Is buckwheat leather pillow?

The pillow is a bed supplution that needs to be used every day. The familiar pillow materials include cotton, rubber, latex, and so on. In fact, there are various materials of pillows, such as buckwheat skin pillows. Is the buckwheat leather pillow good? This is a pillow with health care, which can play a function. What is the role of buckwheat leather pillows?

1. The role of buckwheat leather pillow is good, buckwheat leather pillow

1. Use the buckwheat pillow filled with organic buckwheat shells to adjust itself. According to the form and weight of your neck and spine to meet your head, it also keeps supporting the whole night and provides additional comfort to consume consumption. The person brings a comprehensive and quality sleep.

2. The ability to adjust the buckwheat shell pillow and provide complete support. The spine arrangement will provide headaches to relieve headaches, relieve neck pain, relieve neck, shoulder and back muscle pain and tension, and provide tension. The buckwheat pillow can easily circulate the air so that you can breathe fresh air when you sleep. It can also reduce the number of people’s nose snoring.

3. Buckwheat pillow is a filling with buckwheat shell as a pillow core. Due to the unique structure of buckwheat shells, it has good breathability, never deforms, strong plasticity, warm winter and cool in summer. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia records: “Buckwheat shells are cleared, eyes are clear, and appropriate effects of diseases such as insomnia, dreams, dizziness, tinnitus, etc.”. According to> records, the use of buckwheat shell pillows can be old, clearing the heat and soothe, and can also help people improve their sleep.

4, buckwheat skin contains a large amount of ecoside, with vitamin activity. 100%buckwheat skin can prevent bleeding induced by the fragile blood vessels, especially for patients with migraine pain, cervical spondylosis, and insomnia patients. It is warm in summer, breathable and soothe, and can relieve fatigue. “

5. The absorbing far -infrared rays are accelerated by the blood flow of the head microcirculation, effectively improving the blood supply to the brain, and activating brain cells, thereby regulating the excitement and suppression function of the nervous system. Long -term use of buckwheat leather pillows can promote and improve human microcirculation It has significant effects on dredging blood vessels, regulating blood pressure and lipids, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, promoting sleep, clearing heat and diarrhea, and preventing colds.

2. How to wash buckwheat skin pillows

(1) After washing it, put it until the dehydration of the tuber to dehydrate, and it can be dried faster. Repeat the above steps to know that the three parts are finished and dehydrated;

(2) Take the lobw buckwheat after dehydrated to dry in the sun to prevent the soba of the buckwheat, so as not to get wet and mold;

(3) Re -loading the dry buckwheat back into the pillow cover, and the soba skin pillow after washed was achieved.

(4) Find an additional piece of gauze to make the size of the bag on the outside of the buckwheat leather pillow, so that when cleaning, you can avoid running out of buckwheat skin;


(5) Divide the buckwheat in the buckwheat skin pillow into three parts, and put it in the cloth bags that are just made three times. It cannot be installed too much. If it is too much, it is not easy to wash.

(6) Put the cloth bag filled with buckwheat into the washing machine and wash it. You can also wash it by hand.

Is the buckwheat leather pillow good? When buying buckwheat leather pillows, you can have the role of buckwheat leather pillows. If you meet your daily needs, you can use it to solve some of your physical discomfort. Pillows are definitely better than disadvantages. Therefore, the key to soba skin pillows is to see individuals.


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