Story: The princess born in the cold palace was suppressed by the palace for ten years, and the general married her to the sky

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An Lan


I am a princess, unknown, and born in the cold palace.

The father and emperor raised their soldiers to destroy my mother’s mother’s country. She was discouraged and couldn’t get out of the door since then.

This woman is obviously a weak silk, and she wants to treat herself as a pine cypress. She used to attach the mother country, and now she is attached to her father, but she has to hit stones with eggs.

Seeing pitiful, the beauty of the rivers and mountains, is still heavy. Is it impossible to distinguish between an emperor with great talents?

She thought that the emperor would see her pregnancy and was very happy to control the court of the court?

One million soldiers guarded the city walls of Chu State, waiting for the order to open up the country to achieve immortality. Does the court say, do you do not fight?

The concubine can be changed, and the child can regenerate. Such a thousand years of reputation is not a chance to return.

I resent her and pity her.

She is indeed a rare peerless beauty. Qiu Shui is a god jade, and hibiscus is like a willow. How can I not tear in the mirror sohong and old?

One day she saw that she was born in the mirror, and she had fine lines at the corner of her eyes, and suddenly screamed in fear.

Beauty will be late, and she rely on her peerless beauty. She can find a beauty like her in the world, and there is a place in her gambler’s heart.

But nowadays, Hongyan is getting old, and the emperor still does not find her. When the old color declines in the future, it becomes ugly. Even if the emperor thinks of it, at first sight, he is afraid of being shocked and angry.

She finally remembered that she had a daughter.

She stroked my cheeks. Although I was only ten years old, she had already made a clear dust, and she was alive again.

She said, Alan, you must remember our Chu Kingdom. The mother -in -law is for you and Chu.

I am the princess of Daqin, and she actually wants me to remember a place I have never been to. What about Chu, Chu State? Yun Mengze? Canglangshui? I didn’t see it at a glance. I only knew that she and I were trapped in the cold palace.

She started a careful dressing, with a moth eyebrow sweeping, plain clothes and white clothes, such as Zhi orchid Yushu, and the shabby rooms were full of great rooms.

She wrote a blood book, which probably meant that the years have been stunned, and she has been regretful for ten years. She has no sanctification. Today, I know that the limit has arrived. There is no idea.

There was a bitter apricot tree planted in the Hanshan Hall. She finished writing and instructed me to shout loudly, leading people over, and then eating all the cumulative bitter almonds.

She has no wisdom in major events, but she can understand what men think. She was originally a monarch. Instead of waiting for the old age, it is better to stay in the most beautiful time and let the man think of the rest of his life.


I was frightened that she was getting cold, holding the blood book and shouting loudly, and the palace was my sharp shout.

The palace door that has been blocked for many years opened, and the two eunuchs walked in impatiently, scolding: “What are you shouting, you want to die!”

Then they saw the concubine lying quietly on the bed, from amazing to panic.

Although she was left out for many years, she finally died unclearly. She could not escape the department.

They decided not to report. After a few years, they may change places or make some places out of the palace.

“Such a beauty, it’s a pity to die like this.”

They stood in front of the hall and ridiculed.

“Dead, there are small ones …”

A man suddenly spoke, and the two looked at each other, making a wretched smile, and walked towards me.

My heart was jumping, a kind of creepy and disgusting from my toes to the hair.

I turned and ran.

“Butter, what do you run, you think you can run out.”

“Hahaha, the emperor’s woman can’t play, it’s good to play his daughter.”

I was pressed on the ground, and the clusters of weeds staped on my face. With a “scoop”, the broken cloth floated to the air.

Am I insulted by two pickled stomach party?

No, it is impossible to die!

I turned my head and bite, and tore the ears of a man.

“Ah!” The man screamed and fell to the ground.

While I didn’t respond, I pulled out the mule on my head and pierced his eyes fiercely!

“Come, come, come! Some people rebel! Someone murdered the emperor!”

I ran out madly, holding the blood book tightly in my hand, and shouted while running.

Until he hit his arms.


He pushed me away, I fell to the ground, and looked at the people who were like a snowy snow.

As the sun and the moon, the Tang and the moon will collapse.

In front of him, like a man who was so slim, I was bloody, like a beggar, embarrassed, timid, and fond of myself.

“Who are you and how do you gallop in the palace?”

The man next to me helped me up.

“I … I am Alan, my mother -in -law is Han Fei, she is gone! They are going to kill me!”

I suddenly remembered that I should cry at this time, tears rushing out, a weak and helpless look, it was moving.

“Come, tell your son, some people in the palace murder the emperor.”


I was taken to Penglai Palace.

The man was frowning, thinking about the chessboard, Qing Jun’s eyebrows were like the breeze on the river, and he did not know how many women’s heart lakes.

“Copy, Shuyun, what’s going on?”

“The mother -in -law of the Hanshan Hall was stunned. Two Diao slaves in the palace bullying the princess was young and was encountered by Wei Chen.

“Han Yan Temple?”

My emperor’s brother, Da Qin’s eldest son, Gongzhou, finally stepped down and walked in front of me, and the cool fingers picked my chin.

“Indeed like Han Fei.”

He retracted his fingers and said lightly.

“Pull the two palace people to go away to work with the effect.”

I am not the first time I have seen Pingzhou.

On that day, the entire palace was noisy. Every palace was wore red and green, smiling, and the His Majesty ordered that the palace people were doubled and the world was exempt from the world.

It was the birthday ceremony of the eldest son of the big Qin.

I quietly drilled out of the dog hole and looked at the young man in the jade crown. He followed the gorgeous ceremonial battle behind him.

It is also the child of the emperor, why can he be high, and I want to be low in the dust. In the barren cold palace, can even the eunuch maid bully me?

He is not the eldest son. The harem is three thousand Jiali. There are countless lucky ones who are pregnant and born in front of him.

But only him, as soon as he landed, was raised by the emperor, this is the eldest son of his reunion.

Because his mother is the nobleman of the Qin, he is the most pure and distinguished prince in Qin Guoquan’s heart.

“I … I want to see Father Emperor.”

I sobbed and said.

Yanzhou looked at me without saying a word, and took a long time and took the princess to groom.

My hanging heart finally let go.

I knelt on the ground, and I couldn’t cry.

The man who was called the father of the father looked at the blood book, and the cold face was yiny.

The mighty ceremony stopped in front of the long -awaited Hall. Opening the door, the blood inside was not cleaned up. He raised his feet and walked in. There was no beauty in the world. There was only a beautiful but cold body.

What are the more than heaven and man forever?

There was a tragic and regret in his eyes.

Come, burial Han Fei.

Not good.

There was a gloom in my heart.

According to the reason, shouldn’t you pity the memory, can’t you? Why is it so bland and even indifferent.

I started to examine this man.

His eagle eye rhinoplasty, tall and martial arts, two creamy frost, standing down, stingy, even if just gaze blandly, it will give people intangible oppression.

Yingzhou may be distinguished and extraordinary, but standing next to him, like the beast king and milk tiger, eagle and swallow.

Not to mention that he was invincible and swept Liuhe, how could he delay his children’s personal feelings and indulge in the love of men and women?

I immediately understood that he couldn’t be my protective umbrella. If I had to live in this palace, I had to find a solid dependence.

I turned my eyes to Pingzhou.

As the eldest son of Daqin, where is the heir in the future more reliable than him?

“The deceased has been stunned. Please do not hurt your Majesty, but the princess is not educated …”

Mrs. Zhong on the side step forward to the soft language and comfort the emperor, and her charming eyes looked at me from time to time, and the meaning was obvious. I only think that those eyes have quenched the poison and I have to put me to death.

Mrs. Zhong has a child and a daughter, but she has given me the favor of her father and emperor, and paved the way for her children. Do I still have a way out?

When I was crying, I caught the hem of Yanzhou’s clothes and looked at him timidly: “Brother, I’m so scared.”

Yingzhou was slightly drooping. I only saw his long nose bridge, and the narrow phoenix eyes were deep.

My fingers were pinched white. This incident was not in line with the ritual.

“Father Emperor, Alan has been in the Hall of Hanzheng for ten years, and does not recognize many people. She was frightened just now. Let her stay in Penglai Palace first.”

“The son laughed, you are a man, how can you raise the princess? Besides, it won’t be a few years, this male and female can …”

Mrs. Zhong smiled her lips.

“It is only a few years left and right, so why not stay in the Penglai Palace?”

The loud voice of Yanzhou was interrupted, and Mrs. Zhong was somewhat sorrowful.

“Okay, since the Zhouzhou is willing, let her stay in Penglai Palace first.”

The emperor was unwilling to say more, and he returned to the palace.


Just when I secretly rejoiced, the words of Yanzhou made me immediately be vigilant.


The best year of spring is the best of the smoke.

The smoke willow on the palace wall draws the tender buds, such as the light fog, which seems to be in a good mood along the way.

People at the door of the door wanted to report. I waved his hand and let him go down and stomped into the study.

The eyebrows were thinking on the case, and the pen in his hand was not late. Presumably, it must be a headache on the hall.

I quietly walked behind him, rushed up, and hugged his thin waist tightly: “Brother!”

“You girl, it’s getting more and more unhappy.”

Yingzhou did not move, and his tone was bland.

I put my chin on his shoulder, and saw the corner of his bending mouth, the bracelet was tighter, the soft clothes were sticking to the face, and gently rubbed it: “You promised me to go to the horse last month, but now Don’t go, I’m almost dull. “

Words are delicate and very intimate.

Yingzhou turned around and stunned my forehead: “Busy is busy, you can’t be idle these days. Today, it is better to let him accompany you?”

Duan Shuyun is the only child of the prime minister. Now the court’s embargo leader, the minister of the humerus of Puzhou, is good and harmless. My heart suddenly cares.

I deliberately left him and said reluctantly:

“Duan Shuyun is a piece of wood, what’s fun to go with him.”

“Okay, this time. You obedient, eh?”

Yanzhou said, and looked down at the chapter.

The green trees in the grassland have not yet become a shade. In just a while, my forehead was sweaty, which was very impatient.

Duan Shuyun was still holding the horse seriously, for fear of the horse, and put me down. This person was really better than the wood, and he had a good fetal, so that the Zhouzhou and the emperor valued him so much.

“Brother Roma, do you see me, do you learn quickly?”

The cheerful laughter of the girl blew up the silver bell like the wind. I looked at the sound, a red dress was like a fire, and her horses were also red like blood, and the smile was bright like spring.

On the other side, Baiyou and a powder girl standing side by side. He laughed at him with a soft smile on his face, a handsome son, and a red powder beauty. He was so right to blind my eyes.

“Who is that person?”

“It should be Lang Zhongling’s Qianjin, Miss Ruan Zelan, really a talented woman, a pair of people.”

I heard that Duan Shuyun, who had always said less.

I dragged the reins, raised my hands with a fierce whip, and the horses were shocked.

At the moment, the girl who had taken a retreat should be retired, and she gave up, turned around, grabbed the reins tightly, and circled me in my arms.

My back hit the solid chest, all of which were his faint scent of scent.

I suddenly panicked, and even my breathing was wrong.

“Brother retired!”


The man behind me screamed, and my heart was horizontal, and I pulled down the hair and tied it fiercely.


I’m probably crazy.

Running all the way to the depths of the mountains and forests, the horse gradually slowed down. Should take a rest and pull the horse and get off the horse. I suddenly hit him, and the two fell on the ground.

The soft grass is with a faint aroma, and it does not hurt at all. At the moment of falling, the far -reaching sky looks more clear and transparent under the cover of the blue color.

I leaned on Ying Li, feeling his long and shallow breath, and no one spoke.

I don’t know how long, he moved, and planned, I immediately closed my eyes and hugged his arm tightly.

“Yan Anlan, anyway, it is a princess, don’t be a rogue.”

It should be retired for a while, and said coldly.

Why did he speak coldly to that Ruan Zelan? I am not rare that he is a down -to -prince, but I can’t stand it, and he is taken away.

Even if he is an unattainable Snow Lotus, I don’t want it, I can only rot the ground, rather than being held by others.

“What are you afraid of? Here is the sky and the earth, your confidante, you can’t find it easily.”

I was lying on his chest, and the exquisite and convex bodies were clinging to him tightly, holding my chin, playing with a ray of green silk in my hand, and gently stroking his eyebrows.

He frowned.

His eyebrows were clear like a red pond water, and he got into it, so he knew how deep. He is not a person who can easily pass through.

“So the princess is so frivolous, I know that Shuyun can’t find it.”

He stared straight at me, under the thick eyelashes, a pair of lacquer phoenix eyes flew obliquely, full of disgust and disdain, as if when I saw me for the first time.

I lowered my head.

I don’t know how many people in this palace see me, but he must be one of them. When he saw me for the first time, he knew that I was a woman with a heart -mindedness and restlessness. I think Duan Shuyun is stupid, but I have to pretend to be disgusting.

Duan Shuyun is my best choice.

His father was the prime minister of Da Qin, the emperor’s mortar minister. He is brave and fighting, and it is the confidant of Yanzhou.

He has a noble background and is a complete Qin nobleman. If I marry him, then I am not a princess without a bit of Chu, but the daughter -in -law of the prime minister and the general of the general.

The people who laughed at me in the harem and bullied me will also be like a bereavement dog. I am at my feet. I will receive unprecedented attention, whether it is the emperor or the Zhouzhou.

And it is definitely not retreat.

Even if he also called Duan Shuyun as his brother and brother, he was another resourceful arms of Yanzhou, but he was a descendant who returned to the small country.

“Where are you more noble than me?”

I looked at him viciously, stabbing him in the most ugly words: “When you and Duan Shuyun call your brother, are there any inconsistencies? Also the confidant of Yanzhou, he will go higher and farther than you, but that is, that is, it is just you, that is, it is just you. Because of his birth! Ruan Zelan is just a daughter of Lang Zhongling, and she will be able to accept you in Qin Kingdom? If you are me, you are not as good as me. You are only proud of me because you are a man! “

If you are stepped into the mud like me, you may not be flawless than me.

He frowned, leaned his head, and seemed to be unwilling to ignore me anymore.

But the anger I was aroused was not easy to calm down, and I continued to say nothing.

“Why, I said it? I said, how could there be a leisurely love with the king of Zhongshan in the dignitaries, and I took two noise women to go out.


He suddenly interrupted me.


I didn’t know what to say.

“Then try, even if I don’t have this background, I can still be a great minister, no one can reach it!”

He opened his eyes and looked at me with a provocative hook.

I was completely stunned, until the pair of dark and bright phoenix eyes enlarged in front of my eyes, and a moist touch came from my lips. Gently sucking, sweet, just like my favorite plum frost.

Ying Anlan, do you dare to bet with me?

I fled.

Not because Duan Shuyun’s shouting behind him, but the real heart messy.

Somehow, from that day, his voice was like a curse surrounded me. Do you dare to bet with me?

Ah ah ah! I fluttered a handful of water on my face, and the cool water droplets flowed down the cheeks, flowing through the neck, and sliding into the chest.


Duan Shuyun suddenly walked across the door and looked at me, and the handsome face flushed.

“What do you do.”

I should have continued to vary to the snake. Somehow, I suddenly became irritable and exhausted, and did not want to continue perfunctory.

“The princess was shocked that day …”

“Suddenly, General Duan didn’t have to blame himself.”

I said faintly.


Should I take a break and glance at me, “The son is still waiting for you.”

“Ah, yes.”

Duan Shuyun woke up like a dream and hurried out.

Should be leaning on the door and did not leave. I couldn’t help but said: “He has gone.”

Even if I want to hook up, I won’t chase it.

“So the princess promised to accompany me to bet on?”

He walked in, with both hands on the case, under the shadow cage, a sense of oppression made me breathing rapidly.

“Promise you a ghost.”

I covered my face with a book and didn’t want to ignore him.

“Lady, a gentleman is good. It is the scenery.”

He stretched out two slender fingers and squeezed my book gently, glanced, and smiled softly.

“The princess wants to learn” Poetry “, and Wei Chen will not bother.”

Say, slowly get up. I pulled his collar.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at me, his eyes were self -evident.

“I don’t like things I can’t control.”

I stared at his eyes and slowly let go of my hand.

“You’d better not let me down.”

“Puwei is as good as silk, and the rock has no transfer.”

I listened to this promise that was not like a promise. My heart was swaying, like flowers falling, bees flying butterfly dance, and floating Cuidan.

My heart was at first glance, and then fell into silence. It wasn’t until just now that I was angry.

I am not a gambler. I don’t want to do nothing. There is no one behind me. I take the wrong step.

But I want to indulge in gambling with him once, gambled without moving, and can die for thousands of years.


Daqin swept Liuhe, and the former Liu Xiong, who was once referred to as, was a yellow sand that was scattered yesterday. Today, the enemy of Daqin is the Huns of the Great Wall, drinking snow and crossing the horse.

If there is no internal worry, there must be external troubles.

If the emperor wants to flourish, he must clearly threaten all the empire.

The return of the Baiyi tribe is quite wise. The purpose of their trip was to hope that Daqin would fall to the princess in order to show her kindness. For the emperor and the courtiers, it is also a hundred limels and no harm.

Mrs. Zhong and I pinched my fist at the same time.

The unmarried princess in the palace was only my two daughters and me. Even if those ministers are mad again, they will not have to go to a child who has not grown up and relatives.

Nothing and I and I were favored, but my relying behind me was the emperor of the future of the Daqin. His opinions were enough to affect the emperor’s judgment.

So a rumor gradually came out in the palace.

I crushed a plum blossom.

This trick is simply worried. Even if I have a thousand ways to kill Mrs. Zhong and Yan, I cannot rescue myself. Because my enemy is more than just them.

The father emperor and the entire Daqin noble group valued how much he valued Weizhou, how dangerous my situation was. How can a future emperor bear the stigma of incest. If there is a mistake, it must be my fault; even if it is right, it must be prevented.

Thinking about it, I still decided to explore the tone of Yanzhou first. I’m not sure how he will choose.

“Just do that.”

The words of Yinzhou let me stop outside the door.

“When you get married, you look at A Lan in person to ensure that it is everything.”


When the sound of retreat sounded, I heard the blood flowing up, and the passion of Pentium instantly condensed into ice.

Duan Shuyun came over and saw me speak open. I don’t know where the strength came, covered his mouth tightly, and fell down with tears.

After leaving, he asked me, “Princess, what’s wrong with you?”

“Have you heard of rumors in the palace?”

“He wants to abandon me, he wants to send me and kiss!”

I was crying about this sparse cloud, crying.

“No, the son will not do this.”

Duan Shuyun was shocked and shook his head.

“I heard it in my own ears, he said with a retreat, watching me when sending marriage. General Duan, don’t you believe me?”

I looked at Duan Shuyun with tears, and the crystal tears dropped one by one, choked and said, just like a drowning person grasped the last floating wood tightly.

“I see.”

He looked at me for a long time, and finally went down.

I watched his resolute back, wiped off the tears on his face expressionlessly.

Duan Shuyun is a straight person, but the fist can kill the master.

He was kneeling in the rain curtain outside the hall, and his figure was still upright.

“His Majesty, please give the ten princess An Lan as his wife.”

The princess born in the cold palace was suppressed by the palace for ten years, and the general married her to the sky.

He kneeling for a day and one night. His father Duan Xiang rebuked him in the rain: “To know the principles of the court, the thunder and rain are all the monarchs.

He is not moving.

When the rain stopped, the emperor finally called him: “You want to marry the Ten Princess, why haven’t you heard of it before?”

“Wei’s humble body, I wanted to build my career first, and then to marry the ten princesses.

“Why did you say it again now?”

“The son wants to send ten princesses and relatives, and the minister will never say, I’m afraid I will regret my life.”

“Aren’t you doing this method for Qianzhou?”

“Shuyun’s words, from the lungs, there is no half -sentence. His Majesty knows that the son is not such a person, nor of Wei Chen is not. Wei Chen is going to marry.

The emperor’s expression was unknown, only to say, “Let’s go.”

Duan Shuyun’s gift retreated. Duan Xiang sighed, and it was really a tenth -temperament of ten horses.

The emperor said lightly that it was good for his temper, wouldn’t this be your wish?

The emperor’s intention was to marry me with Duan Shuyun. As soon as the news came out, it was a sensation.

“Why do you marry him?”

Should be retired and holding my hand tightly, and the cold eyes flashed with a trace of pain.

“Marry him, I don’t need to go to Bai Yi.”

I said expressionlessly that one by one, opened his fingers.

“Things are not what you think, this is just a measure of power, on the way …”

“Against the right? Do you steal the beam and change the pillar on the road? Then, what about me, Yan Anlan has gone to kiss, what identity do I use to live in this world? I want to hide from Tibet for a lifetime. ! “”

“The imperial decree has been down, you have a decision, I don’t have to say much.”

I laughed and should be retired, you are really interesting.


When I saw the puppet, I immediately stepped forward: “Sister Nine, why are you crying here?”

He is not as moving as he is, and his temperament is also introverted. Although he is all flesh, Mrs. Zhong inevitably loves the puppet.

I quickly wiped my eyes: “Nothing, the wind, the sandylona.”

“Presumably my sister is going to marry Bai Yi, so reluctant?”

“Father Emperor has settled?”

Hurriedly asked.

“Sister Nine and Eight Sisters are Mrs. Zhong’s daughter. Which one is married?”

I watched her hurriedly left, and she sneered in a long way.

Mrs. Zhong, the pain of flesh and blood, you also come to taste today. No matter who and dear, she will hate you forever.

I heard that Yan Yan quarreled with Mrs. Zhong, and even forced to die: “I would rather go to Bai Yi. If the mother -in -law wants to sacrifice her daughter to protect her sister, the mother now has only one daughter!”

I know that I would not give up like this, and she stopped Duan Shuyun who was going to make.

“Yan Anlan is using you, she is in secret with her own brother, hanging you again!”

“Please do not want to spray people with blood mouths.

“Who spray people? Duan Shuyun, are you all evil? You have been deceived by that fox! Even if you marry her, she will not be you, never!”


Duan Shuyun was angry for the first time.

“All of you scolded her, how did you treat her? What you want, can you get it at hand, she? A princess, she was insulted by the eunuch at the age of ten! They are not affected by you, and they have to die to death! Once you become weak, they will become a mind! “

“I know that she is not me in her heart. I know she won’t believe others easily. I may be a fool, but I know that I really want to change it. She doesn’t love me today, I will love her forever, respect her, and protect her. One day she will know that there is a person in this world sincerely treating her without counting! “

One day when I got married, I stood on the high city wall, and the team sent my relatives was like a long dragon.

Ying Anlan, you will not have a good end.

I almost laughed.

End? Your current appearance is the end of the match with me.

On the day when I got married, I was carrying me step by step on my back.

A Lan … He looked at me, and stopped talking. In the end, only Shu Yun was a rare good child, treating him well.

Those who abandon me must not stay yesterday. Those who are chaotic, how much worry about today. When rights are mastered in your own hands, you are not afraid of anyone’s betrayal and abandonment.

I began to actively cover the power of Chaotang, whether it was the name of Duan Shuyun or Wanzhou. Although the chickens’ stealing generations are unusable, there is always a place of martial arts at the crisis.

Those who can flatten the Qianjun cannot resist the erosion of Nianhua. The emperor was weakened, and his temper gradually became violent. Several times in the watches of Dazhou, they were reprimanded because of their political opinions.

This time, he was particularly serious. He was degraded to the Great Wall. The emperor wanted him to take a look at the hidden danger of Daqin.

In fact, the Xiongnu was not in a hurry, but the emperor was still afraid of the peaceful temperament and could only be the monarch of the success, but could not open the country to expand, so he wanted to be overwhelmed by the hell in his lifetime. However, Puzhou believes that the Qin Qin poor soldiers have been in the past for so many years, and the students have raised their best. Unexpectedly, it was recruited.

The father didn’t know the son, the son didn’t know the father, how sad it was.

What’s more sad is that I have been looking at them for many years, and I have pointed at them.


When I left Weiyang Palace, I saw a trace of time. I asked the Zhao Temple around the emperor to brag about the great way of Monumment.

“There are immortals in the world, you can suck the wind and drink, go to the imperial wind, and travel to the moon. After thousands of years, you must be dark.”

The emperor really had interest and summoned a large number of alchemists to enter the palace, smelting long -lived medicine. The most wise emperor can’t resist the fear of the old, sick, and dead, and enjoy the supreme rights, so you can’t stand it and lose.

The emperor’s degeneration directly led to the movement of authority. I have mastered the entire Weiyang Palace through the inextricable relationship.

In addition to the grandfather of the Great Wall, the son of Bai Yi, the son and the concubine who were stationed in Baiyue, and the death of the premature death, there were eight still stayed in Weiyang City.

I started to clear the aliens and crimes for them. Under the destruction of the elixir, the emperor’s thinking became chaotic, so I used this trick to be very good. In order to survive, many ministers even began to fall back to me.

On the way to the tour of Taishan, the temple told me that the emperor was about to do. I walked to the camp and looked at the thin emperor, I couldn’t help feeling for a while.

“It’s you.”

The emperor opened his eyes, his eyes were rare.

“Presumably the restrictions are coming.”

“Her Majesty Fuze Qitian, how can it be? Obviously … feathers are promoted.”

“With your temperament, you will never teach people to handle. I do n’t understand, why do you want to do such a big deal like uncle and killing king?”

“Because you are alive, it is useless to me, but the dead person is better controlled.”

“Actually, I want to thank you, father, if you haven’t given me a chance, I won’t take this step.”

I slowly leaned down, looked at him, and laughed gently.

“If you weren’t for your own hands to Yilin, I might have been dead, or marry Bai Yi, and there is absolutely no chance to come … “,”

“Yanzhou is your most important heir. If you never see him again, it should be sad? And my mother -in -law, she has been waiting for you for a long time, father emperor.”

“Are you crazy? He has been protecting you for five years!”

He pant and tried to get up.

“Care for me? When the palace rumors are rumored, you should understand! Why did you marry me to Duan Shuyun, isn’t it to prevent problems? You are not afraid, your most valued son, you will be the most important son, you will be the most important son, you will be the most important son, you will be the most important son, you will be the son of the most important son. Is it a faint monarch like Qi Xianggong! “

“Anlan, you kill your father, always think that everyone in the world will owe you, and blind your eyes with hatred, but if you do such a thing, you will regret it, and you will be better to die!”


I didn’t go to see his last death. I asked the temple to quietly put him into the big box. Find a person with similar figures as a stand -in, lying sickly in bed daily. He also sent two imperial decree in a row, chased the concubine as the queen, and asked the minister to plan more than 20 谥 nicknames. He was selected as the queen, and he was dissatisfied. Finally, he was drawn as a queen of light.

Her life was dazzling like a fiery red plum, and Guanghua was burning, but she was too cold when she died.

I called someone to add a whip, and I went to the son of the son. I thought about it for a year and missed the cluster. I was old, so I called him back to Beijing and first seal the meditation under the Mount Tai.

Waiting for the chain of Yingzhou’s fast horse, waiting for him, it was a cold shackle.

“Bold! You dare to offend the eldest son!”

The guard around him scolded.

Yanzhou sat on the ground, although the clothes were messy, but the posture was still upright, such as the Zhilan Yushu born under the court.

“The son -in -law’s Daizhou was degraded by the border, one year, there was no result, he didn’t think about himself, he was resentful, he was often dissatisfied, his mouth was mad, and a cup of poison was given, and he committed himself immediately.”

I was wearing a plain clothes and holding a glass of poisonous wine. Under the dim candlelight, I smiled and gave a smile.

“I should have known that in this world, except you, no one will be bold to dare to pass the imperial decree.”

Yanzhou glanced at me and slowly closed my eyes.

“Brother, do you want to see me, or dare not see me?”

I knelt in front of him and gently dialed the ray of hair in front of him.

“Why don’t I dare to see you?”

“Because you have ashamed in your heart, you have a desire for me.”

I approached him slowly, and suddenly a ray of cold in my hand, the blade was not only one inch from him.

Yanzhou was silent.

“For so many years, I understand that people who are as bloody as me have thought of me, but I can only swallow it. I even use this love. Give it to others. I can treat you like this for a lifetime, but you should not give up me! “

I grabbed his collar and roared.

“Alan, you can’t learn someone in your life.”

Yanzhou opened his eyes and sighed helplessly.

I do n’t love, I ’m not rare to love, how about you, will you love it? Will you let her sacrifice if you love someone, or do you love, but is it right to me?

I put away the tears in my eyes, lifted the cup of poison wine, gently handed it to the lips of Yanzhou, leaned over the head, and the eyes were circulating, and the emotional pulse: “Brother, if you love me, drink this cup full , Complete me. “

“For so many years, I have been ashamed in my heart.”

Yingzhou lifted the wine glass and drank it.

I hugged his body, tears flowing.


I lost my only shield to protect me. From now on, I can only reveal it.


Back to Weiyang, I announced the emperor’s banquet, gave death to death, and set up the news that I was storage and immediately ascended to the throne.

When announcing the news of the death of the Zhouzhou, the Manchu and Martial Arts were uproar, and the sound of questioning was endless, but I was imperative.

I asked the Zhao Temple to write down the most fierce people who jumped, sought an unnecessary crime, and sent them to the door. The heavy killing, the market was stained, the Minister of the DPRK suddenly whispered, for fear of causing fire, everyone was in danger for a while.

The nobles of Daqin would not serve me. Even if the Zhouzhou was dead, I had already climbed the throne as emperor. However, there is a son and a son outside. Even if the mother -in -law’s biological mother is low, it is a choice.

“I can’t help but give them a chance, but unfortunately this group of people want to die, and I can only fulfill them.”

I gently rubbed my forehead, my tone was helpless, but I was full of killing.

“Da Qinping depends on the world, relying on the strength of the reform, relying on the conquest of the battlefield, not the nobles who enjoy the ancestors because of the ancestral yin. You have to rely on Zu Yin to draw your hands on your hands, and let them see clearly, who is the master of the world. “

“Pass the order, implement the order of push, no further alternative!”

“Your Majesty, do you know what you are doing?”

Duan Shuyun looked at me in shock.

“Of course, I know that since then, Da Qin will never use the scholar with the door, and the Hanmen students use their knowledge to gain their skills. Heroes enter my… “

“But Da Qin’s rights are in the hands of these nobles. You also rely on the Gao Gate to become emperor! Now you have killed the Son of Zizhou, and you have to move the Gao Men. If you do not have the blood of the stream, who will tolerate you to the throne! “

“Because my mother is not a Qin, I am not worthy of living in the palace of Qin State? I will never be comparable to Dazhou? Is my talent lower than those wine pockets? Is it necessary to be a little lower? “

I looked at Duan Shuyun, questioned, and stepped up.

“Don’t worry, I remember your kindness, no matter what you do in the future, I will not let your Duan family’s lintel fall, I will go to the purpose, Jinfeng’s father will be the Gong Gong, and you will be ranked in the future. I will also give you supreme power, countless glory and wealth. “

“In the heart of His Majesty, is Duan Shuyun a villain who is greedy for power?”

Duan Shuyun took a few steps sadly.

“If I really care about Men’s blood, how can I kneel on Changhe Hall to marry your Majesty? Da Qin’s rights are still in the hands of those nobles, so urgently weaken to crusade them. For you, is it a wise one? Choose? Even if the cold gate in the world has become your fans, how can the flesh and blood fight against the Jin Ge Tiema? Not to mention, in the hearts of the people of Li Min, your throne is just right! “

Duan Shuyun said with some excitement, closed his eyes, calmed down half a noise, and slowly said, “Wechen loses in order, and retire first.”

I looked at the back of his departure, and tried to think back. The tears in the eyes of this wood were bent in the heavy rain.

“I really want to compensate him.”

I sighed.

On the second day, I ordered the promotion to push the order. After the death of the princes, in addition to the eldest son inherited the throne, other children can also divide the land of the kingdom to become a list, which is under the jurisdiction of the county guarding the uniform, so as to continuously weaken the power of the vassal power.

Numerous nobles naturally oppose. They are not stupid, so on, in the long run, they will only gradually disintegrate. But there are objections, naturally, there are faiths of these three wives and four concubines, not everyone only loves the sister -in -law, not to mention, the sister -in -law has inherited the throne. Others just divide some family property. Why not?

“Since they look down on me so much, they can’t be used for me. What is the use of them? Send them, let them cry.”

So I became a tyrant who had been addicted to killing in their mouths. The vegetable market outside Suzaku, the emperor was angry, and the blood flowed.

While suppressing the wealthy, I was eagerly looking for aid among the people, amnesty in the world, and reducing taxes and exemptions. Dazhou told me that I should not bet on a person.

Even how solid and reliable this choice.

I know that they will not let me slaughter, but their fast action is also unexpected. The resistance methods adopted by these old foxes are simple and effective.

“His Majesty, it’s not good, the son and the troops are rebellious! Here is the kill!”

The temple was holding the documents in a hurry and screamed in.


I was immediately furious: “From Baiyue to Weiyang, how many levels, what do those people eat!”

“It is the banner of the son of the son, and said that he would take revenge for his sonzhou.”

“Soyuzhou? Where are they when they are degraded?

I watched the eight hundred miles of urgent sake of help documents, and I was angry.

“Not only that, but even the people of Weiyang, many people have discussing the death of the sonzhou, saying …”

“say what?”

“His Majesty is not right, and brutal …”

“If you get upright, brutal, even if you are cruel to the Gao Men’s family, you can be sorry for them!”

I fiercely grasped the chapter scroll in the case and smashed it out.

“His Majesty!”

Changhe Temple’s inner servant fell to the ground and couldn’t afford it.

“Angry, anger! Do you still say anything besides this sentence? There are also the Huns of Daqin’s border. Eternal sinner? “

I am angry, not only because of the rebellion with the concubine, but also shocked by the cold and cold.

They used this silent threat to force me to make decisions, either the jade burn, and I became the sinner of Daqin;

“His Majesty Enserian Micro Minister led his soldiers and settled the rebellion.”

Duan Shuyun suddenly appeared.

“If you get this time, you have met the past robe that is grieving for the grievances of Pingzhou. If you go, you will never look back again.”

“Wechen still said that, not a day, it would be ten days; it would not work for one year. If someone wants to meet your Majesty’s Blade, then step through the corpse of the Chen!”

“Await your return······”

I looked at his eyes and suddenly couldn’t speak.

I clearly realized how pale and weak I was in his so -called reward, because he was Duan Shuyun, Daqin First Brave, his name was originally a glory.

“There is General Duan, and the Her Majesty’s Jiangshan is solid.”

The Zhao Temple people are aside me.

“He Yuan is in Baiyue, who leaked the news and checked it!”

Yongxiang ordered torture torture, and finally someone couldn’t stand the confession.

“After Her Majesty’s ascension, Mrs. Zhong quietly sent someone to Bai Yi, and told Princess Princess that their mother and son was discord with His Majesty. His Majesty has vigorously suppressed Qin Guoquan, they hate, they are with … “

“It seems that I still have a soft hand. From the beginning, I should ask their lives, and we will not add to it now. Go, send Mrs. Zhong to Bai Yi, and let their mother and daughter reunite.”

Zhao Temple immediately understood what I meant, lowered his head and smiled, revealing the beast -like pale teeth: “follow the purpose.”

“What are you doing, I am the concubine of the Emperor, how dare you be rude to me!”

Mrs. Zhong watched a group of temple people rushed in in horror.

“How dare your wife are rude, but just …”

Zhao Temple wielded his hand. Several people walked over with a poisonous wine dagger. Concubine, naturally should be accompanied by his old man, so as not to be lonely on Huangquan Road. “

“Chop her head and put it in the brocade box, and immediately send it to Bai Yi.”

The people of Zhao Temple looked at Mrs. Zhong, who was dead, and disgusted the fan. “It’s really obscure.”

“Master Zhao, the villain heard that he and his son were carrying thousands of horses outside. Many ministers in the court were dissatisfied with His Majesty. If the mortar was killed, wouldn’t we finish it all.?”

A western eunuch stepped forward quickly, while holding his shoulders diligently, he whispered.

“General Duan has the courage to be brave. Although the son and 闾 are also fighting, the reputation is far from Duan Shuyun loudly. If there is one day, it is not afraid of it.”

Zhao Temple smiled mysteriously, not much. He risked his head with his Majesty, not to be a slave to run a leg.

Since he can’t be the power in the hands of Yan Anlan, isn’t it a hand to catch it?

“It’s finished?”

As I changed the chapters, I asked lightly.

“Yes, the slaves have already gained a whip, let them reunite as soon as possible.”

“It’s good to do bad issues, I am going to reward you.”

I waved my hand, a few guards came to hold the Zhao Temple, and the people of Zhao Temple immediately turned grayishly: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty! The slaves are loyal to your Majesty, why is this!”


I stood up and sighed with a long sigh: “I hate people the most. Especially you are a thief who eats and criminals.

The screams were endless, and gradually disappeared. A guard entered the temple and reported: “Your Majesty, no longer angry.”

“Throw away the burial post and bury it quietly.”


After Duan Shuyun’s expedition came out, the Jie Palace camel with a lot of joy. They were all filled with the Qin Palace after the extermination of the Six Kingdoms. Woolen cloth?

But I always had a trace in my heart.

Some people who are known as the nobles of the six kingdoms have also risen, and the flow of small stocks has emerged endlessly.

Although Daqin is strong and strong, it is known as thousands of troops. In addition to cleaning up the rebels, he must also closely monitor the Huns and Baiyue Baiyi. Nowadays, the backbone is scattered.

There should be retreat.

After the death of Yanzhou, there was no news that he had always followed him. I kept sending someone to track his news, but the Zhongshan Wangfu was about to set off a bottom, or he had no trace of him.

In the DPRK, there must be an internal response.

“Your Majesty, Master Yan has news.”

“Quickly announce.”

My heart sank, and it seems that there is news that should be retired.

Yan Jin stepped forward, and he was tired of falling, and his eyes were underworld, and his face was sinking like water: “Your Majesty, ministers tracked it several times, and found the trace of retreat in the rebellion and the camp. It seems to be outstanding. “

“He Hao? Yes, and the banner of the recovery of Pingzhou, and the old party, he is even more famous.”

“His Majesty, should take back this person’s tricks, the city is extremely deep, and he is good at attacking.

“Duan Shuyun won’t listen to him.”

I interrupted Yan Jin, “Duan Shuyun is going to be anti -early, and will not wait until today.”

Duan Shuyun, should be retired, Yingzhou, they have grown up together, more like brothers than monarchs and ministers.

I know the pain in Duan Shuyun’s heart. He died in my hands in his life, but he was helpless because of his promise to me, and even helped me ascend to the throne. Because he understood that without his protection, I stepped on the face of Qin Guoquan and the upper position of the bones, leaving only one dead end.

He couldn’t look at me, and couldn’t live the hurdle in his heart. He could only suffer in pain.

“Sometimes, I really hate Brother Ah. If he doesn’t make me abandoned, maybe this is the end today.”

“Your Majesty, it’s not good, the border is urgent, the tiger prison is lost, and General Duan … death!”

A yellow gate suddenly broke in and fell to the ground, covering his face and crying.


I turned sharply and stared at Huangmen tightly: “Clarify it!”

“Tiger prison has lost, General Duan has declined for a long time, and in the end …

“Duan Shuyun led the five thousand troops for their expeditions, and the gatarms along the way helped each other.


I watched a few people kneeling on the ground and trembling, and they couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t get them off in the court, but brought them to the study room.

“The five thousand army is the elite of Daqin, the son of Daqin, you actually watched them go to death, what are you and see Daqin’s ancestor list!”

They lowered their heads lower, but I knew that the face below must be ruthless. If they were frightened, they were just concerned about their future future.

I thought yesterday that Yan Jin found the escape teenager in the dead, and said to me in tears: “Originally, the general drove in and won again and again, but in the tiger prison, many people had diarrhea, and the generals fell ill. Care carefully. After checking it, I found that there were many aged mildew rice in the army. Some people cleaned the mold rice and soaked it with vinegar. “” “

“The siege of the generals, not only the harmony, but also the surplus of the six kingdoms. Most of the generals were destroyed.

“The general immediately wrote to the food to change the food. After more than ten days, there were no reinforcements, no food, and could only break through the back to the city.”

“But there are too many rebels. They surrounded us and trapped in the city. In addition to the generals, there were people in the city, and they did not eat and drink. In this way, the generals stayed for seven days, and in the end … … I really can’t keep it! “

“General said that we were rebelled on behalf of His Majesty, and we couldn’t let the people starve to death with us. We could only open the gate and let everyone surrender to life, but ourselves …”

Speaking of the end, the teenager was crying.

“It was the recruitment of Zhongshan Wang Ying retired. I don’t know what he said. I only heard the generals say that the Huns and Baiyue Baiyi are the calamities of Daqin. Always out, he doesn’t want to fuck the same room and dispel Daqin’s troops, but this is ashamed to His Majesty.

“Duan Shuyun brought one of the elite of Daqin in the Central Plains, but it was mildew to provide them for them.

Why did he not arrive in the center, why did he be besieged for so long, but no one told me? In order to change the emperor who will indulge in the world and be lined with you, even the sword of Daqin has broken. “

Lang Zhong ordered Ruan Yan to say: “As the saying goes: non -benevolent, no etiquette. Dare to ask His Majesty the throne.

“Lang Zhongling means that the imperial throne is unknown. ? “

“Weichen dare not.”

Ruan Yan raised his head sharply, lowered, and his lips moved.

“I look at you bold!”

I stared at him coldly and threw the confession sorted out in front of him.

“I don’t have evidence, will I guess for no reason? Purpose is a great crime, and the tranquility of the country is even more sinful!”

“You think that if you have the granary in the Great Qin center, I dare not move you, and dare to pretend to be a fragile minister here. You think you are not orthodox. Take a look, but you ca n’t worry about the worries of the king like you. After the use of the wealth, you can keep your family ’s dog life.”

“Come, drag it out, Ruan’s copied no property, the man is beheading, the woman is filled with the teaching workshop, and the generation is the same!”

“No, Your Majesty!”

Ruan Yan was panicked, and he cried again and again: “Your Majesty! It was the sinner’s fatty oil, but the sinner damn it! His Majesty, the ministers of the ministers, and the family members of the ministers, His Majesty —— “

“Pull out.”

“His Majesty, confessing the sinner, confession!”

Ruan Yan’s nasteen climbing to my feet horizontally, the floor rang “咚”:

“His Majesty, the crime ministers confess, … the princess, her biological mother Zhong’s offense was headed by His Majesty, and he was resentful, so he united several princes to collude with the Minister of the DPRK and killed General Duan. Ah, His Majesty, Wei Chen is also subject to others and has to do it. “

“Oh? It seems that the power of several sons is really not small. You are afraid of offending them and have to do it. Even such a big thing dares to do it, but you are not afraid of me? ! “”

I know Ruan Yan loves his little daughter the most.

But he killed the person who loved me the most and made me into a real orphan. I will only be more fierce than him, and let him try it. The taste.

“I watched the pity, I wanted to spare her life, but she did not know how to die. You take people down, collect evidence, and publicize the crimes of my emperors and emperors. “


He sent the bones of Duan Shuyun.

I looked at Duan Shuyun lying on the car, wrapped in the black gold mysterious bird flag symbolizing the Daqin army, and slowly sent it to the imperial city. The face of blue and white disease is like a scholar, and he can’t see his extraordinary appearance during his lifetime.

“General General Duan was the champion, and was buried into the mountain tomb with the ceremony of the prince.”

I closed my eyes and heard my voice still calm and calm.

“His Majesty, please be sad. How is the prostitution, how can you calm the rebels.”

Yan Jin was afraid that I was sad and demented, and quietly stepped forward to remind.

“If you have strategies, but it’s okay.”

“So many people are supported by and because his flag is rehabilitated for his son Zhou. If he wants to disintegrate them, he must make him a name.”

“Okay, if you go to preach the order, you say that the Emperor’s old age, eating elixir, was blinded by the Zhao Temple people’s words, and killed his sonzhou. Today, he was chased to the son of Zizhou. … the son of Li Gongzizhou, the son of the son, is the Chu Jun. “

I immediately weighed in my heart.

Yan Jin led him and walked out. I suddenly stopped him: “You are strong in martial arts, knowledgeable, and so sensitive, it must not be an ordinary cold door. Who asked you to come to me?”

Yan Jin moved his lips, silent for a long time.

“Okay, you go.”

I closed my eyes and was tired.


After the Micro storage, the support and the sound of the support began to weaken. In their hearts, ten me and He Yan were not as good as Yulizhou.

The court of hundreds of officials, in fact, only had three or two mouths, but the voice of the people was boiling.

Because the people of Li Min do not understand where the difference between the Weizi Wei and the Chauzhou is, they only know that their lives have not changed. It must be a Qingming prosperity of Haiqinghe Yan.

Although he is gone now, he should also be ascended to the throne by his son, and the pseudo -orthodox orthodoxy of my chickens should naturally abdicate.

There are always such people to maintain orthodox.

And what they maintain is actually their own interests. If Dazhou is doing the same thing as me, they may not be so retrospective.

But Ming Jun, who had been highly hoped, went away, in exchange for the continuous reflection and beautification in their hearts, and finally deified. He lived alive, but he died, and I lost.

I ordered this year’s exemption of taxes. One is that the war in succession, and the construction of the Laoshan Mausoleum in the construction of civil engineering. The people have been exhausted.

But I did not expect that this kind of kindness has exacerbated my failure.

Removing this year’s taxes means that this year’s grain and grass depends on local Tuntian and granary to accumulate grain. In one night, the two major granaries suddenly burned a fire. Although the local officials desperately rescued the fire, the grains of the scholars were originally supplied to be burned.

This is not an ordinary fire, but someone deliberately arson.

Under the anger, I disposed of countless officials involved in succession. However, it is a hurry to raise military food.

Some people propose to levy food to the people, can it be exempted from the decree that gives taxes. Jun has no drama. What else do I still rule the world?

In the end, we decided to borrow a lot of remaining grains in their hands. Sentences, farmers’ business, business at the end. If who can help Daqin raise food this year, they can mention good and even expensive status from business.

As soon as this remark came out, there were countless merchants borrowing food from the court before scaring the court. I thought that the matter was resolved here. When I was relieved, I did not expect that a large -scale uprising suddenly broke out.

It turned out that some merchants did not have so many foods, but in order to improve their identities, they colluded with some officials and forcibly recruited the food of the people. With some small money, they changed the rations of the people’s family.

The people do not have to pay taxes this year, but they are just enough to be full. There are taxes and quantitative taxes. The merchants can hardly take the gangsters, and they are sweeping out.

I looked at these memorials expressionlessly, closed my eyes exhausted, lying on the dragon chair.


It should be governed by it, and it should be chaotic.

I used to think that the reason why the father was majestic, the world, relied on the rights in my hand. He completed the things that people who used to be unimaginable. For the first time, he expanded Qin’s territory to the entire Central Plains, and established the most powerful empire to date.

The father was not a Guizi that year, and was even sent to other countries. His mother was a Gentile, but he seized the power from the Empress Dowager through force and stepped on the brothers who were noble than him. Ascended to the throne.

I also embarked on this road, but I couldn’t succeed. My throne is turbulent and at stake; my most reliable man has been eliminated.


I was unwilling to ask Duan Xiang.

I could have been a good emperor and took Daqin to another myth.

“His Majesty may have a good emperor’s talent, but His Majesty chose the wrong time. Although the emperor was not a Guizi that year, his mother was accompanied by the emperor and died, and he was deeply loved by the emperor. His mother, holding the authority, the emperor’s tolerance. When Daqin was about to send troops to Zhao Guo, the queen queen motionless because of the bribes of Zhao Guo’s envoy. Weiyang Palace, and those who contributed to him are exactly the relying on the queen mother. “

“His Majesty has been sensitive since he was young. He should have read Mencius for a long time. When the emperor’s time, then you are the enemy of the world. If an emperor wants to go against the world, can he still be an emperor? “

“There are many defeats of kings, but which one is not a bit of a hat -to -name hat, do you think they are hiding their ears and stolen bells and bullying themselves? No, they only need this name, they are the people of the world.”


Unconsciously, I walked to the East Palace.

In the late spring season, the flowers are not withered, and the faint aroma and lush green leaves are much better than in the early spring.

I like to swing here, while shaking high, while watching Puzhou holding the memorial, condensing my eyebrows.

Xianyuntan Shadow Day is leisurely, and the stars are changed for a few degrees.

The emperor in the cabinet is already a loess today, and the years pass by, and the old is more than just a grass.

“The gentleman does not complain about the sky, is not justified. At the same time, this time. There must be a king for five hundred years, and there must be famous people in the meantime. From Zhou, there will be more than 700 years old. At that time, the exam is available. Fu Tian, ​​do not want to treat the world; if you want to calm down the world, today’s world, no one is?

Lang Lang’s reading attracted my attention. Although the young age was young, it was like his father, and he had a calm and wise appearance.

I move in my heart.

“Yan Jin, there is one thing, you must entrust you.”

Yan Jin knelt on the ground: “The fortune of Wei Chen is only from, and the Majesty is instructed.”

“This is the jade seal of the country, and the book of the passing position. You bring these, and with the siege, quietly avoid the difficulties, it is best to go to Duan Xiang’s house. When the time comes, you will tell the world to help the prince ascend the throne.”

“Why does His Majesty say this? The minister vowed to defend his Majesty.”

Yan Jin was a little surprised.

“Sonzhou is your old master. It should be your responsibility to support his son.”

The surprise on his face could not hide, and I knew it, and there was nothing to say.

“I will die, but I won’t lose. You have to assist Zi Wei with Duan Yan and complete what I have not done.”

I want their favorite people to complete the most fatal blow to them, and I want the most orthodox to defeat the noble door valve.

Let them lose the ground.


Extreme uprising in various places should suppress, and the elite rushing with Baiyue and the ecstasy of Baiyue came. Overseas of Daqin, the Xiongnu people were about to move.

The soldiers were defeated, and I finally reached the point of Chu Ge.

When the troops of the Hehewang entered the gate of Weiyang, I stood on the tall palace wall and looked at him indifferently.

The long wind whistled my long hair, and the black golden robe symbolizing the power was blown by hunting, and the sleeves were shaking, like the black bird.

Behind me is the light of the sky.

Suddenly I saw a person far away, and he ran madly, and a few armored soldiers with armor dragging him with his hands and feet.

Hundred steps of long streets, he fell to the ground, and the white clothes were dirty.

My hand was tightly tightened and slowly loosened again.

Should be retired, I couldn’t think of goodbye today, it turned out to be like this.

I looked at his tears like a wolf like a spring, and my heart was so happy.

I have been able to smell the burnt smell. Compared with the sword ax, white poisonous wine, I still prefer such a vigorous death method, at least I chose it myself.

Looking at this side with thoughts, he must be surprised now why I still can’t wait to commit suicide when I still have the power to fight back.

He used the tongue of the world as a spear, forcing me to the throne, and I could continue to use this method so that he could not get his wish.

He wanted to justify into the capital, and I turned him into a chaotic thief.

After tomorrow, the elites reserved by Daqin will be besieged Weiyang. All the food stored in the palace is with me, and the fire is burned cleanly. The way they used to persecute Duan Shuyun were now used on them.

He forced the monarch of a country to lose his heart. At that time, Yan Jin read the book of the post, which was pointed out by Qianfu.

“Anlan, you will regret it, you will be better to die.”

Before the end of the father, the face of the blue tendon was lingering in front of me, and my mother and the queen let me remember the appearance of Chu.

I regret it, Brother, I feel painful, and it is difficult to stay at night.

If there is in the next life, we will be a pair of siblings, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, and sore pain, and do not get involved in the struggle of power.

I closed my eyes and blown away with a light wind.


Fanwai: Blowing dreams to Xizhou (Pianzhou Chapter)

“Either send her to relatives, or … death.”

The calm voice of his father couldn’t hear the anger and sorrow, but my heart was tight, and he had moved his heart.

The tiger poison does not eat the son, but the father emperor can easily decide the life and death of his daughter.

I can only say, “Please make a complete, send ten princesses and pro -pro.”

After retreating, I discussed with the strategy of stealing the beams and messes. The ten princesses had gone to kiss and let Anlan be an ordinary girl, and An An lived steadily for a lifetime.

I admit that I am selfish, and I am afraid that her dissatisfaction will harm the interests of Daqin.

But I don’t know when An Lan heard it, and made it so quickly. When I knew, His Majesty had made her decision to marry her to Duan Shuyun.

She pretended to be very good, but I knew her so much that she would never give up. Sure enough, her ambitions were gradually exposed. The father and emperor wanted to start with her several times, and I was blocked by me.

The father emperor was angry and borrowed me away from the Xiongnu. I could only say to Shu Yun and protect her. No matter what happened, I must protect my sister.

I am a hypocritical and incompetent person. I like her. Even if I try to restrain the relationship, I still put her in a dangerous place.

So I was willing to drink that glass of poisonous wine.

For so many years, I have been ashamed in my heart.

When I fell down, my hot tears fell on my face, but I could no longer say anything.

Suddenly, I seemed to be back to see her for the first time. The little girl ran out of the corner and looked up, with a pair of eyes like a bead jade.

(Original title: “Yi Luo Moon: Anlan”)

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