Recently, a pair of shoes was hot: “pointed shoes”, girls with thick legs can also control

The requirements for height and body are one of the topics of girls. However, there are still most of the little sisters in the processing of some details. This is why the same two items, you have no high -level thin temperament.


Shoes are one that many people will ignore, but if the shoes are wrong, it is also a fatal blow to you. This summer, the “pointed shoes” rolls the soil. As a “old net red model” that is thin and tall, pointed shoes are absolutely deserved.

Pointed shoes are synonymous with high -level sense. It is a manifestation of temperament. It can often be used to match arbitrary styles. Not only will it not destroy the overall style, but your temperament will not be improved because of a pair of pointed shoes. few. How should a pair of pointed shoes with such a high role choose to match? Let’s take a look together!


Choose “pointed shoes” that suits you ‍


Although pointed shoes are versatile, the version is also simple enough. Some details of the details will still have better and fine classification. The following tips to choose the best style:

1. Start from material

Pointed shoes are the most recommended fabrics of the leather. At the same time, it is also the most common as pointed shoes. It can better highlight the temperament. However, the outstanding shape of different cortex is also different.

① Materials of patent leather

Self -lustrous patent leather pointed shoes, senior capable! It is not suitable for the use of large areas, and color matching is also recommended to be more optimistic about controlling. The simpler the styles can be more prominent on the feet. Highlighting the gas field, a pointed shoes that allow you to exude strong charm from your toes!

② suede material

The same is leather, matte texture of suede material more prominently noble and elegant temperament. Not only our ordinary people, even the royal family, Princess Kate, goes out of the street every day, is a pointed shoes made of suede. The presence of suede is naturally not strong in patent leather. You can choose some bright colors of color matching. The treasure blue or dark red. The texture of the scrub will also reduce the effect of presence, better and overall integration!


In addition to simple leather models, you can also choose stitching pointed shoes. The perfect stitching of leather and canvas materials is full of fashion. Since it is already the concept of splicing, you can try different color matching, try different combinations in color, black and white or blue and white, classic orange red can highlight the temperament.

2. Start from the shoe mouth

Whether you are a flat -bottomed shoe or a height height of the heel, the details of the shoe mouth cannot be ignored at all. No one’s feet are perfect, and there will be some problems. Only the design and depth of the shoe mouth can be coordinated in the exit of the pointed shoes. The choice of the foot type is the king.

1. Deep and round shoe mouth


[Suitable for the crowd]: wide feet, long toe, thick back

The sisters of these three characteristics are in line with these three characteristics. The shoe mouth design of the pointed shoes must be deepened to better cover your long toes. Just show the characteristics of the instep delicate and small.


The wide feet are more suitable for this kind of shoes, to modify the widest position of the foot, thin and easy to wear.

2. The sharp and narrow shoe mouth

[Suitable for the crowd]: short toe, thin waist, thin feet, long feet


The tightening lines of the shoe mouth, with the exquisite toe with pointed shoes, the entire shoe type is the sense of vision of sharp horns. It is not suitable for girls with wide feet. The whole supported shoe mouth is really bulky.

The original thin -footed type can completely control this type. If it is the ultimate shoulder and the pour V details of the shoe mouth position, the appropriate heel should be better than the flat design, at least it will not be as long as stepping on a boat. Intersection

Style recommendation of pointed shoes


The difference between the styles of pointed shoes can be divided into two types of flat and high heels. The difference between the heels also creates different styles. It is enough to write a few more!


Style 1: Flat -bottom pointed shoes

As a flat -bottom design with the best experience, it is comfortable to wear but also to show short legs. The pointed flat shoes can extend the lines of the foot. Even the flat -bottom design can extend the proportion of the legs by extending the foot surface.

The pointed shoes that can be exposed to the ankle, look at the legs that have been stretched out on the side.

The pointed shoes of Muelle’s bottom with the ankle can be more casual. The pointed design makes the original exposed ankle that is not so casual. The details of the upper are embellished, the playful and cute bow or the punk style with metal matching can add a sense of design!

It’s not just a pointed single shoe. The origin of the originator of canvas shoes is more delicate and capable than the round head. Even with high -gang design, there is no particularly serious craftsmanship.

Style two: pointed cat heel shoes


If you want to try to have a heel design but do not want too high, you can choose the cat’s pointed shoes. Generally, the height of about 3 cm. Even the heel of this height, the temperament after putting it on is better than the flat bottom. The leg lines are more obvious. Essence

The heel’s pointed shoes are not suitable for the toe that is too long, and the original French elegance will become too cumbersome. The pour of the shoe mouth can have a high -level texture even if there is no too long toe!

If the legs are not particularly good, you can try to add a pair of socks to modify the leg shape and increase the proportion of the lower body. If you match the skirt, you can also choose a pair of socks of the same color, the overall layering and styling will be higher!


Style three: pointed strap shoes


Pointed shoes with lace -up details are more like a combination of ballet shoes and pointed shoes. Gathering the combination of retro and modern fashion make pointed shoes more delicate.

The design of the strap can be high or limited to seeing. The leg lines are not particularly good. It is also recommended to only be romantic and elegant on the top of the foot.

Stand -tied pointed shoes tied to the ankle position, the pointed design can also effectively weaken the abrupt texture brought by the straps. Choose long styles as much as possible to modify the leg shape rather than destroy your original line ratio. It will not be too prominent but also special.


Do you know how to choose pointed shoes? It must be right!



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