6 types of warm -warm skin wool socks are recommended, real wool is more comfortable and breathable

Don’t underestimate the socks on your feet. Compared with artificial fiber socks, the warmth, breathability, and comfort of wool socks are better. Wearing it for a long time will not produce odor and discomfort.


Next, I recommend 6 warm -warm skin wool socks, choose real wool, comfortable and breathable.


FALKE | Airport Midtop Wool Socks 14435


Falke from Germany has a history of socks for a century. With high -precision weaving and manual control, it has become the largest socks industry manufacturer in Europe.


The Airport series is Falke’s classic popular series. The simple solid color design is easy to match and contains more than 20 colors to choose from. The price is about 200 yuan, and you can buy it in the official flagship store.

This middle socks are made of 60%wool and 23%cotton. It is designed with an exclusive cloth. The inner layer of the cotton is matched with the outer layer of the Merrust wool. The sutured sock tip avoids the friction of the tip of the foot, and it is very comfortable to wear.



FALKE | Softmerino Midtop Wool Socks 47488



This women’s socks are a calm and low -key style. They have won many ladies love with superb craftsmanship and high comfort.

Merrust wool blended material, while the warmth is not diminished, is more resistant than pure wool socks. Persist in handmade seams, such as reinforcement to the toes and back followers, without stiff stitching, bringing a more comfortable foot feeling.

This model can be purchased at Jingdong flagship store, with a price of less than 200 yuan, which is relatively high. Women who are pursuing exquisiteness can consider starting with a pair. It has 7 classic color schemes, which is durable and versatile.


Decathlon | Outdoor Mantra Mosque ODS


Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer founded in 1976. The product line is very rich and specially provides sports enthusiasts with high -quality and low -cost sporting goods. Wool socks have fewer styles, mainly for outdoor sports scenes such as mountain climbing and skiing.

This mountaineering sock contains 52%of the Merrust slave wool, wearing fluffy, warm and moisturizing, which can reduce sweat. Long plush design on the socks and socks can reduce the discomfort of the needle thread. Compared with ordinary socks, this one has a certain buffering effect, has better abrasion resistance, and meets outdoor travel needs.


It can be purchased in the official flagship store of Decathlon, which is priced at about 100 yuan 2 pairs, which is very affordable.


Corgi | Animal Printing Wool Wool Socks


Corgi is a household name in the United Kingdom and is one of the socks brands that gentlemen love. As early as 1898, the British royal certification was obtained by Prince Wales.

This Melian mixed spinning wool socks has a good warmth, and it is light and durable, bringing an outstanding comfortable experience to the feet. In addition to the excellent material control, it is also consistent with the traditional handicraft technology. It is hand -made and comfortable. The comfort is not comparable to ordinary wool socks. It is worth seeing its unique pattern design and ducks with British native characteristics, which looks vivid and interesting. The color blocks of the socks and socks are stitched to make the socks not monotonous.

This model can be purchased in the official flagship store, the price is about 300 yuan, and there are often preferential activities, which can be paid more attention.


Langsha | Thicked warm and warm mid tube wool socks


Langsha is a well -known brand in China, with reliable quality workmanship. This is weaved with more than 30%wool yarn, wearing warm and comfortable, and adding polyester, spandex and other fibers to enhance wear resistance.

The 6 pair of gift boxes are priced at about 60 yuan, with an average of 10 yuan per pair. There are 13 colors with options. The cost is relatively high. It can be purchased in the official flagship store.


SMARTWOOL | PHD skiing socks wool socks



SMARTWOOL belongs to the famous outdoor brand Timberland. It is the first company in the world to make skiing wool socks. The brand focuses on various outdoor sports wool equipment, especially known for high -quality sports wool socks.


This pair of wool socks are so. It has a narrow shape and a slightly lighter heel. It is designed for women and is suitable for outdoor occasions such as skiing, mountaineering, camping. ZQ -certified high tube is light and light and warm with the Merrust wool. Not only is the bone seamless head wearing very comfortable, but also the nylon fabric is reinforced, which is more resistant to wear and wear.

SW001441 is available in Tmall flagship stores. The daily price is about 400 yuan. In the event of a promotional activity, it will discount about 100 yuan. Users who are interested in buying can pay more attention to the store information.


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