Polarized jeans casual and slim, with a green hanging neck shirt, refreshing and pleasant charm

Wearing jeans in summer, naturally the hole is indispensable. The elements of the holes made the original simple and simple jeans rejuvenating new vitality, and also wearing young people’s pursuit of beauty. Porn jeans are almost a few people in the summer. Different colors have different aesthetics. Because of the irregular hole design, the porn elements add a bit of beauty and fashion to make the pants.

Therefore, ripped jeans have become a classic pants. As soon as the streets of midsummer have become the protagonists of daily leisure wear. Polying jeans can be divided into tight and direct versions, and the direct version is mostly fashionable. Such pants usually like to pursue beautiful personality. For Volkswagen, tight -fitting jeans , Showing the beauty of the hole, fresh, stylish and beautiful.


Polarized jeans are also very different in the design of the ripping, so you must choose the proper hole pants in the selection of models, such as the design of a hole in the hole in the hole. The thighs that penetrate the hole are very popular, wearing foreign and fashionable, beautiful and beautiful. Cave pants are also a versatile pants. You can put it in the summer and wear your personality.

Just like this fashionable lady wore a green hanging neck chiffon shirt and a blue -gray ripped jeans, a pair of silver -colored words with high heels, refreshing, beautiful and charming, so The matching of the summer is cool, and it is simple and beautiful with the simple beauty of jeans. Let’s take a look at this matching style together.

Green chiffon hanging neck shirt


The chiffon hanging neck shirt is a very cool and comfortable small shirt. The design of the hanging neck slightly exposed the shoulders, releasing the arms to feel the coolness of summer. The chiffon fabric itself is a very light and breathable material, and the green embellishment, cool and beautiful. Green is a kind of age reduction, and it is also a color that does not pick skin tone. It can be competent to match different skin tone to match the beauty of skin texture. For girls who love white clothing, they can also wear fresh and charming effects. Different colors can bring different visual effects, while green is a little more age reduction and vitality.

Blue -gray porn jeans


In terms of color, we can see that this jeans use old design, slim cutting, and modify the waist, hips and thighs, and wear a mature posture, simple beauty. The knee uses a hole -breaking design, and the edge of the pants tube is also used to make the hair old, so that the pants have a few more layers of beauty, and the stylish foreign body shows the figure.


High -heeled sandals, tall and beautiful and fashionable

Many fashion girls like high heels, which can not only increase the height of the figure, and wear a tall figure. In fact, it can also play a thin role. Sandals wear a little low -key beauty in color, cool and comfortable wearing, tall, thin and beautiful. High -heeled shoes not only make women mature and beautiful, but also a guarantee of confidence. The overall dress of the younger sister overflows the young vitality and chic beauty.


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