Student party body milk assessment, look at the experience in person!

What are the less body milk in the dry season in the autumn and winter? Frequent body milk can make the skin tender and smooth! Do you also look at so many body milk? Today I will tell you the physical milk feelings that I have used, so I will help everyone to thunder. Nothing is wide, let’s look at it!


1. Store name: Rock Boat Park


Rock Park Body Milk Women’s Moisturizing, Moisturizing Moisturizing Autumn and Winter Skin Skin Embrromeli Nicotinamide Essence

Price: 68 (Double Eleven 58 plus body milk sample, you can squat a wave of double twelve)

Store propaganda: nicotinamide and grape seed oil brighter skin tone; bicemine yeast repairs aging; corner shark alum and Hohaba oil moisturizing and moisturizing


Feeling: There are three flavors in his family. I bought grapefruit citrus. Because I don’t like floral fragrance, this faint fruity fragrance is my favorite, fresh and good. It feels like eating oranges or grapefruit, sweet and sour. Not greasy or sticky, easy to push away, easy to absorb. Large amount and cheap. You can consider!

2. Official flagship store of Vaseline

Vaselin body milk special moisturizing repair moisturizing skin dew -fragrant moisturizing milk, moisturizing and moisturizing men and women universal

Vaseline is no stranger to everyone, cheap large bowls, which are loved and recommended by everyone. I also bought my body milk trial. In order to avoid stepping on the thunder, I bought the most basic and cheapest, 18 yuan 200 ml, super affordable. After using it, I feel a bit stepping on the thunder. This body milk is really moisturizing, but I use it with thickness and sticky. The taste is the ordinary floral fragrance. Personally, it feels average, but this price is really cheap and cost -effective, but unfortunately it is not suitable for me.

3. Chillmore flagship store

chillmore Lingshui Kok Shark Somhalate Celebrity Body Milk Moisturizing Fragrant Somber Skyworth Moisturizing Autumn and Winter 237ml

Price 119 (Double Eleven seems to be 69, send shower gel, body milk, hand cream sample, many gifts. You can squat double twelve)

I bought his body’s body milk because of the pits of shower dew. His shower gel is very good. It is the taste of cucumber or grass. So when his family milk was milk, I immediately placed an order. I also bought another taste: the orange tree in the court. The taste of the orange tree is a bit like grapefruit flavor, and the rear tone is a little heavier orange flavor, reconciled. Especially for my appetite. There is also a taste called Xiling Songshe, which is a pine flavor, and the boy is also particularly suitable for a taste. His house promoting the product is function and fragrance. Rubina sharks are moisturizing, butter fruit lipids are rich in vitamins to nourish the skin. Malura oil enhances skin elasticity and moisturizes. It is not sticky, not thick, and moisturizing. I personally like this body milk very much. The price is a bit expensive, but it is very cost -effective during the activity, and there will be a lot of samples.

The above three models are personal milk used in person, which only represents my personal feelings. Hope to help everyone. Welcome everyone to leave the body milk they have used, help you all kinds of grass, and arrange thunder!


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