Tao Yong: I am willing to play this infinite game of medicine

Author | Tao Yong

Excerpts | Sweet and sweet

I seem to be destined to be medical.


In childhood, the little friends chased the martial arts drama together. They admired the heroes of martial arts and righteousness, but I thought of the doctors inside. I remember in “The Condor Heroes”, Yang Guo and the little dragon girl were poisonous in the body. To this end, the dragon girl jumped the cliff to save Yang Guo. At that time Life and death. I think that if the medicine king in “Snow Mountain Flying Fox” can appear, he is proficient in pharmacology and can cure all diseases. I learned what he looked like, poured out the medicine that could be found in the family, what fragrant sand nourishing stomach pills, Lifu Pingye potion, cold granules, three yellow tablets, etc., fantasies can be equipped with a poisonous medicine Essence I crushed them, and added some of our local licorice and bamboo root seven, mixed with water, then grilled it on the fire, sealed the lid after cooling, buried in the mud for a month, and the result became turned into the mud. A bottle of dark viscous liquid. I really drank my guts, hesitated for a long time, and wanted to feed the chickens, but the chickens did not drink. So I poured it into a bamboo basin at the door of my house and wanted to observe what it would change carefully. As a result, Wen Zhu died a week later.

Wenzhu was dead, but my enthusiasm for the preparation of medicine has not faded, but it has increased. I started to be interested in some small recipes of the people. There was a classmate in our class suffering from epilepsy. According to the guidance of the remedy, I dug out a few earthworms and mixed corn grains to mash them, mix with alum, and then flush with boiling water to let him drink. At first he didn’t drink it, and he took a little sip under my repeated lobby. That night, his adults came to my family theory, and my parents taught me a lesson. Mother said that you ca n’t believe in these recipes. If you want to study medicine, you must study hard to save the disease.

“Eyes”, author: Tao Yong, version: White Horse Time | Baihuazhou Literature and Art Publishing House, October 2020


These things have passed for a long time, but I still have deep memory. Now I want to come a little ridiculous, but maybe since then, I have laid interest in medicine. When I was young, I was weak and I was sick often, so I had to go to the hospital from time to time. Every time I went to the hospital to smell the fresh disinfection water, see the Red Cross label, and those medical staff who hurriedly wearing a white coat will always be relieved Respect. Everyone who comes to the hospital has a variety of pains. It is like their hopes when the heroes can change their lives after serious injuries.

When I was a kid, I had bronchitis and was very painful. When I committed a sick mother, I would take me to the hospital for injections. At that time, I was brave. Although I was afraid of death, I would never cry on the surface. I know that the doctor was saving me. Once I was allergic to penicillin, dizzy, and I felt like a poisoned person in martial arts tablets. The doctor urgently injected adrenaline and dexamethasone for me. At that time, I was amazed by marveling at medicine. It will also make people “poisoning”, how powerful people can master this can master.

When I was ten years old, my mother took me to the big hospital in Nanchang, the provincial capital to see my eyes. The mother’s trachoma is ill for many years, and her eyes are often red, and they always cry. Before the family was poverty, she always endured it. When she was uncomfortable, she ordered a little eye drops. Because she was afraid of infection with us, her towels and pillow towels were always separated from the individual we used.


After going to the hospital, I saw the doctor ordered a hemp medicine on her eyes, and then picked the small white dot on the eyes with a very thin needle, and picked out a lot of white sand grains one by one, and the sand grain was very Big, when I see it, I feel astringent. I worshiped the doctor infinitely, and these sand spoiled the mother for more than ten years, and it was so easily solved in his hands. In the future, the mother’s eyes will never hurt again.

After treating my mother, the doctor took out another very thin needle tube and said to me, “Children, do your eyes often dry, that is the lacrimal glands of your tears. Okay? “Actually, I didn’t know what lacrimal glands were at the time, but after seeing his treatment of his mother, I nodded completely.

The tear glands were inserted into the inner corner of the inner eye and washed with water, and then the water would run from the nose. It was very uncomfortable, but I stiffly didn’t call. After the end, doctors and nurses praised me bravery. It seems that since then, I have a very deep impression on ophthalmology, so when my college entrance examination report was volunteer, I almost did not hesitate to apply for Beijing Medical University.

At that time, my parents did not support it. It may be my aunt and my husband from the doctor. They understood the hardships of the doctor, so I hope I can choose a relatively easy post and telecommunications major. In the 1990s, it was the peak period of home improvement telephones. The post and telecommunications industry was prosperous. Entering this profession was decent and relaxed in the eyes of parents.

I have always been a good -looking child. Only in this matter, I am particularly stubborn. I told them that I still insisted on my choice after filling in the volunteer. My father sighed, and said with a long gravity: “It is not bad to study medicine, but you have to prepare for psychological preparation. You can be a good doctor, and you have to study and read the blog. You can cook it. “At that time, I was young and said to my father,” You can rest assured, I must read a PhD. “



“The year old, and then I know that Songbai is withering.” Originally thought that the college entrance examination would be easier, after the real beginning, I knew that the college entrance examination was more difficult than the college entrance examination. When I was in Jiangxi, my grades were among the best. When I came to Beijing, I knew that there were mountains and people outside the mountains. Half of my classmates were Beijing, and half of my classmates came from Tiannanhai. Everyone is better than one. In comparison, I am generally like a grain of sand thrown on the beach.

Inferiority inspired my self -esteem, I secretly cheered myself, and I couldn’t be reduced to sand.

Tao Yong, National Day in 2000, was shot in Tiananmen Square.

At that time, my Mandarin was not standard, so I got up in the morning to read the newspaper, listen to the radio, and practice carefully; the English spoken language is not good, I will join some English groups to speak cheekily; I will seem to be sparse, so I discuss and learn as much as possible with them as much as possible.

The Ministry of Medicine of Peking University is not far from Peking University’s Weiming Lake. I often go to the lake and walk away. The tall Boya Tower stands there for nearly a century. How many great scientists, philosophers, poets, and writers are born from here. The growth and prosperity of the Chinese academic community also symbolizes that no matter how big the experience is experienced, the knowledge of knowledge will not fall down.

The habit of reading books from an early age made me basically in the library in my spare time. When I am in a good mood, I will read some professional books. When I feel bad, I read some philosophical books. I feel that the process of reading a good book is like communicating with masters.

Seventy -four homework universities is far more difficult than expected. In the first semester exam, my grades were not ideal. When I was in high school, I was used to get used to it. It was very uncomfortable at once. The university no longer measured people by grades alone, but made me even more lost. Many students have started a rich university life, and various activities are unclear. I am very confused in me. I do n’t know if my ideals can be realized. If I am so on, I can mix an ordinary job after graduation, and then I will do nothing in my life. Thinking of this, I got cold back, and I still remembered the words that my father said, and I really was a mediocre.

In fact, what needs to be overcome on the road of medicine is more boring in medical curriculum learning. If there are not relatives or friends who are often sick, the original intention of studying medicine is never for grades, but to save people to save people. I will be abandoned halfway.

I started to re -understand the jerky knowledge of medicine. They were not written in writing, but lived alive in our bodies. If we do n’t even know our own body, we also talk about changing the world.

Since then, I don’t pay much attention to other people’s remarks, and I have completely regarded medicine as a hobby. With such a mentality, I found that knowledge began to become interesting. Every knowledge point is not completely independent, but interconnected and influence, just like this huge universe. I take the result -oriented aspect to dig deep into the reason why people have such diseases, how the cells and organs in the body are running, what makes us lively, and what makes us sluggish, including what we feel like now, and it is also what we feel. This is amazing!

Since then, I have found the enthusiasm of studying medicine and my grades have also improved. Mr. Hua Luogeng once said that the book is thicker and thicker at the beginning, and it will slowly read the thinner. At the beginning, I couldn’t understand what he meant. It was not until I continued to pierce the medicine of medicine that I found that the obscure knowledge at the beginning would become very simple after I really master it. I am like opening up the second pulse of Ren Du, and I can integrate and apply it flexibly. Often, after reading a knowledge point, I can guess what the next knowledge is. Essence


Five years of studying medicine, in the first two and a half years at school, I will follow the teacher to study at the hospital in the next two and a half years. After I really contact the patient, I have a real understanding of the profession of the doctor.

The knowledge points we have learned are far from realistic diseases. If you do questions, you can correct it again, but in the face of a living person, you should not have a trace of deviation and errors in the treatment. I started to be afraid of my once innocence. Looking at the teachers around me, I really knew that I really knew that I wanted to master more knowledge and actual combat experience in front of the complex illnesses.

In the two and a half years of studying, I witnessed that a lot of complex illnesses have been in the hands of the doctor’s hands and recovered as soon as possible. The most sincere movement.

“Fan Da Medical Treatment of the disease must be calm and determined, there is no desire, no desire, and a great kind of compassion, and vowed to save the suffering of spiritual spirit. , Complaining about friendly friends, Huayi foolish wisdom, all the same, all like relatives. You must not look forward to the front and back, think about the good and bad, and care for your life. See you in trouble, if you have any, do not avoid danger. Do not avoid danger. Do not avoid danger. Day and night, cold and summer, hunger and thirst, fatigue, dedicated to rescue, without work. This can be a great doctor, and it is a giant thief. ” This paragraph made me realize that the profession of a doctor is different from other occupations. From a doctor, it is not just a means of making a living, but also a mission and a love.


The public welfare medical team I participated in 2009 went to Le’an, Jiangxi to do cataract surgery for free for local patients. In a cold morning, with drizzle, a team of bloated old man staggered on the dry leaves. Grandma Wang walked at the end of the team. She had a serious humpback, and her center of gravity moved forward, making her feel like she couldn’t help growing forward every step.

After seeing the doctor, I found that her eyes were also very bad. She was the typical southern old man’s eyes, deep eye sockets, small eyelid cracks, and the degree of cataracts was particularly heavy. In this case, even in Beijing’s large hospitals are absolutely complex cases. When you set off, the teacher has repeatedly warned, do not cause trouble, do not touch it, because you are likely to fail. Young doctors do these complex surgical risks, and they have high requirements for professionalism and psychological tolerance. Measted again and again. I can only say three words with the local liaison: I can’t do it.

What surprised me was that the liaison began to plead for the grandmother, and this is not common. It turned out that Grandma Wang’s husband had died ten years. Five years ago, her only son was killed in the accident. The most favorite thing in Grandma to do is to take out the black and white photos of her husband and son gently. It was just that she didn’t know that that photo had already become blurred because of repeated friction. Recently, Wang Gran’s belly has a tumor, and her time is not much. This time was the only opportunity to regain light.

I still hesitated to watch the grandma’s serious humpback. At this time, Granny Wang said: “A fantasy piece of Shouyi.” I was from Jiangxi. She understood her dialect. She wanted to make a piece of life for herself. There are such customs in some villages in Jiangxi. When people die, they must make themselves by themselves.

For an old man, if you never see your family after you die, it will be a painful pain.


Simple wish, simple and real, I can’t refuse anymore. I decided to put aside my worn for her grandmother. In order to let the grandma’s grandmother flat up, we helped her find a half -meter -tall cushion with her legs during the operation, and the sky was surgery at the same time. This is generally not allowed in the principles of ophthalmology, but all of them can only be visible after surgery. Half an hour later, the surgery was successful, and the grandma’s vision returned to 0.6. The old man was very satisfied, and we were relieved.

Tao Yong performed surgery on the “Healthy Express” in Le’an, Jiangxi.

Three months passed, and the south of the early spring seemed to be more understandable. Many new green buds emerged from the trees to see us off. Later, the liaisonman found me and said that after a week after surgery, Granny Wang died. In the seven days, she said that the government was good, and her face was filled with a long -lost smile. In the seven days, she made a life clothes for herself, and a pocket was sewed on her clothes. With his son’s black and white photos, the opening of the pocket was sewn, so that he couldn’t fall again. Grandma asked me to tell me that in these years, she was alone, and she could not see anything. She was lonely in the dark and wanted to go home. Thank you for helping her find the way home.

Suddenly I was glad that my original choice. As the start of the doctor’s career, I felt things other than professionalism. The hope that the doctor can bring to the patient is not only to relieve the pain, but also a expectation between life and death. It is my life goal in my lifetime.


After graduating from undergraduate, I was successfully sent to study. I studied with Professor Jiang Yanrong and two years later. Two teachers with different teaching styles and character have a particularly the same characteristic, which is the love of medicine.

I thought I was already a medical apprentice, but I found that they could be called “crazy”. When I was just with Teacher Jiang Yanrong, I was completely scared by her professional spirit. At that time, she was nearly half a year old. In the eyes of many people, this age was already a stage of grandson. The timetable is: get off work at 5 or 6 pm, sleep after eating, and then get up at ninety o’clock to continue working. Sleep at 2 o’clock in the morning, work at home at 5 or 6 Hospital. There was never a trace of tiredness on her body, and her energy was like an endless use.

She warned me that if you just treat your doctor as a career of making money, then you don’t need to do it at all, and it can’t make much money; if you treat your doctor as a path to realize your life value, then you must have to be Persevere, because it can give you more value than you think.

Affected by Mr. Jiang’s subtle influence, I also kept up with her rhythm, so that in the eyes of friends, it became a “monster”. Sometimes when I attend a friend’s party, I have to take out the notebook research topics when I am waiting for a second time. They are very unable to understand that I will go crazy sooner or later. I can only smile, tired of cope.

It is true that in the eyes of many people, work is only a part of life, but I have unknowingly become people like Teacher Jiang, regarding work as the whole of life.

My doctoral supervisor Li Xiaoxin’s teaching method is completely different from Professor Jiang Yanrong. Teacher Jiang calls me almost every day. Often, a dozen is one or two hours. It explains and discusses meticulously for my subjects. Teacher Li hoped that I could be more autonomous and independent.


When she was doing an ophthalmology subject, she said, why do you have to be stubborn in the field of ophthalmology? The eyes itself is part of the human body. You only stare at your eyes. It is impossible to solve all problems. I was very puzzled at the time. I studied ophthalmology. Isn’t it confusing in ophthalmology? Until the later period, I became more and more understanding the meaning of Teacher Li’s words. In terms of routine, our western medicine is headache, and foot pain medicine, with reference to the corresponding indicators to prescribe the right medicine. As everyone knows, the human body itself is an ecosystem. Many diseases look at the problem of the eyes on the surface. In fact, it is inseparable from the whole body. For example, the bleeding and exudation of the eyes can consider that the patient may have diabetes.

Teacher Li is a person who dares to break through and innovate. She has always followed the cutting -edge research of global ophthalmology development and took the lead in carrying out new technologies such as the treatment of retinopasus detachment and local radiation therapy of eye tumors in my country. She never advocates reading dead books. In her eyes, there is no treatment. It is 100 % indispensable. It is her thinking that always has a question mark thinking that has affected my subsequent career development. She pays great attention to the ability of independent thinking. She said that all the medical textbooks five years ago have now been innovated. If they stay in a cognition forever, then such a doctor is at most a skilled technical worker.

“Teacher, teach you what to do with the deeds.” Teacher Jiang gave me the spirit of hard work. Teacher Li gave me the courage to break through the innovation. Professor Jonas, when studying in Germany, gave me open cooperation. Mental.

In 2008, Tao Yong was taken in the fountain square in Mannheim, Germany.

Professor Jonas specializes in building cars behind closed doors, which is rare in conservative Germans. He cooperated with major ophthalmology hospitals in the world very early, such as cooperating with Beijing Tongren Hospital to launch a survey of Beijing eye disease epidemiology, and published many articles. He has always believed that medicine is profound and requires humans to continue to explore and research, and the strength of the individual is too small. Only by exerting the strength of the team can there be greater gains. His spirit also allowed me to lower the posture in the subsequent medical field, absorb more different views and knowledge, and organize and use teams to overcome complex medical problems.

In the year when I was studying in Germany, I remember very deeply. It was a time I lived and studied in a foreign country in the true sense of my life. It was a visiting scholar at Ophthalmology at the Ophthalmology Department of Mannheim Hospital affiliated to the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

On the southern slope of the Holy Mountains near the University of Heidelberg, there is a well -known philosopher path. Many German philosophers and artists in history have been walking here. Passive philosophy and literary issues. The trail is not long, which is about two kilometers, but the scenery is extremely beautiful, overlooking the old city of Heidelberg on the bank of the Neika River. There is a flat -stretched palm model standing upside down at the door of a garden next to the trail. A simple sentence says in the palm: “Heute Schon Philosophiert?”

I have always been interested in philosophy, so I often come to walk in my spare time. I was lonely in the year in Germany, so I also had more time to think about some life problems. I was thinking about what it was to solve from the medical. Optimistic. I remember a short poem engraved on the monument of Aixing Dorph: “Standing to the height of philosophy, you will find the spell of the world!” This sentence gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope I me From a higher perspective, you can look at medicine and analyze medicine.


After returning to China, I stayed in the people’s hospital as an ophthalmology doctor. If my biggest challenge in the past few years is the lack of technical and experience, there are more and more cases of my consultation later, and the professionalism is more and more handy. In front of me, that is to communicate with people to build trust.

People’s Hospital is an old three hospital in Beijing. Patients across the country will come over, and the daily workload will be huge. During the outpatient clinic, I had to see more than a hundred medical cases a day, and there were more than a hundred families behind large and small cases. Sometimes doctors have to solve not only diseases, but also many family problems, economic and work problems. For example, some patients with drug use, you know that he is difficult to save, but you have to treat it with your usual heart; for example, some poor people who have no income, sometimes you really can’t bear it to let go; for example, some disabled people, you give him to rule him He is sick, but he can’t solve the problem of his dignity and independent survival; for example, some accidental blinds, you must not only treat his eyes, but also pay attention to his inner trauma.

In the face of the world, it is really limited to hate your ability. It’s just that we are all mortals. They are in contact with all kinds of patients every day and witness all kinds of old and sick, and I will follow up and struggle with ups and downs. Under the overwhelming pressure of this kind of physical and mental, many of my classmates and colleagues gave up this path. Maybe many people think they are not strong enough, but I understand their choices very much.

Once I was extremely low in mood, I called Teacher Jiang. Teacher Jiang said, “Tao Yong, you throw a stone into a pond, which will arouse a great wave, but if you throw a stone into the sea, you will you will be Discovering quietly. We are a doctor, you must put your heart bigger. If you get yourself into the patient’s emotions, what do you take to cure him? “Teacher Jiang’s words made me a lot more transparent. The so -called doctor’s benevolence, benevolence is not the benevolence of fools, this requires great wisdom to tolerate the world’s vanity and resolve the pain and suffering.


My sister Lao Liang particularly likes children. We have nothing to talk about, and often talk about the direction of medicine. She was soft -hearted and couldn’t see too much tragic picture. Sometimes the patient and her talked about suffering. She would cry with her suffering. To this end, she was affected by varying degrees of physical and mental. A doctor in the throat was cut and injured -this incident left a huge shadow for her, and the stimulus disorder was after trauma. After the blood pressure increased, his hands were flustered, and later resigned to the United States. After five years, he returned to China to choose a private hospital.

In a private hospital, her work is leisurely. The patients who are admitted often have superior family conditions and relatively simple personnel. She is very happy. She often persuaded me to go to a private hospital like her, and it is not tired to make money. To be honest, every time I feel frustrated, I will shake it, and even some private hospitals find me and lobby me through various channels.

Every time I was almost tempted, I always remembered my three teachers. At that time, the medical conditions were even worse. They were more difficult to overcome. What supported them to go on? Teacher Jiang and Mr. Li even devoted to the medical career after retirement. They put their lives into medicine, regardless of their grades, just for love.

If the doctor does not have this love, it is difficult to become a good doctor. If I now abandon public hospitals to private hospitals, the cases of contact will shrink greatly in terms of quantity and complexity. I will hold a lot The income repeated the same work day after day. Twenty years later, I was still at this level. Maybe in the eyes of others, I was successful, but in my own heart, this was completely separated from my original intention.

I remembered that after entering the school gate of the Medical College, a group of new students were arranged in the auditorium, raised my right fist to the medical emblem solemnly: “I volunteer to dedicate myself to medicine, love the motherland, loyal to the people, abide by medical ethics, respect teachers and keep teachers, respect teachers and teachers. Ji, hard work, tirelessness, excellence, and comprehensive development. I am determined to do my best to remove the pain of human beings, help the perfection of health, maintain the holy and honor of medical skills, save the wounded, and persist in the development of the motherland’s medical and health undertakings and human beings. Struggle for physical and mental health for a lifetime. “The open auditorium, our voice was loud and high, with a bloody blood in our hearts that made our eyes fever and our throat tight. At that time, we didn’t know the power of this oath at all. Until now, I can truly understand its connotation.

Tao Yong gave a speech at the Graduate Conference of Peking University as an outstanding student.

The way I go is not so easy. The battle I want to fight is not a tackling battle, but to face the little bit of retreat and doubt in the heart. I have heard too many great people’s stories. Every great man has overcome a more difficult challenge than me, and how can you confess so easily in the face of your career?

Roman Roland once said: “The most terrible enemy is that there is no strong belief.” Tagore said: “God is completely for your will, only to set up heavy obstacles on the road.” Even elementary school students can understand, but how many people really do. Am I willing to be a majority of people who do nothing, or do you want to be a few people looking for truth?

There is no distinction between high and low and low in front of the disease. If the medicine is reduced to a slave of money and grades, who am I, a doctor who is only for the sake of respect? Can I afford the words “doctor”? Then I have been studying hard for many years, do you only serve the “noble” person?

I was asking myself, every morning I passed the aisle of the patient’s crowded hospital and took the clinic. Am I anxious? Yes. Especially in the face of a large group of patients who squeezed inquiries, cut in, and noisy, I was completely difficult to calm down to face the condition. People who were gentle and restrained in the eyes of others could not help but lose my temper. However, under restlessness, is I still have a sense of value -if one day, there is no patient in front of my clinic, how lost it. So in the subconscious, I enjoy the feeling of being needed. The reason why I complains with my family and friends can still stick to it day by day, isn’t it because of this feeling of being needed?

Especially when I started to focus on uveitis, this feeling was even stronger.

Patients with such diseases often cause eye complications due to low physical immunity. Like some diabetic patients, AIDS patients, leukemia patients, etc., their incompetent diseases will cause eye complications to continue to repeat, so that they will become “professional patients” who need to seek medical treatment for many years.

These patients often have poor family membership, and they are still prone to various problems for years. There are very few doctors in China who are focusing on this piece. They are looking for doctors and longing for treatment. The pain that is constantly hovering in despair and hope is difficult to suffer.

They came from all over the country, and I virtually became the spiritual pillar they lived. Whenever they saw the helpless light in their eyes, the strong heart would be softened. Each of my words is crucial to them. I am like a person who declares their punishment and is related to their lives.

Long -term getting along made me slowly form a complex relationship, unlike doctors and patients, nor like family members, a bit like a trenched comrades, and our common enemy is the disease. If I give up, I will feel a feeling of rejection.

After I was injured, many of my patients were crying loudly. Maybe others couldn’t understand their feelings and me. Only I understood -if I fell down, it might mean that their hope was shattered again. God -free dad said that he cried twice in his life, once when he was removed from the first eyeball, once I was injured, he hid in the toilet where his logistics work and cried for an afternoon. Another patient’s mother said that she was willing to donate her hand, because in her eyes, my hand was her child’s eyes.

Yes, because of them, I lived.

After Tao Yong was injured, the flowers sent by the patient were filled with the door of the ICU.


Many media friends asked me if I would leave any psychological shadows, and never dared to do medical again. When it comes to shadows, there will be more or less, but from the heart of the doctor, I have become more firm. It was this accident that made me understand humanity even more. Although I was in the dark, my patients, they looked like a candlelight to help me find the light.

They did not give up me, and I could give up them.



“Those who have no Hengde, don’t be a doctor.” I wandered in front of the ghost gate. When I knew the difficulties and glory of the doctor, when I was lying on the ICU bed, the personnel were not saved and drowsy. Standing on my side for eight hours, I took me back from the god of death. When I saw the medical counterparts who lived and died in the front line of Wuhan, I found that I was not alone. There were so many people like me love medicine and guardians medicine. When so many patients and friends left me a large number of touching blessings under Weibo, I only sighed that He De could have the care of so many people.

I rescued the patient, and the patient hurt me; it was the patient who praised me, and it was also the patient who slandered me. This sounds contradictory, but I don’t think it is contradictory, but I have not understood medicine enough about medicine.

Master of the Tang Dynasty Zen Master Qingyuan Sisi said that the triple realm of Zen Zen was: at the beginning of the Zen, seeing the mountains and mountains, seeing water is water; when Zen is real, watching the mountains is not a mountain, and the water is not water. Still mountain, watching water is still water.

At first I didn’t quite understand that after experiencing this incident, I thought about the original intention of my medicine on the bed for a long time. Suddenly I thought of this passage, and found that medicine and Zen had commonity. When I was studying medicine at first, my eyes were only sick. The people who eat, what they think, and the people they contact are induced a little bit, so they do not pay attention to people, and they cannot cure his heart. Just like hurting me, he needs to treat not only his eyes, but also his hope.

Before the operation, Tao Yong injected anesthesia for the patient.

When the epidemic spreads worldwide, the Australian mountain fire and the African locusts have swept away, and you will find that everyone is too small to see a doctor. People are a member of this society and a member of nature. People, as well as our home.

Suddenly, the significance of medicine is to promote balance. The balance of human organs, meridians, and blood, normal indicators, and normal functions, this is a physical balance; people’s pursuit of money and fortune, entanglement of love and hatred, often cause some psychological problems, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything. Having, but not happy, only physical and mental health can perceive happiness, which is a balance in inner. The times are developing at a high speed. Human beings continue to overdraw and destroy the natural environment, which will cause natural disasters and human disasters. In fact, no matter how superb painters can’t adjust the color of the sky, no matter how powerful technology, it can’t match the power of nature. For nature, it is just a small creature. Only by conforming to nature, respecting nature, and maintaining balance can a healthy ecosystem be formed. This is a balance between man and nature. Medical, if you only pay attention to individuals, then it is not enough. In the future, medicine will not be able to solve the overall problem.

There is no blindness in the world. This is my wish and pursuit of life. I believe that this is not a beautiful dream, but can be achieved through the innovation of science and technology.

First of all, to develop and promote intraocular liquid detection technology, establish the concept of precision medical treatment of ophthalmology, and reduce the probability of blindness of inflammatory eye disease. Secondly, the products that detect the ingredients of tear liquid to detect the ingredients of the tear fluid expand the precision diagnosis and treatment of the bottom disease to the eye meter disease; then extend the test to the treatment, scale the treatment of exogenous body scale and industrialization, so as to use Land. Third, fighting through gene therapy and blind genetic eye diseases and fundus diseases. Finally, through the brain interface, the electronic chip of the external camera is implanted into the visual central pillow leaf of the brain -to achieve the original intention of the world’s non -blindness.

The book “Limited and Unlimited Games” of the famous philosopher James Cas said that there are only two types of games in the world: one is limited games, such as business, entrepreneurship, fame, family, and even even Building a country is a limited game; the other is unlimited games, initiated by the spirit, such as science, art, religion, etc., all people are not to end the game, but to continue the game.

Limited games bring people short happiness, but unlimited games can continue to bring a sense of mission. My understanding of medicine is to join an unlimited game, and I will work here for life. In the future, I want to introduce social public welfare organizations, industry agencies, peers, and partners to operate this game together to build a balanced medical environment, so that medicine integrates into our lives.

Medicine is profound. What I have excavated now is just a layer of dirt on the surface. How many treasures are hidden in the connotation. We can’t imagine it, but I love it, regardless of the result. Just like our teachers and seniors, and the students who have just stepped on the road of school medicine behind me, they continue to play this unlimited game.

This article is excerpted from Tao Yong and Li Run’s “Eyes”. It was published by the publisher.

Author | Tao Yong

Excerpts | Sweet

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What is the effect of using activated carbon filters to use activated carbon filters? Soft -water station usually uses sodium…

I want to spend the rest of my life in such a yard

I want to spend the rest of my life in such a yard On the occasion of the Spring Festival…