Is children’s shower gel a IQ tax? Can you use adults? Buy baby shower gel to see 5 o’clock

The businessman is profitable, and we know that some products are crowned with the name of “baby” and “children”, which is much more expensive, but there is actually no essential differences with ordinary products, such as some children’s soy sauce and children’s noodles.

Today we talk about children’s special shower gel, is IQ tax? What is the difference between adult shower gel? Can the baby use the adult’s shower gel?

Why use a shower gel?

Our skin sweats and secretes oil, stained with dirt such as daily dust, dandruff removed from the skin, and mixed on the skin. After a long time, it itchy, and it may also breed bacteria, so it is necessary to take a bath regularly, and it is difficult to remove these mixed dirt, so it is necessary to use a cleaning product.

Functional components in shower gel can help effectively remove dirt on the body.


Baby skin vs adult skin

The difference between the skin and adults of infants and young children is that the skin is thin, less fringed, weak in cells, and less secretion of sweat glands. Therefore, it is more sensitive to external stimuli and microorganisms.


Adults’ skin pH is generally between 4.2-5.5 and weakly acidic, which can prevent the invasion of microorganisms such as bacteria. The skin of newborn skin is neutral, and it slowly drops to about 5.5 after birth. Infant skin inhibits bacterial microorganisms is weak, and the skin is more sensitive and fragile.


The epidermal layer of the skin can protect the skin, emulsification, antibacterial, excretion, and biological conditioning. After one month, the total amount of sebum was reduced during the early childhood, and the adult level did not reach the adult until adolescence.

Water content:

The skin content of infants and young children is not the same as adults. The water content of the newborn skin is as high as 74.5%, the baby is 69.4%, and the adult is relatively low, only 64%

Luck glands:

The lacrimal glands of infants and young children are incomplete and cannot secrete enough tears to protect their eyes, so the eyes of infants and young children are more likely to receive external stimuli. Therefore, a shower gel designed for infants and young children should be selected.


Infants and young children have high fat content, and lipopolytic substances are more likely to pass through the skin, resulting in high permeability of infant skin to liposurable substances, plus the proportion of skin area and weight of infants and young children. The absorption of toxic substances increases.


The significant difference in the skin structure of infants and adults determines that they are better not to use adult daily chemical products directly.

The shampoo and shower gel suitable for infants and young children should be mild. While it can achieve the purpose of cleaning, it does not stimulate the skin or let the baby’s skin dry.

How to buy baby bath products?

Therefore, when buying a bath and shampoo products for infants and young children, you need to pay attention:

1. Surface active agent:

In order to achieve the cleaning effect, the surface active ingredients must be added to the shower gel. But for the delicate skin of infants and young children, there are some types of surfactants.

Sodium sulfate (SLS), laurel glycol polyether sulfate (SLS)


This type of ingredients are more irritating to the skin of infants and young children, high sensitivity, and great controversy. Sles may produce bias (1,4-dioxane) during the preparation process. It is divided into 2B in the alkane, which is potentially carcinogenic to humans.

For newborns, low young baby should avoid using a shower gel containing such ingredients. Non -ions and benign surfactants with low irritation and foaming performance should be selected.

You can choose to choose amino acid surfactants, alkyl glycoside APG, bisexual surfactant (imidazolein and beet -alkali type), and sigmoid pearl glycolin.

The main varieties of amino acid surfactants are N-fattyly-based amino acids and its salt. As a new type of surfactant, its pH is close to neutrality slightly acidic.

2. Preservation:

In order to ensure quality, preservatives are generally contained in shower gel. Several types of preservatives are more irritating for infants and young children, and they need to be avoided as much as possible.

High -sensitivity preservatives

The two preservatives of methamphetamine (MIT) and methyl chloroplasopatradoline (CMIT) are high -sensitivity, more irritating, and excessive or long -term contact may cause skin redness and itching.

Formaldehyde release body preservatives

DMDM 乙 d, duplex ammonium salt -15, imazolehine-based 脲. Such preservatives are the purpose of anticorrosion by release formaldehyde. The harmfulness of formaldehyde is clear.

Although the bathing national standard requires that the formaldehyde content must not exceed 500 mg/kg, the lower the value for infants and young children, the safer.

Nepalese golden ester preservative

Nepalese golden ester is the general term for hydroxylzolate preservatives. In the shower gel composition table, if it is marked with the words “hydroxyzyl ester” such as hydroxylthyl, hydroxy benzene, hydroxybenzetlne ester, and hydroxybenlbenne, that is, the Nepalese album -based preservatives.

Nepalese golden ester preservatives can interfere with human endocrine, but the US FDA considers it safe within a certain range. If you care about the ingredients, you can understand in depth and then decide. For young babies, I suggest that you can avoid it.

3. PH value:

As mentioned earlier, the pH value of the skin of infants and young children is different from adults, so the bathing products of the two should also be different.

This is explained directly in the national standard of the bath,

The pH value of children’s shower gel should be between 4.0 ~ 8.5, preferably weakly acidic.

National standard GB/T 34857-2017 Bathing agent

4. Flavored/alcohol:

Some fragrances are generally added to the cleaning product, so that the product is fragrant and gives people a pleasant feeling. Alcohol, widely used in protective products, play a role in anticorrosion, convergence, and giving coolness.

For adults (thick), these ingredients are bonus. But for infants and young children, these two ingredients have high sensitivity.

It may cause dry skin, itching, rash, and eczema, and infants and young children can avoid.

5. Tearless formula:

Due to the imperfect development of baby lacrimal glands, you must pay special attention to whether to buy baby shower gel.

Even if the shower gel of tear -free formulas accidentally enters the eyes when taking a bath, it will not stimulate the baby’s tear glands or stimulate the eyes.

This is very important. Not only is it to protect the baby’s eyes, but it will not make the baby resist the bath because of the unpleasant experience of stimulating the eyes.


Can the baby use soap?

not recommend.


Soap is a very traditional washing product, but it is alkaline and strong abandoned. From the perspective of adult feelings, it is “clean.” However, its pH value determines that it is not suitable for infants and young children, because the oil layer on the baby’s skin is overwhelmed, causing dry skin, rough, and easy to cause eczema.

Bath gel vs bath foam

About the bath foam and shower gel, a little litter. The bath foam is to obtain dense bubbles by pressing the liquid in the bottle of the bottle pump to pump the bottle.

I have used both types of children. After experiencing it, I personally prefer bathing bubbles, because when you press the bubble, the child likes it very much, and sometimes you can attract children to take a bath by playing bubbles.

Bubble shower gel is also more time -saving, and it can be used directly when you press it. Unlike shower gel, pour it out or press out, and it must be used manually to use it.

Ball mother buy summary:

Choose weak acid bath products for children;

Avoid risk ingredients (SLS, SLES, controversial preservatives, flavor alcohol);

Do not use soap, do not mix with adult shower gel;

For little babies, it is recommended to buy small capacity, otherwise it will not be used.

How to take a bath for your baby?

Finally, let’s talk about the problem of babies’ bath frequency. There is a clear representation in “Parenting Encyclopedia” that babies within 1 year of age do not need to take a bath every day

It can be washed 3 times a week.

Frequent bathing will wash away the baby’s skin surface protection, leading to dry skin, and more likely to cause eczema and other skin problems.

The sixth edition of “Parenting Encyclopedia” of the American Society

For little babies, shower gels do not need to be used every time. I remember that when my snowball was young, I used a shower gel about once a week. Because the body would not be so dirty before the baby climbed away.

“Parenting Encyclopedia” also focused on,

After taking a shower for babies, it is recommended to apply a low -sensitivity liquid with spices to prevent eczema.

Let ’s review some of the high -market babies bathing products in the market for reference when buying

Ai Weino Babies takes care of shampoo shower gel daily


Ai Weino’s nursing series is very well -known, and many mothers will buy it.


This shower gel composition is still gentle, containing 1 kind of fragrance and 1 preservative.

There is no alcohol, no soap, no Nepalese golden ester preservatives, no SLS, no SLES.

It should be noted that Ai Weino’s characteristics are to add soothing oat components, but some netizens responded that this ingredients used some allergies and skin -sensitive baby families need to pay attention.

Qichu Babies soft shampoo, bath bubble

Qichu is a new domestic brand, a subsidiary of Shanghai Jahwa, a century -old national enterprise.

This shower gel composition is still gentle, without flavors, containing 2 preservatives.

There is no alcohol, no soap, no Nepalese golden ester preservatives, no SLS, no SLES. Bubbles are not rich, amino acid surfactants, clear liquid shape.

Johnson & Johnson milk shower gel

Johnson & Johnson is an old brand, in terms of ingredients

1 kind of flavors, 3 kinds of preservatives

And contain moisturizing ingredients such as milk protein.

PEG-80 non-ion surface active agent, CAPB bisexual surfactant, mild but clean power, requires manual foaming.

A faint milk fragrance, I have used this, with a slight fake slippery, cheap large bowl.

Schuba baby bubble shower gel

Schuba is a German brand. This bubble shower gel composition is acceptable, no alcohol, no soap base, no Nepalese golden ester preservative, no SLS, no SLES.


Parents who contain 1 kind of fragrance and 2 preservatives, including ethanol, sensitive skin, or minding.

One pump is foaming, the foam is rich, and the cleaning power is also good.

Lanshan Mountain Tea Oil Shampoo Shower Gel

Domestic brands, safe ingredients, simple formulas, no soap, no SLS, no SLES. Shampooing and bathing. Contains 2 preservatives

The pale white semi -transparent liquid, no fragrance, is the odor of the raw material itself. There are almost no bubbles.


The Matsi Relief of the Matshane of Songda has exceeded the content of the heavy metal lead. It has caused some controversy in the mother circle. Parents who mind should pay attention.

Pigeon baby shower gel (Peach Essence)

Babies with high sales of maternal and infant bosses.

No alcohol, no soap, no SLS, containing Sles. Shampooing and bathing. Contains 1 kind of fragrance, 2 kinds of preservatives, contains moisturizing components such as Curuso aloe vera. Sensitive skin needs attention.

In general, most of the children’s shower gels currently sold in the market are still gentle. Before reading this article, if you have used some controversial shower gels, you don’t have to panic. Not too high, the stay time is short, there will be no problem. Just pay attention when buying in the future.


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