Do you know the “fault” corresponding to each fault light?

Yesterday, a friend suddenly turned off the car on the way to driving the vehicle, and the instrument disk lit up the fault light. Finally, the 4S shop was checked that the “oil pump” was broken. He suggested that I share some articles about the fault light.

Many car owners are very old, but the fault light corresponding to the instrument does not know what it means. Today I will share with you some common fault lights:


Car fault lights are roughly divided into three types: specifications, prompts, and warning classes.


Instruction class:

Explain some of the basic conditions of the vehicle, indicating that the vehicle is currently working, which is convenient for the vehicle’s various functions and status


(Lighting system indicator, fuel volume indicator light)


Prompt class:

Explain that the current state of the vehicle is abnormal or the operation is improper

(Sales of seat belt, handbrake indicator, door turn on the lamp).


Warning class:


Explain that the vehicle has a failure, and it needs to be checked and repaired


(Engine fault light, oil lamp)

Green: Reminder (reversing radar, power mode switch, cruise system)

Yellow: Warning (ABS light, traction control indicator light)

Red: severe warning (oil lamp, safety belt indicator, braking system)

1. The engine failure


Everyone should be more common in this fault light, which is a bit similar to the faucet. This is the engine failure;

There are many problems with this fault lamp. Even professional maintenance masters need to be tested for professional instruments to know the reason, but absolutely need to be opened to test and repair;

It may be one of the engine fuel injection system failure, exhaust system failure, management system failure, ignition system failure, fuel system failure, gearbox failure, etc. Anyway, it is not something we can solve by non -professional personnel.

2. Machine oil pressure failure:


This fault light that is a bit similar to the teapot. Yesterday, the friend’s car was on this fault light; this is generally a relatively rare fault light;

If this indicator light appears, it means that the pressure of the vehicle’s oil is low, then you are pressured as a driver.

Motor oil is the blood of the car, it is the normal operation of the entire engine system; it may indicate that the oil lubrication system has problems, and the possibility of this problem is very large (the oil pump and the oil filter element are blocked).


Therefore, the best way to meet this light is to stop by side, and call the insurance company’s free rescue phone call “trailer” and drag to the 4S shop for inspection and repair.

3. Brake fault light

This light that is a bit similar to the baby’s baby is the brake fault light. I tried several times by myself. I forgot to pine handbrakes when I started. Once I came from the underground garage, I could smell the burnt.

Therefore, when you drive, you should also pay attention to whether the handbrake is loosened (foot brakes). If the handbrake is not loose, it may be insufficient brake oil, the brake disc fault, the brake system, etc.

In short, the brakes cannot be tolerated. When you see this light, you will attach enough attention and turn on it as soon as possible.

4. Water temperature is too high failure


This is a bit similar to the key, and there are two wavy lines below are the water temperature warning signs; there are generally two instructions, generally two instructions,

They are low -temperature warnings and high temperature warnings, but they are often high -temperature warnings, that is, red logo.

This light is on indicating that the engine temperature has been severely heated; it may also be a problem with the cooling sensor of the coolant. If the pointer is in the normal area, the warning light is on, and the coolant may be too small. The system reminds you to add it.

So every time you go for maintenance, let’s check whether the coolant needs to be added. If the old car suddenly occurs, this failure appears.




The front of the car is steam. Do not open the cabin cover rashly to avoid steam burns yourself.


5. The gearbox fault

I think this sign is a bit similar to the instructions of the light, just like the sun; this gearbox fault light is on, and it is the same as the engine. There may be many problems and non -professionals cannot solve it.

For example, the occasional fault of the transmission electronic electronics component (sensor, solenoid valve, computer version) may be gone after a while, and in severe cases, the engine is empty, the gearbox slides, the internal or external blockage of the transmission heat radiators may be and many more.

Therefore, this situation must also be opened to a professional maintenance site for inspection and repair.


There are hundreds of indicators of the dashboard. For example, first share it to the above five cases. What’s wrong?

In fact, when you drive, you can also develop some better habits, that is, to power the car before you fire, let the car detect themselves, and then fire to start the vehicle for tens of seconds and one minute.


Well, today the problem of the vehicle fault light is shared here; if you see it, you can collect it first to prepare from time to time; the favorite friends like it+follow.

The 0 distance (public account) to share with you some knowledge related to buying and using a car every day. If you do n’t understand or use a car question, you can send us privately. Thank you for your browsing and reading.



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