How to maintain sheep leather jackets is best wiped with cotton leather coat special maintenance oil

Sheep leather coats are always a popular fabric in leather clothes. It is particularly comfortable to wear, and sheepskin looks relatively high -end. Let me talk about it below

How to maintain sheep leather jacket?

What oil is used for sheep leather jacket?

Pay special attention to the maintenance of sheepskin leather, otherwise it will seriously affect the dressed life of the leather. When you are maintained, you can follow the following points:

1. When wearing cotton leather jackets, pay attention to avoid contact with acidic and alkaline substances, and do not need to stick oil, because sheepskin is mainly protein ingredients. If you really stick to some oil, you can wipe it with a little leather oil, and then hang it in the shade for 24 hours. After that, gently wipe the oil on the surface of the leather coat with a clean cloth.

2. When you do n’t wear it, you can choose to hang it, or you can choose to place it flat, do not fold, which causes the leather folds, which is not good -looking. If you really have folds, you can choose to iron it with a non -vapor iron. When ironing, you can add a layer of cloth to the leather coat to avoid direct contact with the iron and leather clothes. It can also reduce the temperature and control the temperature at 60 ~ 70 ° C.

3. When collecting leather clothes, you can get the leather jacket to ventilate in a cool place, but to avoid exposure, otherwise it will easily destroy the leather coat.

4. If you want to clean your leather clothes, it is best to send it to the dry cleaning shop to clean it. Do not wash your own hands, especially do not allow clothes and rough things for a long time.

5. When a small crack appears on the surface of the leather coat, you can choose to use an egg white. Just apply some egg white in the small cracks, and the crack will be bonded.

The main components of cotton leather coat maintenance oil are generally oil, organic solvents and waterproofing agents. There are animal oils or vegetable fats, which are more common in sheep oil. After wiping the leather jacket, the nutritional ingredients in the maintenance oil can quickly penetrate the leather clothes and moisturize the leather clothes, but it does not hurt the leather clothes. Use leather clothes to maintain oil, which can have the effects of light, repair, and mildew. The skin care products must be a emulsion formula, a dedicated leather ski, because the water will deform and aging the leather, which is a taboo for leather maintenance. Do not use shoe oil. The thickness of the leather clothes is only 1/3 of the cowhide upper. The gasoline in the shoe oil will penetrate into the leather, which will appear dim, scattered, sticky and even hardened, cracked. #p#subtitle#E#

Lamb leather jacket true and false discern

First, the identification of sheepskin clothes can be identified by stretching. The method is very simple. We use two hands to grab one part of the leather clothes to stretch. In the texture, it is a good cotton leather jacket.

Second, the feel of cotton leather jacket is also an important means to distinguish the true and false. Everyone puts their doubles on the leather coat and touched it back and forth. If the heat can be produced soon, it means that the quality of cotton leather jackets is good. If it appears very slow, it means that there is a problem with quality.

Third, the luster of sheepskin leather is very natural, and the color is not very gorgeous. At the same time, the dyeing of cotton leather clothes is much even more uniform, especially the surface of the sheepskin is relatively smooth, and the texture is delicate and unconterinical. The color is bright and soft. Or dim light.

绵羊皮皮衣怎么保养 最好用绵羊皮皮衣专用保养油擦

Fourth, the leather coat of sheepskin should have good elasticity. We can feel it when we squeeze it at our hands. If it is uneven, the quality is not good.

How to choose sheep leather clothes

1. Treatment of leather clothes. The main method of leather clothing is the two types of vegetable tanning and chromium tanning. The vegetable tannin is to treat the leather with substances extracted from the plant. Chrome tanning is the use of industrial methods to deal with the leather. It’s more expensive, natural and environmentally friendly.

2. The texture of the hardware, although the endless proportion of a piece of clothes is not very large, but I think the quality of a piece of clothes can be seen from the hardware. Good hardware should have been used for a long time and there will be no losing problems. Except for this, we must pull the lock when buying clothes. If it is not smooth, consider it.

3. There are many colors of leather clothes. The basic color is black and brown. Many people like to buy black leather clothes, but I think brown leather clothes are better than black. Black is easy to give people a sense of oldness, and brown will look softer. In addition to basic colors, there are some unique colors that need to be selected according to your skin color tone.

How to maintain sheep leather jacket?

What oil is used for sheep leather jacket?


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