Sata’s patent design makes you add up like a tiger

German Sata Product

Trusted and loved by many users

Make spray technicians enjoy spraying

Easy to use, improve efficiency, and reduce work burden

It has always been the direction of Sata’s efforts to develop

In order to continuously achieve this goal

Many Satata patent technology came into being

Today we will introduce to you a few spray guns in use

Patent solution

Help everyone better understand and use Sata spray guns


It is also better to experience the unchanged intention of Sata’s user -oriented

Correct spraying air pressure

Is the key to the quality of the paint film


The difference, thousands of miles away


We often hear

Cases of rework due to inaccurate air pressure occur

Sata has a variety of spray gun models

But not every spray gun has a digital air pressure display

For users can intuitively and accurately grasp the spraying gas pressure

Try to avoid spraying defects

Sata has developed and developed

Standard spray guns upgraded to digital spray guns

SATA Adam 2 Adam Digital Pressure Table

And in order to reflect higher cost performance

A Sataya digital pressure regulating table can be used for multiple spray guns

Just replace the base

Unique LCD digital display and air pressure adjustment

One of the Adam digital pressure regulating table

easy installation

Directly replace the spraying air pressure regulating knob and install it on the spray gun

Make air adjustment and pressure display as one

Replace the spraying air pressure adjustment knob of the Satta spray gun to Adam, and you can upgrade to a digital pressure -regulating spray gun

Accurately measure and regulate spraying gas pressure

High display accuracy: ± 0.05 backens

The display table can be easily removed from the base

A watch body can be used in different Sata spray guns

The battery life is long, and it can be easily replaced

Metal shell, with earthquake resistance and anti -solvent function

The regulations in accordance with explosion -proof safety

Cultivation requires a dedicated paint tank and filter funnel

Change back and forth with the gun pot, the steps are cumbersome

Can’t see the remaining amount of paint in the gun pot

Excess paint cannot be saved

It takes time to replace the gun pot

The color changing needs to be cleaned and sprayed.

Consumption of cleaning solvents, labor time, etc.


The pain points of the use of this series of spraying process

Promoting Sata to develop

SATA RPS Multifunction

Improve the working environment of spray technicians


Save benefits and convenient use

More in line with the current environmental spray requirements


It is also more suitable for efficient working rhythm

It is a spray technician to show the professional work method

And to create a strong partner of a clean working environment

Many users like to use

Sata original gun pot

But there are some inconveniences in operations

It still affects the rhythm of the working rhythm

For example, you need to rotate more circles in installing the gun pot

It’s hard to operate with gloves

Too much thread is easy to gather paint and difficult to clean


Thread is easy to wear and scratch, etc.

SATA QCC quickly replace the pot

Sata can operate smoother for spraying technicians

I developed QCC to quickly change the pot

Compared with the previous rotation to be loaded before it can be disassembled

Now just rotate 1/4 lap to complete

Easy to replace and clean

More time -saving and efficient, improving efficiency

If you need to use it on a spray gun with inner thread

You can also order the SATA QCC gun with a thread version

strong and sturdy

You only need to rotate 1/4 lap to load and unload

It is easy to identify with red circumference

There is a thread version to choose from, which can be used on a spray gun with internal thread

Can’t judge which one is the spray gun you use

Mixing paint and paint spray gun

Clean the clean spray gun and use it, etc.

When these situations occur

Often cause work delays

Or spray the defects

As a result, Sata has developed

SATA CCS color identification system

Spray guns of different users

Spray guns of different uses are distinguished


It is more convenient for the management of spray guns

Save time and improve work efficiency

Satajet X 5500 series, 5000 series, SataminIJET 4400 series with system 1 color identification pads.


Satajet 1000 series, Satajet 100 series spray gun equipped with a color identification cushion of 2 types.

There are 4 colors: red, blue, green, and black

Combined with the tail of the gun, it is convenient for spraying gun management

Three -piece nozzle is a key component of spray gun

The hat is therefore needed to be disassembled and cleaned frequently


In the past, the snails of the hat

Rotate more circles in installation

If the operation is irregular, it is easy to cause slide

It brings inconvenience to the use of technicians

Therefore, Sata will improve the original design

R & D SATA Quick quickly replaced the hood

Turn the fine thread into a thick thread design

You only need to rotate for one and half a circle to install and disassemble

It is also easier to clean the residual paint in the thread

SATA Quick Change Quickly replace the hood

The thick thread design can be removed by just rotating less than one circle and a half

Easy to disassemble

Reduce the risk of thread scratches

There are still many patented technologies in Sata products


There is only one goal

It is more convenient to make the spray technician’s operation more convenient

Increase work efficiency

Hope today’s introduction can

Help everyone know more about the Sata spray gun

And the original intention of Satta’s user -oriented

Let Satt help your spray work easily and smoothly













SATA RPS Multifunction


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