This summer has a way to wear: “Small pants+canvas shoes”, fashionable legs are long, so good -looking

The development of fashion can never be done by thinking about hardships. Only by looking at more, learning, and trying more can we have a qualitative improvement in our own aesthetics. It has infinite enthusiasm for fashion avant -garde wear, which is the prerequisite for our dressing. Every season has unique fashionable elements, so what is this summer?


Xiaobian is going to give everyone an Amway. It is called: small foot pants+canvas shoes. This is a kind of dressing art to return to youth and return to childhood. The purity of the campus shoes is still there, and the simplest design of small foot pants can show the figure lines. The combination of these two items has to be said to have achieved a sense of fashion with the most basic design.

We do not pay too much attention and focus on the design of the two single -footed and canvas shoes. Because in the practical practice of dressing shapes, the design sense of the two items will be weakened, highlighting the integration of a overall shape.

Infinitely extending this age -reducing temperament, we also need to have a rough grasp of this set of big advantages.

→ “Foot Pants+Canvas Shoes” advantage

子 Weakened short boards

I did not expect that canvas shoes were the gospel of short children! In addition to the flat canvas shoes we often see, the thick -bottomed canvas shoes single products are the preferred items that raise the height and make up for the shortcomings of the figure.

The round -headed thick -soled canvas shoes have a more lovely shoe curved. Coupled with the embellishment of various colors, you will undoubtedly allow you to experience a full sense of fashion in summer.



Style youth reduction

The dressing style of canvas shoes has always been based on the characteristics of youth reduction. So what kind of experience is it with small feet pants? Our definition of small foot pants is generally sexy and mature, but now we wear small feet pants, and we will grasp a feeling of elasticity and moderation.

That is to choose the pants of the pants, but the looseness of the pants is in place, and naturally it can make girls with fat figures also wear a thin feeling. With the youth reduction canvas shoes, it looks quite youthful and aura!

◆ Small pants+Martin boots vs small foot pants+canvas shoes

In the past, Martin boots and small pants were used to show the neutral style of a cool girl. But this summer, the popular pants and canvas shoes, focusing on a sense of fashion reduction and youth.



There are many tricks

Although the color and style of wide -leg pants do not have much innovative space, it makes up for this matching choice after matching canvas shoes. The style of canvas shoes has great choices in color and pattern style. We can choose a pair of small foot pants to unlock more pattern shapes by constantly replacing canvas shoes.




Do not pick your body age


Pants have never been picky age and figure, plus the superior version of the small feet pants, making the combination of this set of small foot pants and canvas shoes more suitable for women of all ages. It is worth noting that older women choose canvas shoes, try to avoid colorful styles, and choose solid colors with small feet pants will look more advanced.


→ “Foot Pants+Canvas Shoes” の matching skills

1. Select canvas shoes according to the body

① Tall person → high -top canvas shoes

Choosing canvas shoes according to the characteristics of height is very skillful. Girls with a high -headed figure, wearing high -style canvas shoes, will help using the advantages of leg length to pull the proportion of dressing more average. It is a basic match with Jiu -point small pants. Ultra -long small foot pants with high -top canvas shoes are very novel.

② Short → Low canvas shoes

Short girls have no strong legs. High -gang canvas shoes will have no ankle part, and they look more leg shape. Therefore, short children are more suitable for wearing low -top or dew -heel canvas shoes. In this way, when pairing with small feet, you can expose the calf heel, and the proportion of the leg shape can be better grasped.

2. Pure colors of small feet pants

① khaki color

If the selected focus is transferred to the pants, we only need to consider the color of the pants. Based on the tone of the solid color system, the pants will look more advanced and concise. Khaki is a color that is very combined with summer. The color is light, but it is unknown. White skin yellow skin girls can control.

② Pure black/denim blue

The other two recommended colors are pure black and denim blue. These two colors are more fit with the daily atmosphere, and each has its own characteristics.


pure black

Essence Pure black small pants with small black pants style, with a simple but noble style. With black and white two -color plaid canvas shoes, it will look very stylish.

Denim Blue

Essence The jeans’s denim blue naturally looks fresh and bright. It is also matched with black and white plaid canvas shoes, and there is a kind of childishness of a little girl.

→ “Small Pants+Canvas Shoes” の の の の

1. denim small foot pants+casual canvas shoes

Take the most daily denim small foot pants as an example. We can match various styles of shirts or short -sleeved tops. Select a pair of pure white canvas shoes as shoes, which is a very clean and eye -catching summer out.

2. Chiffon small foot pants+rubber canvas shoes


If you replace it with a more obvious chiffon fabric, what kind of dressing experience is the pants with canvas shoes? The answer is that the clear sensation of wearing will rise straight, the light chiffon fabric is very weak, and the hot summer is completely hot. Coupled with a solid design of glue canvas shoes, it also has both the characteristics of comfort and fashion.


3. Tone pants+solid color canvas shoes

What should I do if they are sisters with thick legs? The best way is to use a three -dimensional cone design with small -foot pants. The waist and hips are wide, but the legs are straight and the ankle part has the effect. The shape created by such small foot pants is mainly based on the simple and innocent style, and the corresponding canvas shoes choose the solid color system.


4. Five -point small pants+thick sole canvas shoes

Of course, not only a small or nine -point length of small foot pants. Girls with willful figures can also boldly try five -pointer small pants. Some are similar to boys’ pants, but the mouth of the pants is contracted, which can make the dressing version more clean and more clean.

The shorts are more lively than trousers, so the matching canvas shoes can be used to use thick -bottom styles to increase the height advantage. At the same time, the colorful shoelaces are selected to enrich the bright sense of dresses.

This summer, this set of small feet pants with canvas shoes is real, don’t hesitate, try it quickly!


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