.

Where is the advantage of “Oxford Shoes”

The advantage of Oxford shoes lies in it

The sense of atmosphere is just right

You can wear it on different occasions

Appropriate and comfortable

Essence This is not only because of its versatile, but also because of its design -the flat style, strong sense of comfort, and good experience; mostly black and brown, not easy to make errors; there are diverse materials,

Can be selected for the four seasons


How to choose “Oxford Shoes”?


1. Color

In the advantages of Oxford shoes above, we have mentioned that the biggest feature of Oxford shoes is

It has not enough color

, Comparative limitations, common color classifications are only

Black, brown, coffee color

Such a classic color system.

These relatively fixed colors also make

The audience of Oxford shoes will be relatively fixed


That’s “office worker”. Do not need to be eye -catching colors, but instead of commuting


Dominated by calmness

2. Material

It can be said that Oxford shoes are

One of the many types of leather shoes

, So its material is consistent with leather shoes. We generally divide Oxford shoes as

Matte material


Materials of patent leather shiny noodles

Two types.

By understanding, it can be found that the matte Oxford shoes are more popular, which is also due to the matte material material

Low -key impression


Oxford shoes calm

more suitable.

3. Style

Compared to the selection method mentioned in the first two, the selection of styles is much easier. Oxford shoes

Common style

It is also relatively fixed, usually the upper is available



, The shoes are sharp -headed, this design is relatively ordinary leather shoes

A more rigorous feeling

Therefore, it is also more suitable for workplace wearing; so when choosing Oxford shoes, we only need to follow other items

Choose the right heel height


Small low heels or flat heels of Oxford shoes are more neutralized

, Matching is that we can choose relatively feminine clothing, such as

Floral skirt

Wait; and

High -heeled Oxford shoes



, Suitable for matching

Long straight skirt

, Not an A -line skirt, straight skirt


It can stretch the body visually

, The long model is more aura, adding a sense of mystery, so that the high -heeled Oxford shoes are more

Sigh and thin

“Oxford Shoes” matching ideas

Idea ①: jacket+skirt+Oxford shoes

Suit jacket plus skirt

, I have enough sense of tenderness in the serious commute, which is suitable for appearing as a workplace, and then match it

Oxford shoes

, Match together

Stable color

The combination of capability and feminine charm is just right.

Checked jacket

Naturally, it is also very suitable to match the skirt with the skirt. Compared with a suit jacket

More affinity


The elegance of the skirt

Can be assigned with it, a set of mix


There is just a sense of distance


It will not make people feel indifferent and difficult to contact.

Idea ②: Trench coat+Oxford shoes


It’s autumn

A must -have item

It can be said that seeing everyone started wearing a trench coat, it means that autumn has come. Such a must -have item, be careful when it is matched -the windbreaker itself

Length and color

It will make the matching “upgrade” to a larger one


Essence The windbreaker is not suitable for everyone, especially


, If you do n’t have a good job, you will be short and fat.


The matching trench coat can maximize it


It feels like it is not easy to use the British style with various items.

Oxford shoes that matte leather and lace

It can be described as for



Born from the shape, the style adaptation is extremely high.

Idea ③: sweater+trousers+Oxford shoes



This kind of dress is very common in autumn,


It is relatively soft, often given people


There are many choices for trousers, and there are many choices of trousers.

Pure color suit pants Korean elegant elegance

Checked trousers age -reducing youth

No matter what style, it can be made with Oxford shoes

The overall shape feels stronger

Thoughts ④: Dress+Oxford Shoes


Compared with other items, it is special. On the one hand, it is because it is a exclusive item for girls.

Casual gentle

The sense of atmosphere is far greater than the cold and sharp feeling. This requires us to choose a matching shoes for the dress


Can’t blindly pursue the same style

, Then it is limited to versatile but lack of formal sense


The ritual sense is enough but not comfortable enough

High heel

So when we choose shoes for dress, we can

Try “style collision” appropriately


Essence Relatively cold

Match with the cute and cute dress to achieve the balance of the mother. In addition, we can also apply this method to


In the matching of Oxford shoes, the color and style of Oxford shoes

Adapt to jacket

I don’t know if this article about Oxford Shoes has helped you? I hope that through this article, you can have a better understanding of Oxford shoes and can be used when matching. If you have other content you want to know, please leave a message to interact with me, we will see you next time!








Oxford shoes


Oxford shoes


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