Infuse 7, the player of the perfect combination of Apple family bucket and NAS

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Unexpectedly, the epidemic lasted for 3 years. In these three years, I have become a heavy house! What gave me a way to relieve the boredom, it was NAS, a projector!

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

1. Kodi

Before March 2020, I had artifacts in home entertainment: NAS and projectors, and NAS was 214+, 2 sets; Weilie 453A, 4 sets; NAS generally read the first number, 4 Indicates 4 disks, 2 indicates 2 sets;

What is NAS used? Most buyers are used to download 4K movies and make various videos and picture storage. The two NAS video players have video management functions. After more downloaded videos, the most troublesome is management. Synological Video’s Video’s Video The Station kit and VideoStation of Weilong Unicom are similar, but they are not good at management videos. Even if you play some videos, this is not possible.

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

Therefore, NAS users urgently need a video player that can be managed and can play various formats. At this time, XBMC was born. XBMC is the predecessor of Kodi. Through various plugins, Kodi becomes an all -around player, which can watch it. You can watch it. Online videos such as Nai Fei, oil pipes can also play videos in NAS. However, KODI needs to download the plug -in by itself for customization, and you need to understand some network knowledge. People who like toss especially like this software.

My projector is the Youpai PX727-4K obtained by the public in 2018. It has been hanging on the top of the living room to connect the player Xbox One S, and the installation software is Kodi. Kodi is very powerful, so I do n’t explain it. You can Baidu. I have installed all the platforms, and I have installed it under Xbox, but it ’s a bit card. It may be because the resource is large and the optimization is not good enough.

Why emphasize before March 2020? Because after I installed and upgraded to the INFUSE 7 Pro version in March, the projector was ashes, let alone Xbox! Occasionally downloading the blockbuster wants to watch through the audio and large screen, and turn on the flying audio and Xbox connecting the projector to watch. Kodi adds a media form. You need to go to the system to install the plug -in, and the infuse is directly built.

2. Infuse 7

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

Order price

Infuse not only supports Apple family buckets, but also supports almost all common format video files. INFUSE is divided into free and ordering versions, which are divided into monthly ordering and annual settings. Lifetime versions. After the upgrade, the Pro version. I think the only advantage of expensive is expensive. Now the lifelong version is getting more and more expensive. It was 175 yuan before.

Under MacOS, I am using eight lightweight and convenient apps to be recommended. You are worth having!

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

In the recent desktop transformation article, I replaced the small accessories, which caused a large transformation of the desktop. I entered the Mac pit in 2015 and has been used to this day. Last year, due to the demand for consumption downgraded, a small Macmini host was transformed, SSD was added, and a large level of steps were increased. In the process of using it for so many years, I have also found a lot of easy apps. Now I am ready to recommend it to everyone. I have always used me


Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

| |



Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器




Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器


check the details

Eight commonly used software under Mac OS are recommended for installation and use.

Infuse appearance display

1. iPhone app

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

the main screen

Infuse 7 Pro’s iPhone version app interface is shown in the figure above, divided into the main screen bar, daily selection, recent adding columns, and unbound columns. INFUSE can be said to be an all -around player under the Apple family barrel, which can play video file in all formats. , Including MKV, MP4, AVI, ISO, DVD, BDMV, etc., covering all products such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, MAC, including the new Mac Studio in 2022. In comparison, the other two Internet celebrity players, NPLAYER does not support the 4K Dolby Video playback of Profile 5, and VLC does not support HDR video playback.

Media Library

As shown in the figure, the bottom triangle represents the main screen, and the shape of the magnifying glass indicates the media library, which can be found by searching.


Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

The folder pattern is the file bar. For example, if I add a file source, many folders can be displayed here. When you designate the folder stored in the movie, INFUSE will automatically identify the Metadata of the movie and try to match the corresponding poster. The poster can even choose whether it is a Chinese poster or an English poster.

Set interface

The gear shape is the setting interface, such as playback settings, video libraries, etc. can be set through here. The top “New File Source” can increase local videos, videos on NAS, and remote videos such as network disks.

New file source

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

You can add many sources of files, such as SMB, NFS, and so on.


Add SMB protocol, SMB (full name is Server Message Block), and the address is filled in your NAS IP address, such as and so on. The username and password are also NAS’s username and password. Other constant, then click new. The NFS protocol is similar. NFS (Network File SYSTEM) is the network file system. It is a type of file system supported by FreeBSD. As for the two protocols, which one is relatively fast, I think it should be similar. Can’t feel it.

NFS protocol

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

Add the NFS protocol, which can be opened in the sharing permission of Synology and Weilong Folders. Enter the Weilian QTS system, open the “console”, select “Win/Mac/NFS” in “Network & File Services” and open it. After entering, please select “Linux NFS Service”, all kinds of services are checked, and click “Apply” below.


Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

WebDav (web-based distributed authoring and versioning), the Alibaba cloud disk webdav protocol requires a plug-in. Plug -in download address: I do n’t say much about how to get Baidu on myself. In fact, Synology also has this kit installation.


Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

2. Mac version app

Newly increase

The MAC version of the INFUSE interface is divided into the left and right windows, and the left side is the main screen, media library and folder.

Mac mini

Like the iPhone version, the main screen bar is divided into the main screen bar, daily selection, recent adding columns, and unbound columns. From this interface, INFUSE is also a drama management tool that can automatically download metadata and maintain the clean and orderly film and television resource library. This is simply the sky and underground than Kodi.


Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

Compared with the iPhone App, the content is richer and more widely displayed.


When you click on the specific movie, you can also use automatic download metadata for synchronous posters, whether it is English or Chinese.

Add file source

Similar to the iPhone version of APP, the MAC version also adds network sharing and remote sharing services. With SMB, FTP, NFS, etc. adding a folder on NAS, you can also add a folder on the Alibaba cloud disk through WebDAV. There are also cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, BOX.

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器

Even more amazing, it also supports media servers such as Plex and EmbY, Jellyfin.

set up

experience feelings

The more you use it, the limit is that the outer network cannot be accessed, and you have to cooperate with Plex. The local area network is very fast, watch the video directly on the mobile phone tablet, one word: cool!

Infuse 7,苹果全家桶与NAS完美结合的播放器


Apple’s family bucket, if you have NAS, mobile iPhone, or iPad, it is recommended to install Infuse to watch videos. It is easy to operate. Directly scrape poster and video information.


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